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Mom Goes Wild, Part One

By: JetBoy

Reprinted with Author’s permission

I downed a warm slug of my Bloody Mary, wandered over to the stereo and turned up the music. The sweet soul groove of Al Green filled the room, and all I could do was stare into space, sighing heavily. Here I was: a sexy single woman, alone on Saturday night with nothing to do.  

I'm Lucy Gable, a 36-year-old mother of two, and my entire life was just about to be turned upside down.

And yeah, this is how it all began -- me pottering around the living room in sexy panties and a camisole, sipping a drink, hungry for something more. Something like a few good rounds of wild-ass fucking with some willing partner, hard and intense enough to break my bed frame. 

So why, you ask, wasn't I out on the town, trolling for action? Well, it's not as if I couldn't have scored a bedmate, believe you me. I was still a very desirable woman -- blessed with a great body that I have diligently cared for through the years, and a real talent for giving pleasure. I’ve always loved sex, ever since losing my virginity at fifteen, and have seldom had a problem finding a willing guy or gal to fulfill my needs. I was bisexual, with a strong preference for women, and there was a time when I had a steady stream of lovers to keep me warm.

But for the last few years, I’d done my best to clean up my act and be a respectable mother for my youngest daughter Belinda. On most weekend nights I just watched television, then ended up going to bed and masturbating myself to sleep.

The main reason I worked so hard to create a wholesome atmosphere for Belinda, who had just turned twelve at the time my story begins, is because I'd screwed up so badly with my older daughter Pepper -- who, by the way, had moved out by then. She left two weeks after her seventeenth birthday, taking her things across town to shack up with a lesbian girlfriend. 

It was inevitable that she was going to flee the nest, I suppose. Pepper saw me as nothing more than a big hypocrite -- always being so conservative and getting on her for the way she dressed and behaved. She clearly remembered the days when Belinda was just a baby. Back then, it wasn’t unusual for her to peek into the living room late at night and find me on the floor with my dress hiked up around my waist, riding the cock of some guy she'd never seen before -- or naked and entangled in a juicy sixty-nine on the sofa with another woman. 

You see, my husband Mel had walked out on me when I was pregnant with Belinda, though I guess I couldn't blame him for that. He'd already caught me cheating on him three times, twice with women, once with a man -- and when he came home early one afternoon from the used car lot where he worked to find me in bed with my gal pal Cheryl, her face buried between my thighs while she fondled my hugely swollen belly... well that, as they say, was the last straw. Only I didn't know it just then.

Two weeks later, when I got home from the hospital with my newborn girl, mad as a hornet and wanting to know where my goddamn husband had sneaked away to after dropping me off at the maternity ward, I got a big surprise: turns out that while I was giving birth to Belinda, he'd raced right back to the house, packed all his things and fucked off to parts unknown. Didn't even leave a note. 

I've never seen him since -- and frankly, could care less. Really, Mel's departure was the best stroke of luck I'd had in ages. At that point in our marriage, he'd become a complete waste of space. 

For several years after that, I was a woman on a sexual rampage, going to bed with whoever I wanted. Mostly women, but there were a few guys now and again. Problem was, I was setting a lousy example for Pepper, who was getting pretty wild herself before she hit twelve. Eventually I realized that I needed to straighten up and fly right before Belinda began to follow her big sister's example. Oh, I still dated occasionally, but for the most part I forced myself into the role of a respectable suburban mother. I was the square peg, crammed into the round hole.

It was never an easy thing, of course. I missed the crazy hedonistic times when I was a sex freak and proud of it -- like that night at the bar when, in the mood for a kinky dare, I slipped under our table and went down on all three of the ladies who were with me, then tongue-kissed a fourth girlfriend when she arrived a couple of minutes later to give her a taste of what she'd missed. Or that time when these two bisexual cops I used to hang out with fucked me at the same time -- one in front, one from behind -- then sixty-nined each other while I watched, their cocks still moist from my cunt and asshole. 

Those were the kind of shenanigans I'd forced myself to leave behind, and it had been one hell of a struggle. You see, perverted sex wasn't something I could simply dip into now and again, like making a box of candy last for an entire month. No, when it came to the kinky shit, I was more like the glutton you'd find sprawled on the floor an hour after opening the box, surrounded by wrappers, face smeared with chocolate. I couldn't be my old, wanton self in half measures -- so I had to give it up completely, settling for a taste of vanilla sex every now and then to keep me from going completely nuts.

Trouble was, Pepper clearly recognized the slut that still lurked inside me, and she never believed my change in lifestyle, not for a minute. Oh, she knew I wasn't indulging in the same crazed sex play as before -- but she knew how badly I hungered for it, and that only made me seem ridiculous in her eyes. Hell, she knew all the twisted things that got me hot just from snooping through my porno collection, which I could never safely hide from her, no matter how I tried. 

As Pepper came into her mid-teen years, she became more and more defiant toward me. She made it a point to dress and act in as slutty a manner as possible. Skirts became shorter and shorter, and she went without panties as often as not. She seemed to get a kick out of flashing her pussy, even with Belinda in the room. 

