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KISS THERAPY (mc, Fg, Fdom, oral, relc)


Kiss Therapy

by Cypress_z

Katie shuffled her way into the counselor’s office, head bowed and eyes down. She didn't meet the young woman's gaze as she stood behind the seats, nor did she speak.

After a few moments of silence, the sharp professional was the first to speak.

“Sit down, Katie. I'm not going to bite.”

Obediently, the young girl shuffled into place, hands unconsciously smoothing down her skirt before she sat down.

A few more moments of silence passed. Clearly, the girl would not be the first to speak. So the woman would.

“Do you know why you are here today, Katie?”

More silence.

“This isn't a punishment, you know. Your teachers and I are concerned about you. That's all.”

Still no response.

“Katie – look at me.”

The young girl obediently turned her head up – dark eyes focusing on the woman's face but refusing to meet her icy gaze. The woman absentmindedly adjusted her glasses. A small, tight smile is on her face.

“Katie-” She starts.

“It's none of your business, Jane.” The girl says – surprisingly firm words from such a mousy girl.

The smile became slightly tighter. “Well, you have a voice after all. And no, I don't mind you calling me by my first name while we're in this office. I'm your friend, Katie.”

“I don't have any friends.” Somehow, the words should have been a sulk, but with her chin forward and long dark hair framing her face like a portrait's, she made it sound like a badge of honor.

“That's the problem, Katie.” Jane said. “Most ten year old girls have a lot of friends. But you haven't had any for almost the whole year. Why is that?”

“I don't want to talk about it.” No question, there was a sulk in her voice this time.

“Mmmhmm. Your teachers tell me that you used to have a friend you were always joined to the hip with. Amber, wasn't it? What happened there?”

The girl's face screwed up like she'd bitten into a lemon.

“I don't want to talk about it,” she said.

“Hmm,” the counselor said, fingers playing with a button on her jacket suit. “Would you like a glass of water, Katie? It's getting very hot in this room.”

Something in the woman's voice caused the girl to meet her gaze for a moment. Just for a moment – but she saw something warm and inviting there.

“Alright,” she said.

The counselor took a pitcher of water on her desk and poured out a glass for the girl. She took it, sipping on it.

“Make sure to drink it all, Katie. Take your time, and start when you're ready.”

The girl hadn't realized how thirsty she had been. Within moments, the glass was empty. The counselor poured another, which the girl took to sip on.

Finally, she spoke.

“She isn't my friend anymore because she's gross.”

“Gross?” Jane said. “I know Amber. She seems like a pretty clean and neat girl to me.”

“No, not like that.” The girl sipped again. “She... she kissed me.”

For a moment, the counselor didn't say anything.

“And? Is that it?”

“But it's gross! I don't want to kiss a girl!” Katie protested, spilling a little water on her hand.

“It's normal for girls your age to practice kissing on one another, Katie. It isn't gross, it's just something young girls do. Besides, if you didn't like it, why didn't you just ask her to stop?”

Katie's face was flushed red, eyes cast down. “I did. But whenever we did sleepovers or went out to the woods she would grab me and give me tongue kisses. I tried to tell her no, and she wouldn't when we were with people like her mom or dad, but she wouldn't stop no matter how much I asked.”

“So you stopped being friends with her,” the counselor said.

“Yes. I didn't want to do gross stuff like tongue kiss with girls.”

“That's fair, Katie. You didn't want to kiss, and she wouldn't stop. But I know Amber wasn't your only friend. What about Erica – the girl with the glasses? She was your friend too.”

The girl somehow managed to turn even redder, and squirmed in her seat.

“She liked gross stuff too.” She said, barely a whisper.

“Like what? More kissing?” The counselor asked.

Katie shook her head, long hair swooshing back and forth.

“No. She kept trying to grab me.”

“Well if she was touching you without your permission, that's wrong, but not gross...”

“No,” the girl whined. “It's... she kept grabbing my chest. My... boobies.”

“Like nipple twister games?” The counselor asked, concerned.

“No. She would, like, rub her hands really soft, and try to reach under my shirt and touch them. Once we had a sleepover, and when we were alone she took my shirt off and kept trying to kiss me all over there. She sucked on one of my boobies and it felt really weird. And she wouldn't stop when I told her to stop and she kept doing it whenever I looked away and I couldn't push her head off.”

“Hmm. So that's why you stopped being friends with her.”


“Well did you try to make new friends? Friends who didn't do gross stuff?”

“I made friends with Kelly and Nicole because they didn't do gross stuff.”

“Oh, they're sisters, right? I know them.” the counselor said. “But you're not friends now. Why not?”

“They didn't do gross stuff at first! I told them about Amber and Erica and they told me they did gross stuff to them and they didn't like them either.”

“So then what happened?”

“We had sleepovers and played and had fun all the time, but one day I went to go to a sleepover at their house and they started to do gross stuff to me.”

“What did they do?”

Katie's face was now bright crimson, her hands between her legs, her eyes back down on the floor.

