Monday, July 11, 2011

My Daughter's Lesbian Seduction

My Daughter's Lesbian Seduction

I sometimes find it impossible to believe what's happened to me over the
last year. It all started when my 13 year old daughter and I were on a
trip out east for a small vacation and we were passing through Toronto and
had decided to take a week from our travels and stay at the house of
friends of mine, Anna and Chris. My husband was working out of the country
for two months in England and this was the best time for me to spend some
time with my daughter on our own.

We got to Anna and Chris's place at 7:00 p.m. on Friday evening. It was in
a pretty nice part of town. We drove up and parked in the driveway and we
went up and rang the bell.

Anna answered. "Wendy, great to see you!"

"Great to see you too, Anna! I said. "And look at Carrie, wow!, what a
beautiful young girl you are!" Anna said.

"Thanks Mrs. Atkins!" Carrie said.

"Oh, Carrie, you can call me Anna," Anna said.

We walked in and Anna took us through to the kitchen. It was a huge
kitchen and it was obvious from this house that they clearly were doing
alright in the income department. At the far end of the kitchen there was
a woman leaning against the counter. She had on a tank top, and a short
skirt and she started coming towards us to introduce herself.

"Hi, I'm Karen. And you must be Wendy and Carrie. I've heard so much
about you but I never expected to see such a beautiful woman and such a
beautiful young girl!. It's definitely a pleasure to meet you .... Both."
And with that, she reached out, shook my hand, then leaned down and took
Carrie's hand and clasped it gently between her two hands. "Anna thought
she'd make it a girl's night since Christopher' out of town for a few days.
So she thought we could have a pretty good time together. I definitely
think we can!" Karen said. I was beginning to pick up these very, very
subtle overtones in her comments about how beautiful we were and a few
other things and I started to wonder if she was attracted to women --
specifically me -- and my 13 year old daughter! -- I thought - Well, Anna
wouldn't invite some woman over who's going to be sexually attracted to her

Anna said "Yup, it's just us girls. Let's go into the living room and
listen to some music and catch up with what's going on these days!"

We went into the living room and Carrie and I sat on the couch, Anna sat on
the floor in front of us and Karen put on some old Sade CD and we started
talking. We were catching up on old times and after we talked for just a
few minutes, Karen suggested drinks. She got us all some of that spiked
lemonade stuff and we talked. We found out that Karen was a fitness
instructor in town at an all-woman's fitness club. She looked like that
was her job. She was 26 years old, 5-6, blonde hair, fit but not muscular,
these long gorgeous legs and she was very beautiful.

The music was playing and Karen got up and turned down the lights. She
then walked over to the middle of the room and started dancing to this slow
song. I must admit, she looked really good moving to this music. She put
her arms over her head, and kind of writhed around in a very sexual way. I
looked over at Carrie and she was transfixed watching Karen. Karen started
to get a little more sexual. She would stroke her breasts gently and it
seemed she was kind of lost in her own world, unaware of us watching. But
of course she knew we were there and every once in a while she'd look down
at me and make eye contact and I thought I saw her sort of smile. I
couldn't stop watching her and soon I was aware of getting quite sexually
aroused watching her. I couldn't believe this feeling. I was a happily
married woman. Just then the phone rang and Anna answered it.

"Wendy, it's Tom .. calling from England." Anna called.

"I'll take it in the bedroom". And I took the phone into the bedroom,
relieved for two reasons -- one -- to get me out of the living room and
away from the uncomfortable feeling of sexual arousal, and two -- I love
Tom and missed him dearly and waited for his call every day. But since
Carrie and I had been on the road, Tom and I hadn't connected much at all.
This was our first chance to talk.

"Hi honey," Tom said over the phone

"Hi love" I said

We talked about what was going on in our respective lives and about 15
minutes into the call (which would probably last an hour or so), the door
to the bedroom opened slowly and Karen walked in. It appeared to me that
she didn't see me. As Tom was talking to me, Karen reached under her tank
top and started to massage her breasts and she reached under her skirt and
started to masturbate. I was listening to Tom talking and watching this
goddess in front of me having sex with herself. She stopped and walked
out. I hadn't spoken a word the whole time she was there and she never
looked in my direction so I didn't know if she saw me or not. I was trying
to carry on a conversation with Tom and I couldn't stop thinking about this
woman rubbing her breasts and her pussy.