Her actions definitely disturbed me. Not so much because she was being so lewd, or that she was doing it in front of her little sister, but because I found myself so damn excited by her behavior. She reminded me of myself at her age, only she was even sexier than I had been. I could hardly tear my eyes away from the sight of her cunt when she exposed it. Pepper's slutty attitude got me positively frazzled, and she played that for everything she was worth. Sometimes, she’d even go as far as to casually stroke her clit in front of me.

The crowd she'd begun to hang out with all dressed and acted just like her –- hot and ready for action. Some of her girlfriends were her age, some were older. Whether they were fourteen or twenty-three, they all seemed as if they’d just strutted from the pages of a girlie magazine.

It was on the first night of summer vacation that I hesitantly let her go out with a couple of her older girlfriends, blindly thinking that they seemed more responsible than most of the girls in Pepper's circle, and would keep her out of trouble. 

Christ almighty, was I wrong. When she finally came stumbling in at four in the morning, I'd been dozing fitfully on the couch, waiting for her. I heard the key turning clumsily in the door, stood and awaited her entrance, arms folded as my daughter staggered inside. 

Pepper looked as if she’d been through a hurricane. Her hair was awry, her lipstick smeared and she didn’t even have on the same dress she'd left the house in. My heart sank at the sight of her.

When her eyes lit upon me, Pepper behaved as if she didn’t even know who I was -- at first, anyhow. 

“Hey, baby... wanna fuck?” she slurred as she stepped up to me. I stood frozen to the spot as she slipped one hand into the folds of my bathrobe, then pulled my face down to hers with the other, kissing me hard on the mouth. Her tongue forced its way between my lips.

I was in shock -- but before I could respond, she slid her hand into my panties, fondling my vulva. She wriggled a finger into me, and I gasped as I recognized the familiar smell and taste of pussy on her lips. 

It was as if she knew exactly which buttons to push to get me hot. Her skillful fingers, her sleazy behavior, the sticky essence of cunt that coated her mouth -- I was so wet that I could hear Pepper's fingers squishing in my pussy as she masturbated me. 

Somehow, though, I summoned up the inner strength to push her away. 

Pepper lost her balance, falling backwards onto the living room carpet. When she did, her dress flew up, revealing that she was naked underneath. No panties... golly gee, what a surprise. Even in the dim light, I could see that her shaved pussy was wet and juicy.

She paused for a second in her drugged daze, then grinned at me. “Oh, so you like to get rough with little girls, do you?" she purred. "Well you're in luck, Mom, cause I like it rough too.” Pepper rolled over, thrusting her ass toward me. “Go ahead! Smack my bottom! I’ve been a baaad girl tonight, Mommy.” She reached back and parted her cheeks with the fingers of one hand, revealing the rosebud of her anus.

Staring down at her gorgeous, upturned bottom, I couldn’t move or speak.

“Or if you want, Mommy... you could play with my butthole,” she cooed, easing a fingertip into her ass. 

I could smell how aroused she was -- and I could also feel my own cunt pulsating like a heart between my legs. Fucking tease, I thought. If she weren’t my daughter, I'd... I'd...

My body seethed with frustrated lust as I stood behind Pepper, watching her lewd display. Suddenly I realized that, without intending to, I'd allowed my fingers to drift between my thighs, tracing my clit through the front of the gauzy panties I wore. 

Pepper cocked her head sideways, saw me masturbating, then smiled wickedly. "Mmm, yes, sexy Mommy," she whispered in a little girl's voice. "Touch yourself... touch me." Her voice grew shaky as she probed her rectum even deeper. "B-baby needs Mommy to, ooooh, to t-tickle her pussy..." 

Every atom of me was on fire, and I was on the verge of giving into complete madness and reaching out for my daughter when I heard a second voice behind me say, “Mommy? What are you doing?” 

It was Belinda! My heart skipped in mid-beat.

I quickly jerked my hand away from my crotch and stammered out some kind of a response, “Oh! Uh, n-nothing, sweetheart. Your sister's not feeling well, that's all. You -- you need to go to bed, it’s late.”

Knowing I wasn’t going to be able to get Pepper decent right then, I swiftly shooed Belinda back into her room. Of course, she began hitting me with a barrage of questions -- and I didn’t have a single answer for her. I simply told her to get in bed and stay in there until morning, or else.

When I crept back into the living room, Pepper was lying dazed in the middle of the floor, fondling her breasts. Taking a deep breath, I moved to where she lay.

"Come on, honey," I murmured, trying to sound much calmer than I actually was. "Let's get you to bed."

Somehow, I managed to help her up and down the hall to her room. 

When I sat her on the bed she grabbed the sides of her dress, yanked it off and tossed it to the floor, then lay down completely naked.

Pepper stared up at me lustfully, her thighs parted. She winked, slipping a hand between her legs. I gaped as she began to stroke her vulva, her eyes burning into mine.

“Mommy, I’m all hot and bo-thered,” she purred as she touched herself, gazing up at me suggestively. "Come play with me..."

I was captivated by my 16-year-old daughter’s raw sexuality. She was one delicious looking girl, lying there in front of me and fondling her pussy. I couldn’t fault anyone for wanting her, even myself -- but I had to resist!

I closed my eyes, shook my head in an attempt to stabilize myself, mumbled, “Go to sleep, it’s late,” then practically ran from her room. 

Once safely behind my locked door, I masturbated myself into three wrenching orgasms within five minutes, finally passing out in the sweat-dampened bedsheets.

