Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Doctor For Precocious Girls (Fg, pedo, cons, oral)

"Doctor for Precocious Girls"
by Sweet Dreams

The doctor put down her patient's file; this was a routine examination, and any delay would likely make her even more nervous. With a smile, she turned to the girl.

"So, Emily, your mommy said you started touching yourself?"

"Hum," came the reply, "I kind of do. It feels really good. But I don't wanna get into trouble!"

"Such a precious thing," the doctor thought. Only 6 years old, and already she likes to look at naked women.

"No trouble here," she replied, "I just want to make sure you do it right. You're right, you know, it does feels really good!"

Her practiced medical tone did the trick. The young patient was already quite relaxed; soon, she would be able to perform the required tests.

Making sure the door was properly locked, the doctor went to sit on the bed next to her new precious toy and gently pushed the girl, encouraging her to lay down. With a smile, she continued, "So, Emily, can you show me how you do it? You can remove your clothes if that helps."

A bit taken aback, the girl took a moment to process the request, before finally deciding to remove her shorts, exposing her cute panties to the health professional. She hesitated, not sure if what she was doing was right.

Encouraging her, the doctor gave her a smile and started caressing her soft panties; the young patient closed her eyes, throwing her head back and letting out a moan. When the doctor removed her dextrous fingers, the girl was quick to give her an imploring look, to which she was rewarded with a long kiss on the lips and another encouraging smile. She got up and went to sit on the doctor's lap, where she started rubbing on the inside of her panties, soon starting to pant heavily.

The doctor, used to such behavior from her pretty charges, was quick to remove her shirt, revealing her bra to the young girl. She then put an arm behind the girl's back, encouraging her to lay against her; sure enough the little angel rested her head against the doctor's breasts, seeming to enjoy their warmth.

Wanting to encourage the girl, while still observing her performance, the doctor let her free hand loose on the girl's leg, enjoying the softness and suppleness of an immature girl's leg skin. Now utterly horny, the young girl clumsily pulled the doctor's bra up, revealing her soft breasts, and started sucking on one while playing with the other with her free hand; while the feeling wasn't entirely comfortable due to her relative clumsiness, it was enough to get the doctor horny as well. Wanting to encourage the girl to come so she could start on the next phase of the examination, the doctor pulled the patient's panties fully off, letting the warm hospital air caress he cute pussy; soon enough, she was able to send the little girl off, her precocious juices finally dripping from her excited pussy.

Now thoroughly excited by the young girl's performance, the doctor mustered all her willpower to put her mind at ease.

"That was good, honey. Have you ever done it with another girl?" she asked.

"N... no! I don't want other girls to see me doing that, it's so embarrassing!"

"There's nothing embarrassing," insisted the doctor, "a lot of girls do that together. It feels so much better when you do it with another girl."

Her comment seemed to confuse the girl. "You mean it feels even more good?"

"Yes, darling, you'll feel a lot better when you do it with another girl. Here, let me show you!"

The doctor, too excited for decorum, quickly removed her remaining clothing, showing the young girl her neatly trimmed pussy; while the girl was still stunned from seeing her naked body, she removed her shirt, leaving her socks as her only remaining piece of clothing. "Here, let's play together," she softly whispered in her ear.

Laying down, the doctor picked up the girl over her and, lifting a leg, dropped the girl's thighs on her own. Sure enough, the girl started rubbing her private area on the doctor's labia, grabbing the doctor's leg, almost as big as herself, for support. Both the girl and the woman started moaning abundantly, aroused from the activity.

The young girl, throwing aside all reticence, started rubbing ever harder, her breath uncontrollably hard as she made love to a woman she didn't even know; and when, long after the doctor reached a very satisfying orgasm, the girl herself came on her drenched benefactor, she was too exhausted to do anything but fall helplessly over the doctor's warm, welcoming breasts, instinctively and distractingly sucking on them as she rested her exhausted body.

When the girl, under her loving fondling, finally was rested enough to open her eyes, the doctor was again feeling somewhat lustful.

"That was great, love," she told her, "you're really good at this game!"

The girl didn't reply, unsure how to react.

"Tell you what, I'll show you something else that's fun, alright? Do you want to try something tasty?"

The girl was visibly confused at the doctor's choice of words, but managed to nod in approbation to the suggestion.

The doctor, now certain she would get to enjoy a second orgasm from this tiny angel, sat back on the bed, her legs wide apart, exposing her fragrant pussy to her young patient.

"Smell it, love," she said; the girl tried, nervously, and was pleasantly surprised at the smell of the doctor's womanhood. "Now kiss it."

The young girl gave the doctor's thighs a chaste kiss, her soft lips giving both the doctor shivers, and the girl a taste of what was to come.

"Lick it, honey. Drink as much as you want!" came the doctor's orders, and the girl didn't need to be told twice. Enjoying the taste of cum for the first time in her life, the six-years-old voraciously licked the pussy, her tiny fingers holding it open so her tongue could plunge in deeper; and even when it seemed to her as if she had licked everything, there was more of this delicious juice for her to enjoy. In the end, it didn't take long for the horny little angel to send her physician over, and after drinking all her orgasmic fluids, the girl, now quite full, finally came to cuddle in the arms of her teacher of the day.

When the girl finally fell asleep, the doctor got dressed and went to her desk to write her report. Awaking her with a kiss, she helped the yawning girl get dressed, then headed out, holding her soft little hand, to talk to her mother.

"I've finished my examination," she said, "and I can tell you that your daughter is perfectly healthy. She is particularly precocious, and given her young age, it will be difficult to control her urges. I would recommend encouraging her to have responsible masturbation habits; you can find help in these." She handed the other woman some pamphlets, instructing parents on how to deal with horny preteen girls.

"Masturbation?" came the woman's angered reply, "You're telling me my daughter is some kind of pervert?"

"Not at all; she simply has a precocious body, and isn't used to resisting its needs. You can read these pamphlets I just gave you, they'll help you along the way."

She left the astonished mother with the nurse, more used to deal with irate customers, and picked up her next patient's file.

Angelina, three years old, was found repeatedly caressing her vagina, saying she was incapable of stopping. Stepping into the room, the doctor saw the little angel sitting on the side of the bed, swinging her legs under her.

"I love my job," she thought.

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