A few minutes later I was a little more into the groove with Tom again when
the door opened. Karen walked in and looked right into my eyes and lifter
her tank top off and then took off her skirt and sat down in a chair and
started to stroke her pussy. She had a completely shaved pussy and I must
say, she looked absolutely ravishing.

I wanted to say "Sorry Karen, could I have a little privacy please?" but I
said "Karen, I'm talking to my husband". She came up to me, with her quite
succulent looking lips and leaned into my ear and whispered,

"I know. You keep talking to him and I'll just be here, okay. Just don't
let him know I'm here, okay Wendy?" she whispered. She whispered it so
soft, and as she whispered she had her hand on my waist and there was
something in her touch that felt lovely ... and her breath against my ear
felt lovely.

"Wendy? Is everything okay there? Is someone there with you?" Tom asked.

"No, not at all, there's no one here and everything's fine". I answered.

Tom kept talking about his work and about some family members he was
staying with in England. Karen took my hand and held it against her
breast. I was shocked at what was happening and that I was wanting it to
happen. She leaned in and kissed my mouth right beside the phone --
perfectly quietly -- and I was starting to get turned on.

Karen leaned into my and whispered so gently in my ear "Wendy -- I'm a
lesbian and I want to seduce you right now -- I'll make you feel so good
you won't believe it -- better than you've ever felt -- just keep talking
on the phone to your husband and I promise, I'll make you feel so good I'll
turn you into a lesbian". I couldn't believe what she'd just said and I
couldn't help myself but what she said went straight to my pussy. Her voice
was totally intoxicating and maybe she was tapping into a latent lesbian
desire in me that I'd never explored -- I don't know -- all I know is that
in that moment I made sure Tom was doing all the talking. Karen leaned
back and started stroking her pussy right in front of me.

"Ohhh Wendy.... This feels so good ... I think you are so beautiful and so
sexy ... " Karen whispered so softly. She leaned forward and started to
kiss my neck with her soft lips and tongue. It felt wonderful. I knew in
that moment that I would let Tom talk away on the phone and I would totally
surrender to this lesbian goddess who was making me feel more sexy than I
had ever felt. Karen seemed to pick up on this and every once in a while
her tongue would wander over to my mouth. I was doing everything I could
to hide what was happening from Tom. Then Karen reached under my skirt and
stroked my upper thighs. My pussy was starting to leak juice and I was in
lesbian heaven. This woman was seducing me while I was talking to my

Karen whispered "I bet this feels better than anything Tom has ever done,
right Wendy? Aren't you dying to have my soft lips suck your pussy slit
right now? Don't you want to cum with a lesbian sucking your pussy while
you talk to your husband -- thinking -- this is the best sex I've ever had
-- the very best. You'll be thinking - I'm talking to my husband and this
gorgeous lesbian is making me cum and making my pussy juice ooze out."
Karen was right -- my pussy was exploding with sex, and pussy juice was
leaking out everywhere.