After that night, things were very different between me and Pepper. Before, when she flashed her cunt at me or touched herself while I was in the room, it was to get me flustered; to mock what she saw as my hypocrisy. Now my daughter knew that I lusted after her -- and she took full advantage of that knowledge, using every slutty trick at her disposal to make me hot. 

She kept flirting with me, trying to get me into bed with her. I barely managed to keep it from happening, even though we both knew that, deep down inside, I wanted it. She might have worn down my resistance, too, in the end. Instead, she moved out to shack up with one of the older girls in her clique. 

I was relieved -- but also, I had to admit, a bit disappointed. Even though I'd never let Pepper have her way with me, I still dreamed of my oldest girl, to the point of making her a frequent star in my masturbation fantasies.

Somehow, though, I still managed to stick to the straight and narrow, despite a constant craving for sex; doing my best to ensure that Belinda wouldn't turn out as unrestrained as her big sister.

Which brings me back to where I was at the beginning of this story, six months after Pepper left -- slightly tipsy, horny as a she-goat and traipsing around the house in panties and silk camisole. 

Belinda was spending the night with her best friend Mary, who lived next door. She and her mother Janet had moved here the previous summer from San Francisco. Mary is a sweet kid, always polite -- the kind of girl I'd always wished Pepper would choose for a friend. She and Belinda were practically inseparable, even though at fifteen, Mary was four years older. 

I wandered around the house, wondering if I should put on a porno tape and get myself off. Or should I save it for later, a reward for making it through the day? 

That decision was interrupted by a sudden dose of motherly reality when I glanced into Belinda’s room and caught a glimpse of how messy it was. With an exasperated sigh, I began to pick up the clothes that were scattered carelessly about on the floor, draped over the back of her desk chair, hanging from the knob of her closet door, peeping from under the bed. 

When I opened a dresser drawer to put away a couple of t-shirts I'd washed for her the other day, I caught a glimpse of something tucked beneath her folded clothes. I reached in and pulled out a thin stack of Polaroid pictures.  

I glanced at the first photo, then gasped in complete shock. 

The picture was a close-up of a naked young girl, face down on a bed with her ass up. The girl’s hair was bright green, obviously a wig. The next two pictures were close-ups of the girl’s bottom, but in these another female hand was touching her baby-smooth slit. I noticed the wetness that glistened on the lips of her pussy -- she was obviously very excited.

When I saw the fourth picture, I nearly screamed. 

Sitting on the bed, legs spread wide, with the green-haired girl’s face buried in her crotch... was Mary, the girl next door! 

Her eyes were glazed with pleasure as she held the other girl’s face between her slender legs. She was totally naked except for a black leather collar. The other girl's ass was high in the air, the photo clearly revealing her hairless cunt and anus.

In the last picture, another woman was partially in the frame. Her leg was propped up on the bed beside Mary’s head, and Mary was running her hand up the leg and staring hungrily at the woman's lush pubic triangle. This third person looked to be an older female -- definitely not a teenager.

I stared at those last two pictures and began to feel my pussy getting wet. Almost without thinking, I slipped a hand into my panties to explore the heat building in my throbbing vulva. I stared in amazement at the lustful expression on Mary's face as she gazed up at the woman’s cunt. I visualized myself standing over her like that, the cute teen ogling my pussy with a ‘let me taste you’ look in her eyes. I began to lightly brush my clitoris as I became engrossed in this fantasy. 

But then curiosity reared its head, interrupting my self-stimulation. Where had these snapshots been taken -- and what on earth was Belinda doing with them? 

I'd never been in the bedrooms of Mary’s house before, but I wondered if these were taken there. Surely not, I thought. They had only lived next door for a few months, and I was still getting to know them, but Janet seemed like such a nice, normal mother -- certainly nowhere near as unruly as I'd been. She wouldn’t allow something like this to go on inside her own home. After all, Belinda has spent the night with Mary before...

Then it hit me. 

My god, NO! I thought as I pored through the photos again, examining the back and bottom of the girl eating Mary's pussy. Could it... could that be Belinda between her legs? 

I stared carefully at the pictures, but couldn’t tell for sure. It had been a couple of years since I'd glimpsed my daughter naked, and I’d certainly never seen her ass so lewdly displayed before. But the girl's body was exactly her size.

Head spinning, I stuffed the pictures back in Belinda's drawer, then numbly headed down the hall and out the back door of my house. I stood in the yard, breathing deeply of the evening air, trying to still my racing heart. 

It was a warm summer night, and the only sounds to be heard were crickets and a faint sound of cars in the distance. I stood there in panties and camisole, staring over at the lights of my neighbor’s house. What should I do? I asked myself. I drifted over to the fence that separated our two backyards, lost in thought. 

Reaching a decision, I grabbed the arm of one of our lawn chairs and dragged it to the fence, then climbed up to stand on it and peer over. I now had a direct view into Janet's living room through a set of large glass patio doors. All I could see was a long brown couch with a potted plant placed at one end. No one seemed to be around.

Suddenly I saw Janet through the glass doors as she sauntered into the living room. I was stunned to see her dressed in nothing but a bra and high heels, completely nude from the waist down.