“Tell me, Katie.” The sound of authority in the voice somehow broke through the shame and forced the girl's head up to meet her gaze. It was icy and piercing. Katie suddenly felt very small.

“Tell me.” It was a voice that had to be obeyed.

“We went to their room and then Kelly started rubbing my butt all over and grabbing it. I told her to stop and told her not to do gross stuff too and asked Nicole for help. I asked and asked and asked and she wouldn't help me stop Kelly from rubbing my butt. Nicole started to come over and I thought she was gonna help but then she just started rubbing my... my kitty. Through my pants.”

“Your cat?” The counselor looked confused.

“Noooooo. My... my pee-pee. You know.”

“Oh.” Said.

“I told them to stop but they wouldn't stop rubbing me and kept doing it and I asked them why and they told me it felt so good and they couldn't stop.”

“What happened then, Katie?” The counselor asked.

“They took my pants and my panties off and I told them no but they didn't stop. And they kept rubbing me. Then Nicole started doing tongue kisses on my Kitty. I told her it was gross but she wouldn't stop! She just kept kissing and kissing and I started feeling really weird all over.”

“Weird?” The counselor asked. “Don't you mean good?”

“No.” The little girl said firmly. “It was really weird and gross and scary and I started shaking all over and my tummy felt like it was full of butterflies. Then...”

“Go on, Katie. Don't be ashamed. I won't judge you.”

“Her doing gross stuff made me feel really really weird and then I peed all over. Nicole kept trying to tell me to do it back but I grabbed my pants and panties and ran away.”

“So you stopped being their friends.”

“Yes. I didn't wanna do gross stuff.” The girl seemed to be ready to sob.

Jane stood up and walked around the desk, behind Katie. She gave Katie a simple one armed hug and looked at her.

“Katie, you don't need to be embarrassed. You didn't pee all over everything. You had an orgasm.”

The girl looked confused.

“What's an orgasm?”

“Something very good that every little girl tries to have. When you start to grow up, it will become more and more important to you. That's why your friends all started doing what you call 'gross stuff'. They're growing up, that's all.”

“But I don't wanna do gross stuff! I wanna go back to the way things were, when I could talk to Amber and Erica and they wouldn't just be trying to tongues me or rub my boobies all the time and I just wanna be normal.” She frowned and drew in on herself, hands around her knees.

“That's alright, dear.” The counselor said. “If you aren't ready to grow up yet, that's fine. They shouldn't be able to touch you until they want you to. If you want, I can teach you something very special so they'll never touch you unless you want them to again.”

The girl's body sagged, but her eyes shone.


Jane smiled her neat triangular smile. “Really. Drink the rest of the water, and I'll tell you.”

The little girl looked at the pitcher and was surprised to find it was almost empty. She'd been drinking it the whole time she was talking. She gulped the last glass down without even realizing it.

Jane reached behind her neck and undid the clasp on her pendant, normally hidden underneath her clothes. Fair sized, it was gold except for one thing – a ruby heart in the middle, which shone with refracted light.

“Counselor Jane?” The girl said, words a little slurred. “I'm starting to feel a little sleeppyyyy...”

“Shhh.” The woman said, putting a finger to the girl's lips. “I'm going to show you the trick, now. It's really easy. You just have to follow this pendant as it swings back and forth. Can you do that for me, Katie?”

“Back and for-...” The girl slurred.

“Good. Back and forth. Back and forth. Just follow the little ruby center with your eyes. Back and forth. Listen to the sound of my voice, Katie. All you can see is the pendant swinging. All you can hear is my voice. Back and forth. Listen to me.”

The girl's eyes moved, following the pendant on its slow, lazy swing. The ruby heart in the center drawing her gaze to it.

“You can't look away, Katie.” Jane said. “You can only look at the red light. You can only hear my voice.”

“Voyth.” The girl repeated.

“Good. My voice is inside your head, Katie. The red light is inside your head. Your head is filled with all kinds of thoughts. As you watch the pendant swing back and forth, the red light is going through your eyes and into your head. It's burning away all those awful thoughts. Every last one. It's leaving you empty. It's burning those thoughts away. There's nothing there.”

The girls expression became slack. A little bit of drool trickled down from the corner of her mouth.

“Your mind is empty. The only thing in your mind is my voice. It is the only thing inside you. It is the thought that moves you. It is stronger than all of those thoughts that burned away in the red light. No more thoughts will come while my voice is in your head. You will do anything I say, like it is your own thoughts.”

The pendant stopped swinging, it's purpose served.

“Anything you say.” The girl said, suddenly eerily clear and devoid of emotion.

“Good, Katie. First, let's talk about the gross stuff. The gross stuff you did with your friends isn't gross.”

“The gross stuff isn't gross...” Katie droned.

“That stuff is fun stuff. It's great. It's better than candy and ice cream. Kissing girls is like being on a rocket ship. It makes you feel extra good in between your legs, in your kitty. You want to do it all the time with all of your friends.”

“Want to do it all of the time...”

“Tasting a girl's mouth is like tasting candy. Taste mine.”

