Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Christmas Gift, Part 2 (F,g,ped,oral,toys,finger play,incest)

The Christmas Gift, Part 2

by Cheyenne

Betty and her mommy walked over to the big comfy chair. Her mommy sat down and then told Betty to get undressed.

"Mmmmm get undressed for Mommy baby I want to see that little body of yours."

"OK Mommy," little Betty replied.

Betty pulled up her shirt over her head and took of her top. She then slid down her little panties then her skirt. Betty stood there naked staring at her mommy.

Her mommy sat there stroking her strap-on and rubbing her pussy, looking at her little 8-year-old body making her spread her cunny.

"Mmmmm yeah that's a good girl spread that little cunny for Mommy."

The little girl complied and spread her little lips wide.

"Mmmmm what a pretty little pink cunny that is baby. Come here let me make it tingle all over."

Betty got up on the chair straddling her mommy.

Her mom then raped her arms around her small little body, caressing her feeling her young soft silky skin pressed up against her body.

Her mommy looked lovingly into her little 8 year old's eyes and began kissing her on her little lips. Betty opened her mouth and let her mommy tongue play with her tongue, as her mommy's hands caress up and down her back.

Her mommy started kissing and caressing her little chest, rubbing her little nipples sucking and licking them till they get hard.

Betty began to giggle as her nipples got hard, as she never saw them do that.

Betty then started rubbing the strap-on with her hand and rubbing it on her little pink slit.

"Ohhhhn Mommy I want it now in my cunny please Mommy! make my cunny feel good!" little Betty moaned.

"Not yet baby Mommy has to do something first stand up for mommy and put your cunny to my mouth."

Betty stood up on the arms of the chair and put her cunny to her mommy's mouth.

her mom spread her little lips with her pointer fingers she leaned in sliding her tongue in and out shaking her head back and forth sucking and slurping her little cunny, rubbing her little pink button.

Betty began gripping her mommy's head with her hands grinding her mouth, her mommy cupping her little bum. As her little girl grinds her face her cunny gets dripping wet.

"Oooooooo yes! yes! yes! don't stop Mommy Ohhhhh I want it inside me now.

Betty got off from her mommy's mouth and slowly slid down on the strap-on. Her mom gripped her tight little bum sliding her up and down on it grinding her back and forth spreading her cunny more.

Betty put her little hands on her mommy's shoulder as]she bounce up and down fucking her mommy's strap-on.

"Ohhhhh yes that's Mommy's good little girl! Oh yeah FUCK Mommy! Fuck Mommy good! don't stop baby don't stop!"

Betty leaned forward and rapped her hands around her mommy's neck and began pumping harder and faster, slamming down hard fucking her mommy.

Betty then got up off the strap-on and began riding it in a reverse cow girl potion, putting one arm around the back of her mom's neck as her one hand rubs her cunny, grinding back and forth as she moans.

She then gets in a squatting position and starts sliding up and down as her mom grabs her hips, she rocks her back and forth grinding her cunny.

Betty then puts one hand on her mom's knee and leans forward as she slides up and down rubbing her cunny with her other hand till her juices squirts all over.

"OHHHHH Mommy it feels so good my cunny is tingly all over my cunny is gonna burst Mommy!!!!! OH! OH! OHHHHH!

"That's it cum for Mommy!!!" Betty got up off from the strap-on and leaned back in her mommy's arms. When she did her little juices squirted and shot across the room ad her little body shook.

She lay back in her mommy's arms in her own juices.

Her mommy caressing her heaving tingly body.

"Well baby did you like your gift?"

"Yes Mommy I did I'm tingly all over now."

"Mmmmm I'm glad sweetie and I loved your gift."

"But I didn't give you a gift Mommy."

"Yes you did.... Merry Christmas baby."

"Merry Christmas Mommy."

They held each other till dawn.

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