She paused in front of the glass, unaware of being observed, looking back at an area of the room that was obscured from my view. She stood in a rather seductive pose, smiling, clearly enjoying what she saw.

Janet had a lovely body -- and despite my concerns, I couldn't help but be aroused by the sight of her. Especially when she began to dance in a very sexy way, moving to some music I could sense more than hear. Her lewdness made my pussy throb. Unable to help myself, I slid a hand into my panties and began to stroke my clitoris again. 

Janet unfastened and removed her bra, tossing it carelessly to one side, then brought a hand up to her beautiful breasts, caressing them, gliding a palm over her nipples. Then she snaked that hand down to plunge between her thighs, fingers curving into her thick pubes. As she stroked her pussy she moved backwards a few steps, then flopped down on the couch, spreading her legs wide apart as she continued to masturbate. Jesus, she was sexy. But where the fuck was Belinda?

As she fondled her cunt, Janet looked back over to the side of the room I couldn't see. She was obviously getting off on what she was watching -- a porno film, perhaps? 

The buzzing of crickets was now accompanied by the sound of my fingers, squishing wetly between my thighs. 

Suddenly I froze, a chill racing down my spine as I sensed the presence of another person behind me. 

I was rooted to the spot, belly clenched in terror. My mind sized up the situation in a split second: there I was, perched on a lawn chair in skimpy underwear, a hand stuffed in my panties, masturbating as I spied on my next door neighbor. Oh God oh God oh God...

I had no idea what to expect at that moment -- even then, what happened next caught me completely by surprise. 

A pair of hands reached for and grasped the waistband of my panties, then slowly drew them down until they ringed my ankles. I bit my lip, choking down an insane impulse to scream -- then I gasped aloud when I felt those hands, clearly those of another woman, fondling my ass. 

I slowly began to turn my head, desperate to take a quick look behind me. As if reading my mind, the feminine intruder hissed, "Be still." Heart smashing against my ribcage, I meekly obeyed. 

Well, at least it's not the police, I told myself, as those soft hands caressed my bottom. I was still staring over the fence as Janet rose from the couch, padded over to the patio doors and drew the blinds shut. The show was over, but not on my side of the fence. There was a woman behind me, and now I felt her hands spreading my buttocks open. 

My fear was quickly melting away, overtaken by the thrill of being seduced. I waited, my body taut as a bass string in anticipation of what this unexpected visitor had planned for me.            

Then, the most wonderful warm, wet tongue slowly licked up through my wet cunt and between my cheeks. As I trembled with a mixture of pleasure and disbelief, her tongue began to concentrate on my asshole, trailing down from time to time to tease my pulsing slit. It was clear that this woman was highly skilled in the art of oral play.

I moaned as the woman’s tongue forced its way into my rectum, her fingers seeking and finding my clitoris. My body shuddered in ecstasy as I came on her first entry. I eagerly pushed my ass back into her face for more, tightly gripping the top of the fence.

She continued to lick my ass as I rode out my orgasm, those lovely fingers keeping it going, drawing out the pleasure until I saw stars. 

I found myself resting my forehead against the fence, breathing heavily. The woman drew away, then took my hand. Without a word she guided me down from my perch atop the deck chair. The porch light was switched off, and I could only detect our outlined shapes in the sparse moonlight, but that was enough for me to see my mystery partner as she lay down on the chair, tugging her skirt up to her waist, the triangle of her pubes barely visible. She spread her legs wide, waiting for me.

I looked down on her, licking my lips. There's nothing on God's green earth that's better than the taste of a juicy cunt -- and it had been a long while since I'd savored that thick, earthy essence that got me higher than any wine. 

Carefully straddling her face, I lowered my mouth to her pussy, pausing first to inhale deeply, savoring her musky aroma. She was dripping wet and highly aroused. Wasting no more time, I planted my mouth on her heat-swollen sex for a deep, probing kiss. The woman immediately responded, burrowing her face between my thighs.

Oh, she was a firecracker. Her fingers found my anus and entered, working their way in and out, my new lover going backdoor style on my ass while she ate me. I happily returned the favor, crooking a finger into my mystery lover's rectum as I went down on her.

I wanted to get really nasty, so I pulled out my fingers and ran my tongue down to her nether hole, pushing her thighs further apart to gain access. She drew her knees up and back, offering her ass to me. 

I licked a circle around the anal pucker, then pushed against the rosebud with the tip of my tongue. She moaned into my cunt, then began nibbling at my inflamed clit. I exploded in a blinding orgasm within seconds. And from the way my new friend squirmed and bucked beneath me, her breath hot and fierce against my inner thighs, it seemed that she was climaxing quite nicely herself.

I gently kissed her clit, then twisted myself around on top of the woman and kissed her belly, making my way up to her succulent breasts. I nuzzled them, licking each nipple in turn. As my mouth wandered up her neck, she grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth to her own, kissing me hungrily. My tongue tangled crazily with hers. Finally, our lips gently parted. 

My mysterious lover spoke. "Hi, Mom."

I almost died. It was Pepper! My own seventeen-year-old daughter! 

I tried to pull away, but she clutched me tightly, drawing my face to hers once more. As her mouth met mine, she forced her tongue between my lips, feeding me the taste of my cunt. 