Katie's blank eyes looked up as the older woman came down, firmly planting her lips on the smaller girl’s. Jane grabbed the little girl behind her head, pressing hard. Their lips touched together, and Katie shuttered, a little moan escaping. As her lips opened, Jane's tongue flicked in, exploring, tasting, and Katie's body responded – tongue flicking back. Jane grabbed it between her lips and sucked on it firmly, slowly pulling back. The girl was shaking and panting, but her eyes remained empty.

Jane herself was shaking more than a little, excitement written on every inch of her skin, practically glowing.

Her hands snaked underneath the young girl's shirt, and began running over her nipples softly.

“And it's not gross to touch boobies, Katie. It's natural to want to touch a girl's boobies. You want to run your hands over them, and squeeze them, and lick them, and suck them. And you want them to do it to you. It makes you feel soooo good all over.”

Again, a small moan escaped the young girls mouth. A hand gently pushed her lower back, making her stand up. It easily undid the clasp holding her skirt on, which fell to the floor. Her white underwear reflected the light in the room brightly.

Jane's hand slipped down to the young girl's ass, running softly over it, grabbing a firm handful only to let go and caress again.

“And it feels great when girls play with your butt. You want them to grab it and squeeze it and kiss it all over. It makes you feel sooo good inside. Like you have a thousand butterflies in your tummy.”

Katie trembled all over now, shaking fiercely. The muscles in her stomach twitched wildly, spasming. Her breath came up short, escaping only as soft moans.

“But most especially, the best thing of all is for another girl to play with your little kitty.” Jane's hands danced lightly on the outside of Katie's panties, running in a line up and down above her crotch.

“You want them to touch it. You need them to touch it. It feels better than ice cream. It feels better than rocket ships. It feels better than Christmas morning. You want them to rub it-” Jane's hands pressed hard against Katie's pussy through the fabric now, still moving slowly up and down. “-And caress it-” Her hand slipped down, under the fabric to slide around and around on her virgin button. The girl's moans were not so soft now, and she could barely remain standing with how hard she was shaking. “And kiss it-” With one swift motion, Jane pulled down Katie's panties, and laid down a soft kiss below her belly button. And another below it. Another below that. Slowly, achingly slowly, trailing down to the sweet cleft between the schoolgirl's legs.

Jane's glasses were practically ripped off her face as she reached and then begun to fiercely kiss the girl's pussy.

Her own voice was shaky now. “And lick it.” One of her hands went between her own legs and began rubbing her sex, sopping wet with excitement. Her tongue danced between the folds of Katie's pussy, and the tiny girl's legs gave out, falling back against the chair.

Jane's head came forward like a pouncing jungle cat, her mouth pressing against the little girl's sex, legs spread wide, moans coming full force from her body; seemingly trapped in the throes of ecstasy beyond anything she had ever experienced before. Jane's own moans came out muffled as she pressed her face hard against the girl, tongue doing its best to force its way into her virgin snatch.

Suddenly, Katie's moans reached a fever pitch – practically a scream. Her shaking body rippled over and over again, muscles dancing over her tiny frame, blank eyes rolled back into her head. Jane's hand worked furiously, and she let out a small shudder of her own.

Slowly, her face pulled away, and went up next to the girl's head.

“You love to do fun stuff with other girls. You want to do it all the time. It's the best possible thing in the world. It's all you want to do with your friends. When you leave here, you'll start doing fun stuff all the time. And you'll love to come back to me for more lessons. You still haven't learned about wearing vibrators in class or using strapons or how to use your little tongue on me. Don't worry about your teachers or parents – I've already had my talk with them. You were the last one in this whole school, Katie. And now you're all mine.” She rested her head against Katies for a moment, drawing deep savory breaths. She ran her hand over Katie's face, pushing down her eyelids and closing her eyes. After a minute, she spoke, softly but firmly. “Get dressed, and wake up.”

A few moments later, Katie opened her eyes. She must have dozed off. Councilor Jane seemed to be okay, though. She was smiling softly.

She felt tired and hot, like she'd just run across the whole football field. But she felt good. Really, really good, like she hadn't in a long time.

“It looks like our time is up, Katie.”

There was a soft knock at the door.

The woman smiled a warm smile. Katie beamed back.

“Come in.” She said.

The girl who walked in had died pink hair, cut short. Katie recognized her instantly, and practically leaped from her chair.

“Amber!” She said, throwing her arms around her friend. Her lips met Amber's, their hands running over each other’s bodies.

“I'm sorry I stopped being friends with you,” Katie said once they'd caught their breath. “I don't mind doing the gr-fun stuff anymore.”

“I missed you too, Katie.” Amber said, smiling happily.

“I'm glad you two are enjoying your time together,” Jane said, “but it's time for Amber's counseling session.”

Reluctantly, the two girls unwound themselves from each other and Katie walked out the door.

Jane sat, smiling softly, the pendant already in her hands. She slid her chair out from behind the desk, her legs spread wide – glistening sex visible to the pink haired girl.

The two looked at one another, and smiled.

Amber's eyes went blank.

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