Karen continued, "Just keep quiet and I'm going to lick your pussy and make
you cum." I was powerless in the control of this beautiful lesbian
seductress. She knew she could do anything she wanted with me. I knew
this woman probably could have sex with any woman she wanted. And she just
knelt down in front of me and lifted my skirt, drew down my panties and
gently placed her lips over my pussy and started gently sucking my pussy
slit. I had never felt anything so heavenly. Tom was talking away and I
was letting this lesbian suck me to a heavenly orgasm. She just knew
exactly what would make me explode and she kept doing it -- she wet her
finger and as I was cumming, she pushed it gently into my anus -- I had
never felt that before and I was beside myself with excitement, and guilt.
I knew in that moment that I would have to have lesbian sex again -- soon.
Hopefully with Karen. I wanted to lick her shaved pussy -- god -- I wanted
to shave my pussy and have her suck it again. She kept me cumming and
cumming -- I couldn't stop. Then she lowered my top and started sucking my
breasts while she fingered my pussy. She whispered "I think I've found
myself another lesbian -- you like it too much to not have sex with me
again -- I know a lot of women who would love to suck your pussy slit just
like I did." Then before I knew it, she dressed and left the room. I
finished my talk with Tom and was left feeling totally blown away. I
thought, "that was so much better than any sex I'd ever had." I wondered
if I'd become a lesbian in those few minutes. Whether or not I was a
lesbian now didn't matter as much as knowing that I needed to have Karen --
I needed to lick her pussy and have her make me cum again like she did. I
needed to make her cum -- maybe I am a lesbian I thought. I wondered if
Anna knew about this. I always thought that Anna had a great marriage and
she would always remain faithful to Christopher. But given how beautiful
Anna is and given Karen's forwardness and absolute irresistibility, I knew
that Anna and Karen were having sex -- and probably having sex as often as
Anna could get away with it. When I went downstairs, Anna looked at me and
smiled and in that moment, I knew that she and Karen were lovers and Anna
knew all along what happened.

Anna came to me in the kitchen and said, "So Wendy, is there anything quite
as addictive as lesbian sex? Doesn't she just make you cum and cum and
cum? I mean, I can't have enough sex with women now that Karen's got me
addicted. There's a club in town that I have to take you to. It's all
married women who can't get enough lesbian sex. I'll tell you about it."

I said, "Anna, I can't believe what happened. I was talking to Tom and
Karen just came in while I was talking and gave me the best cums I've ever
had -- I mean, ever. Is it like that for you too? I didn't think it was
possible to get that turned on and to have my cums be SOOOO intense. I
don't understand but I want to have sex with her again -- I have to."

"It's like that for me too. That's why I have sex mostly with women now.
I still have sex with Christopher but it's more an obligation. When I want
to really get turned on, make my pussy cum over and over again, I go to the
club and have lesbian sex or I call Karen or lately, I've actually seduced
a few straight women when I've been out. That has been an unbelievable
turn-on and they end up getting addicted to lesbians just like I did."

The more we talked, the more I couldn't stop thinking about Karen and
lesbians and unbelievable sex -- sex that made my pussy just leak sex juice
-- and all for another woman -- another pussy. I couldn't stop thinking
about Karen licking my pussy slit and making me cum -- and as I was
cumming, she knew exactly where and when to suck harder to make my pussy
just squirt pussy cum into her mouth. And she just kept sucking on my clit
and drove me into lesbian heaven. I needed more.

I wasn't ready for what happened next. Later that night, Carrie had gone
to bed. Karen and Anna said they had some movies I might like to watch. I
said sure. Karen got up and put a video in and we sat back, had some
drinks and watched. The movie started with a beautiful secretary in an
office walking into her boss's office and sitting at the desk. A really
beautiful girl about 15 years old came in and started to talk to her. The
secretary was dressed in a sweater and miniskirt and the girl was in a
t-shirt and shorts. The girl said, "you wanted to see me?" The secretary
didn't answer. She just got up, walked over to this girl and kissed her on
the mouth. The girl was obviously turned on and she was kissing her back.
The secretary started to take off the girl's t-shirt revealing these
gorgeous girl-breasts that the secretary clearly couldn't get enough of.
It was as if the 15 year old was in complete control. The secretary was
obviously beside herself with lesbian girl lust and looked to be out of
control. The girl then lowered the secretary's miniskirt and proceeded to
suck her shaved pussy to climax after climax. I was beside myself with
absolute lust. Karen at that moment got up and went upstairs. She was
gone for about 15 minutes. During that time the secretary had started to
suck on the girl's pussy which was totally smooth, and you could see the
pussy juice leaking from her pussy. I could barely stand the lesbian lust
I was feeling. I turned and said to Anna "where's Karen?"