I fought the kiss for a few seconds, but that old familiar desire for Pepper was too much to resist. Too much...

I began to respond, my tongue flashing to life in her eager mouth. We made out for a long time, her body grinding exquisitely against mine, our mouths crushed together.

Finally we lay hugging, out of breath, our partially clothed bodies lovingly entwined. As I nuzzled Pepper's neck, I wondered how I had resisted her for so long. Her hands slid down my back to caress my ass, and I realized that, even after enjoying two orgasms in the last ten minutes, my desire for her was swiftly renewing itself. Jesus, I already wanted to fuck my daughter again.

I extracted myself from Pepper's arms and shakily stood, pulling her up with me. "Come on," I whispered, and we quickly crossed the backyard and entered the house.

As the back door closed, Pepper pushed me against the wall, claiming my mouth with hers. I whimpered as her hungry lips moved against mine, her tongue fucking in and out of my eager mouth. My daughter's crotch ground against me, making my head spin.

I escaped from her arms just long enough to frantically tear off my camisole. Kicking her sandals to one side, Pepper smiled wickedly and dropped her skirt, stepping out of it as she stripped off her open blouse, tossing it away. We were both naked now, and we stared at one another for a long moment. Her eyes smoldered with raw, naked desire, her cheeks flushed, hair mussed. God, she'd never seemed so beautiful. 

Our bodies came together in a frenzied embrace. Even after what we'd already done, I was seething with lust!

We kissed passionately, then Pepper stepped back and lay down on the carpet, thighs spread wide. She looked at me, licking her lips lustfully, then flicked her tongue. "C'mere," she breathed.

It felt so depraved, but I couldn’t resist what she was offering me. Once again I raised my leg over her head and squatted down above her face, lowering my vulva to Pepper's waiting mouth.

“God, Mom,” she whispered, “I love you, love your pussy so much. I’ve wanted this for ages...” Her tongue slowly licked my slit from the bottom to the top.

I began grinding my wet cunt into Pepper’s face, gasping, “Oh, honey -- I love you too!” I smeared my juices from her nose to her chin, then back up again. Her tongue flicked at my clit in passing.

Then I leaned back onto my hands, lowering my ass to my daughter’s mouth. Her tongue quickly found its way into my butt crack. 

Jesus, my daughter rimmed me like a pro. The way she pumped her tongue in and out and licked tiny circles around my asshole drove me wild. My hand blindly found its way between Pepper's thighs, and I shoved two fingers into her.

I was rocking atop her face, my breath hissing through clenched teeth while I fucked Pepper hard and fast. I still couldn’t believe I was finally realizing my most forbidden fantasy -- incest with my oldest daughter!

She shifted from my anus back to my cunt, going down on me while she pried my buttocks apart with one hand. I cried out loud as she slid a finger deep into my rectum, just as her lips surrounded my throbbing clitoris. That’s when I exploded in climax, my body clenching and unclenching like some enormous hand as jolts of pleasure ripped through me. 

I don’t know how long it lasted. All I can say is that when I came back down to earth, Pepper and I kissed and snuggled for a few minutes, our heated, sweat-glazed bodies nestled tightly together. Then we began making love all over again. 

We were insatiable. The hunger and desire I felt for my sexy daughter seemed to consume me whole. We never even took the time to move to a bed, or even the couch -- we just fucked right there on the shag carpet. Finally I dozed off, utterly spent.

(To be continued…)

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My New Neighbor (FF, Fff)



Adult Youth, oral, facing, F/Fff


This story is a work of fiction and contains

descriptions of explicit sexual acts between a young

girl and older women.  If this type of content offends

you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.


Author's Note:


This story is the property of the author. It can be

downloaded for personal reading, pleasure, or sending

to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them on your

own site, please contact the author for permission.


Copyright 2013 Jan, All rights reserved


Please mail to if you have any

suggestions for future stories.



                 My New Neighbor

                       By: Jan

Reposted with author’s permission


 My life changed when a new family moved into

the house next door. I had lived the life of a normal

housewife until a few months after the house was

occupied by a single mother and her teenaged



My name is Emma, and I am a 45-year-old widow

with the grown children.  My husband had worked for

a good company for 25-years when he suddenly died

of a massive heart attack, so with his retirement and

health insurance I was able to pay off the house

moorage.  I was able to live a modest but comfortable

life.  My two sons were married and living in other

States.  My daughter was also married, and living with

her husband in a large city about 200 miles north.  I

was happy to putter around in my yard, and visit with

a few friends that lived nearby.


I consider myself an average looking woman for

my age.  I have blue eyes, dishwater blonde hair, with

gray starting to show more and more.  I struggle with

my weight, but am comfortable living with an extra

thirty pounds.  I'm not ashamed to be seen shopping

wearing shorts and my breasts stuffed into a halter



When the new neighbors moved in I introduced

myself and welcomed them to the neighborhood, and

offed to have them over for dinner, without being

pushy.  Her named was Linnette, and her daughter's

name was Genna.  I am not the kind to pry into why

she was a single mother.  She was a very attractive

woman, and her daughter was also a very attractive

teenaged girl.


As the weeks passed we exchanged pleasantries

in passing.  Spending a lot of time looking after my

flowers and garden in the back yard or the

landscaping in the front yard, allowed me to observe

their coming and goings.  It was obvious that the

teenager was a very active girl.  Her mother was

always taking her to dance lessons, majorette

practice, and swimming lessons.


One afternoon Linnette asked me to accompany

her while she took Genna to dance lessons.  I couldn't

refuse, so I put my pruning shears away and at least

checked to make sure my shorts and halter top was

not grass stained.  Linnette owned a big late model

Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) Suburban.  Being a

Farley short woman I struggle to climb up into the

large passenger seat.  Genna tossed her bad in the

back while getting into the back seat.


When we arrived at the dance studio on the

main street we parked in the public parking lot behind

the row of buildings.  Genna jumped out and when

through the back door.  Linnette didn't make a move

to follow her daughter.  She simply unfastened her

seatbelt and turned towards me and said, "I would

like to talk to you for a while."


I unfastened my seatbelt and turned to face

her, as she continued talking.


"I want to ask you if you have ever had a

romantic relationship with woman?"


The question came out of the blue, and shocked

me.  I truthfully said, "No!"


Linnette said, "I have never enjoyed sex with

men, and I have always had women lovers.  Moving

here has left me without a lady friend.  Would you be

offended if I made a pass at you?"


The question shocked me.  I had never pictured

myself in a relationship with a woman.  I was not

shocked by the idea of lesbianism.  I had known a few

women in the past that were lesbian, but had never

thought about having sex with them.  I had enjoyed

oral sex with my husband, so oral sex with a woman

didn't upset me.


Linnette moved close to center console and

reached over and placed her hand on the back of my

neck, and pulled me close.  She kissed me on the

mouth.  I didn't resist, as she stuck her tongue into

my mouth.  Before I knew what was going on, she

slipped her hand into my halter top and felt my big

double D tit.  She squeezed my tit and toyed with the

nipple while she continued to kiss me.


I simply sat there, too stunned to resist.  She

pulled my left tit out of the halter top and started

sucking on my nipple.  Her hand slid down my body and

she forced her hand under the waistband of my

shorts and panties.  She sought out my already wet

pussy, and set about finger fucking me.  I sat there

not knowing what I should do until the thrill of an

approaching orgasm took over, and I simply sat there

moaning while Linnette sucked on my tit and finished

finger fucking me to a strong orgasm.  I couldn't

believe that I had two orgasms while we waited for

Genna was in the dance studio.


When the back door of the studio opened and

the back light streamed across the parking lot

Linnette sat up and wiped her mouth, while I stuffed

my tits back into my halter top and straightened up

my shorts as Genna approached the car.  I was so

embarrassed that I couldn't say anything on the trip



Genna was fully animated and bubbling over with

enthusiasm, she asked, "Mom, can Linda come over

this weekend to be with me?"


Linnette responded, "Of course she can!  Does

she want us to pick her up, or will her mother bring

her over?"


Genna said, "We can bring her home after dance

lessons on Friday."


When Linnette pulled the car into her driveway

she insisted that I come in for a cup of coffee.  She

wouldn't hear of any excuse, so I followed them into

the house.  While Linnette turned on the

coffeemaker, she told Genna to go do her homework

and get ready for bed.  Genna reluctantly went off to

her room to do as she was told.  Linnette prepared a

tray with coffee mugs and condiments.  When the

coffee urn was full she filled the mugs and led me

into the family room where we could be more

comfortable.  She made sure that we sat together on

a couch with a coffee table in front of us.  We

doctored of coffee to taste, before we sat back to

take a sip of our coffee.


Linnette asked, "Did it disturb you the way I

made love to you?"


I truthfully had to admit, "You frightened me!

I have never had sex with a woman before, and I was

afraid someone would see what you were doing!"


Linnette said, "I couldn't help myself.  I have

always been attracted to older women.  I don't want

to shock you about how I became a lesbian, but it was

an older female relative that introduced me to sex,

and I have always been attracted to older women

ever since.


While she was talking she sat down her coffee

mug and snuggled up against my thigh.  Before I could

respond she had her hand on my tits again.  I tried to

prevent her from pulling my tits out of my halter, but

she was stronger than me, and she quickly had pulled

the material to the sides of my body, exposing both



The only thing I could think of to say was,

"What about Genna?"


Linnette simply said, "Don't worry about her.

She will not disturb us!"


That was not very comforting to me.  I could

invasion the teenager walking in and catching her

mother hovering over me in my state of undress.  The

thought frightened me.  Just the same there was no

stopping Linnette from doing whatever she wanted to



When she claimed one of my nipples again with

her mouth, it started making my pussy wet again.

When she started rubbing the crotch of my shorts, I

simply rested my hand on the back of her head.


Linnette wasn't satisfied with simply putting her

hand down the front of my shorts this time.  She

unfastened my shorts and pulled the zipper down.

She released my nipple long enough to knee on the

floor in front of the couch, and she pulled my canvas

tennis shoes off and tugged the shorts out from

under my butt.  She pulled my underwear down along

with my shorts.  She pulled them off of my feet, and

left them on the floor where they fell.  She picked up

my legs and draped them over her shoulders, as she

moved her face towards my pussy.