Anna said, "Why don't you go upstairs and see?" I went upstairs and
couldn't find her. I looked in each room and then finally I looked in on
Carrie and got the shock of a lifetime. There was Carrie, naked, lying on
her back with Karen lying totally naked beside her kissing her mouth and
breasts and touching her totally smooth pussy. Carrie was in heaven. She
was breathing hard and whimpering. There was my little girl being totally
seduced by this 26 year old lesbian sex goddess. Carrie's pussy was all
puffy and she was writhing in absolute lesbian lust. Karen then leaned
down and started to lick Carrie's pussy slit. I could tell Karen had done
this before with young girls. I was disgusted but I also had never ever
been even close to this aroused and it was all this lesbian sex. She had
my daughter in such a lesbian trance and had me so addicted to lesbian sex
that I just stood there and let my pussy start creaming. As I watched
Carrie, I couldn't feel anything but absolute lesbian ecstasy as Carrie
started to cum. "Oh Karen, you're making my pussy feel like it's
exploding. Please keep licking and sucking -- ya, just like that -- how
can you make me feel so good? What are you doing to me? Please keep doing
it -- it's like my pussy is all electric and - aaaahhhhhh -- keep doing
that! I'm cummmmmiinnnnggg," Carrie moaned. I couldn't help it -- my
pussy started cumming and I couldn't stop as I watched my daughter become
addicted to lesbian sex. My pussy was oozing cum juice and I couldn't
stop. I was watching Karen have her way with my daughter and all I could
think of was when can I have a woman suck my pussy again.

Then I heard Anna come up behind me and say "Amazing! I bet all you want
right now is to have a woman lick your pussy. I know what you mean. I've
become a lesbian all because of Karen. I mean -- Look! -- Carrie looks
like she is totally into this -- she's cumming and cumming -- it's the very
best. She'll be a lesbian after this time here -- I guarantee it.
Christopher doesn't even know anything about this. I keep it a secret. I
keep all my lesbian sex a secret from him. Wendy, look --" Anna said. I
looked back at Karen and Carrie and Carrie was touching Karen's breasts and
stroking her shaved pussy. Then Karen said "Carrie, I want you to make me
cum just like I did for you, okay?" Carrie said, "I'd love to, this is the
best thing I've ever, ever done." Then Carrie leaned down with her
beautiful soft mouth and started to lick Karen's gorgeous pussy. It didn't
take long for Karen to start cumming.

"Ohhhh Carrie -- you're so good at this. You are making me cum. You're
making my pussy feel the best it ever has! Just keep sucking like you are
-- and you'll make me feel really good! Keep your mouth right there and
just suck -- ya, that's it - just keep sucking like that on my pussy slit.
Oh Carrie, You're really good. You know that I did this with your mom
earlier and I'd say that she's a lesbian now after this. You'll find
there's lots of women who would love you to do this with them. In fact, I
know many women who would love to have lesbian sex with you just like this
-- they'd like it so much that you could tell them exactly what you'd like
them to do just so they could have a chance to have you lick their pussies.
You could tell them that you'll only suck on shaved pussies if that's what
you like."

By this time I was cumming like crazy. Anna had knelt down in front of me
and was licking my pussy.

"Oh Anna ... just suck my pussy and make me cum -- OOHHH .. I want to go to
the women's club you told me about and have sex with women. OOOOHHH just
keep sucking -- make me cum Anna. Your mouth feels like lesbian heaven.
Please keep sucking." I watched as my daughter made Karen's pussy cum in
her mouth. My little daughter Carrie was making this lesbian cum and cum
and Carrie was absolutely loving every little lick and suck on Karen's

Anna kept sucking on me and just as I was about to cum again, Karen got up
from the bed and came over to me and whispered, "I know that you're
addicted to lesbian sex and now, so is your daughter. I'll have sex with
you whenever you want but you have to let me have sex with Carrie whenever
I want. She's incredible. Her smooth pussy and slim little legs and hard
nipples just get me creaming like no one ever has. I like little girls and
you have to let me have sex with her whenever I want. Then I'll have sex
with you. You can suck my shaved pussy. " I couldn't believe this was
happening but I couldn't believe my response.

"You can have sex with Carrie whenever you want Karen just so long as you
let me have lesbian sex with you."

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