I am not a vain woman, and never found it

necessary to shave my pussy.  After all only my

husband had ever seen it, and he was gone.  At that

moment I wondered why this woman was so

interested in sucking my pussy, after all I hadn't

bathed since last night.  I was sure that my crotch

must be fragrantly ripe.  That didn't seem to bother

Linnette at all.  She seemed to be quit taken with the

aroma of my pussy.


She buried her face in my light brown pubic

hair.  It was so strange to look down at her lovely

face with her nose buried in my pubic hair, and both

of her hands grasping my tits.  Her tongue was

expertly lapping at my cunt.  I eventually surrendered

to the thrill of another orgasm.


While I lay there feeling the warmth of the

afterglow Linnette stood up and removed her own

clothes.  I discovered that she didn't have panties or

bra on under her casual dress.  When she was totally

naked she mounted the couch with a foot on either

side on my hips, and pressed her pussy against my

face.  I had smelled my hands after masturbating

before, but I had never tasted another woman's

pussy before.


Linnette is a woman that keeps her pubic bush

trimmed and shaped into a narrow strip of dark hair.

Her pussy smelled of a womanly musk that was very

erotic to me.  Even if her actions made me feel

uncomfortable, and the proximity of her daughter

made me nervous.  She bent down and placed the

nipple of one of her magnificent breasts into my

mouth.  Sucking on her breast made my pussy wet as

hell.  When she stood up and shoved her pussy into

my mouth, I couldn't resist sticking my tongue into

her pussy.  The longer I did it the more comfortable

it became for me to eat her pussy.


It made me nervous when Linnette started to

express her approaching orgasm with audible obscene

words and animal sounds of pleasure because I was

afraid that Genna would come busting in to the room

to find out what was wrong with her mother.


I was embarrassed to the bone afterwards, I

wanted to get dressed and sneak back home.

Linnette stepped off of the couch and pulled me to

my feet, as she led me down the hall to her bedroom,

without bothering to gather up our clothes.


When she turned on the light she used the

dimmer switch to turn the light down to a soft glow,

as she led me to her queen sized bed, and pulled back

the bed spread and sheet.  She laid me in the middle

of the bed, and climbed on top of me.  She rubbed

her trimmed cunt against my full bush, while she

kissed me with tongue.  I hadn't had that much sex in

so many years that my head was spinning.  I felt

almost drunk.  She did things to me that my husband

had never done.  She ate my pussy until I almost

passed out, before she curled me up into a ball so

that she had access to my asshole.  No one had ever

stuck their tongue into my asshole before.  I can't

even begin to describe how thrilling it was to have my

asshole rimmed.  I was exhausted by the time she

finished making love to me.


While I rested Linnette lay down next to me

and held her breast over my head, so that I could

suckle on her breast.  It was so strange, sucking on

the tit of a younger woman, like I was an infant trying

to get milk from her tit.  She was the dominate party

in this relationship.  When she had enough of me

sucking on her breasts, she straddled my head, and

lowered her pussy down to my mouth.  I did my best

to please her the way she had pleased me.


The more excited she became the harder she

sat on my face until it was impossible to breathe.  I

had to struggle to free my mouth long enough to

catch a breath.  As soon as I filled my lungs she

grabbed a hand full of my hair, and forced me to turn

my head back up so that she could smother me again.

Eventually she sat upright quickly, in doing so her

asshole covered my mouth.  She ground her butt into

my face, forcing me to smell and taste her asshole.

If it were not for the fact that I couldn't breathe, I

would have loved pleasing her.  She started rocking

back and forth, rubbing her wet pussy and asshole

over my mouth, nose and eyes.  At least I could

breathe through my mouth and nose when they were

not being covered by her crotch.


Again she was making all kinds of lurid words,

and sounds more animal like than human.  Again I was

afraid her outcries would bring Genna to the room to

find out what was wrong with her mother.  It was

strange that she didn't come, because I was sure she

could hear her mother.  With the passing of time

even Linnette got sleepy.  We cuddled up in each

other's arms and legs as we drifted off to sleep.


In the morning the alarm clock woke us up.  It

took a moment for me to remember where I was, and

what had happened the night before.  Our faces were

only inches apart, and I could smell her morning

breath, and knew that my own breath must be just as

foul.  I kissed her and sat up quickly.  We made our

way to the bathroom, and she allowed me to empty my

bladder first.  We both used her toothbrush to clean

our mouths.  It dawned on me where my clothes were,

and we could here Genny in the shower in the other



When I asked how I was going to get my clothes

without Genna seeing me, she handed me her

bathrobe.  She got dressed and headed to the

kitchen to make breakfast.  I felt so vulnerable

sitting at the table in nothing but the robe.  I could

hardly look Genna in the eye when she came into the

kitchen, and while we ate.  Genna only smiled at me,

While Linneete washed the dishes I retrieved my

clothes, and got dressed in the bedroom quickly.

Before Linnette took Genna to school, she

kissed me on the mouth, with instructions to be ready

to go with her to pick the girls up from dance class

that evening.  As they backed out of the driveway I

cut through the hedge to my house.


I realized that I must smell like pussy juice, so

I soaked in a tub filled with warm scented water for

a long time.  When I got out of the tub I realized

just how tired I was.  I put on a nightgown, and went

to bed.  I slept for a long time, and dreamed about all

of the things Linnette and I had done.


A noise woke me up, and I could tell by the

shadows that it was late afternoon.  It took me a

moment to recognize that the noise was someone

knocking on front door.  I slipped on a robe and went

to the door.  Linnette was standing there.


She told me to get dressed.  She even picked

out what she wanted me to wear.  She selected a nice

dress with a tight bodice and pleated skirt, and

comfortable pumps that matched the dress.  She

didn't allow me to put on a bra or panties.  I saw

myself on the full length mirror on the closet door,

and couldn't get over the way my nipples were so

obvious through the material of the tight dress.

When she was satisfied the way I looked she led me

to her SUV.


She drove us to the parking lot behind the

studio, and turned off the dome lights to be sure

they couldn't come on when a door was opened.  She

pulled me close to the console and started feeling me

up.  The top of my dress was too tight for her to pull

my tits out, but she could feel my tits well enough.

She pulled my dress up, and used two fingers to

masturbate me until I was soaking wet.  Then she

leaned over the console and ate my pussy.  I had a

strong orgasm before the dance lesson was over.  I

was able to straighten up my dress before Genna and

her friend named Linda came out of the backdoor.


They came running across the lot, and flung

open the backdoors as they tossed their bags into

the car.  Genna and Linnette introduced Linda and I

to each other.  The girls were talking almost nonstop

most of the way home, but it suddenly grew quiet, so

I had to look over my shoulder to see why they were

so quiet.


I was astonished to see Genna holding the back

of Linda's head while they were kissing passionately,

and she had her hand stuffed down the front of

Linda's leotard and her hand was rubbing vigorously.

The sight of the two of them was enough to shock

and thrill me.  I wondered if Linnette was aware that

her daughter was an active lesbian.  One look at the

satisfied smile on her face, by the reflection of light

from the rear view mirror, told me that Linnette was

well aware of what was going on in the back seat.  I

had to bite my lip to keep from commenting on their



As soon as we pulled into the driveway the girls

bailed out of the car on the driver's side, and ran to

the front door.  Linnette and I took a more casual

pace to the house.  Genna had already used her key to

open the door.  They must have turned on every light

in the house.  Linnette and I closed the front door

and headed to the kitchen to put on a pot of coffee.


We hear the water running in the bathroom

while we waited for the coffee to brew.  I couldn't

contain my curiosity any longer, "When did you find

out that Genna was having sex with other girls?"


Linnette laughed, "Honey, Genna grew up with a

tit in her mouth!"


The implication of her statement was not lost on

me.  The visual emerges of the adorable girl clinging

to her mother's gorgeous body filled my mind.  It also

dawned on me with a daughter as lovely as Genna why

on earth would she even bother seducing an old broad

like me?


When the coffee was ready Linnette and I sat

down at the breakfast table to enjoy the taste and

warming fragrance of a good cup of coffee.  We had

just settled down when the two girls came bounding

into the room.  They were both totally naked and

radiated the warmth of a hot shower and smelled of

the fresh fragrance of scented body soap.  They

headed to the fridge to retrieve cans of Coke Cola.


I couldn't take my eyes off of them; Genna was

a reflection of the dark beauty of her mother, while

Linda was creamy skinned honey blonde.  It was

fascinating to see a lean teenager with breasts as

large as hers.  They didn't need a bra to support

them, and her areolas were a delicate pink.  Her vulva

was interesting because her pubic hair was almost a

pink color, and her clit protrude past the lips of her

labia major.


The girls joined us at the table, and sat next to

each other, so that they could continue playing with

each other's pussy.


Linda looked at Linnette with her big blue eyes

and asked, "Are we going to party in your bedroom



Linnette asked, "Is that what you want to do?"


Linda said, "YES!"


Linnette said, "I guess we might as well adjourn

to the bedrooms.  The girls giggled as Linnette and I

rinsed out the mugs, and disposed of the empty cans.

The girls held hands as they made a dash for the hall

leading to the bedrooms.


As Linnette and I entered the hall Genna was

waiting for us.  She approached us, and took me by

the hand as she led me to her bedroom door.

Linnette continued on towards her bedroom.  When

she opened her door I got a glimpse of the naked

blonde sprawled out on top of the bed, with her hand

in her pussy.


Genna's bedroom only had a twin sized bed.  It

was obvious that it was going to be crowed for the

two of us to sleep on her bed, but that could be fun.

I had followed Linnette's instructions, and only had on

a simple jersey sleeveless dress without underwear.

So all I had to do was pull the dress over my head and

remove my T-strap heels, to be as naked as Genna.


She approached me and hugged and kissed me,

before she pushed me backwards until I sat down on

her bed.  I had a million questions to ask her, but at

the moment all I could think about was her body.  Her

body was pure perfection, and she still smelled of

soap.  She started kissing me while she started

squeezing my breasts, before she pushed me back

onto the bed.  I was almost pressed up against the

cool bedroom wall, as Genna crawled into bed with me.

She wedged her leg between my legs and rubbed my

pussy with her thigh.


I couldn't get over the way she was kissing my

face, neck on her way down to my breasts.  She could

bury her face in my large soft flesh, while she sucked

on my nipple.  I loved the warmth of her flesh

pressing against my body.  My pussy was tingling in

anticipation of her working her way down to my pussy.


Genna took her time going down on me.  She

combed my pubic hair with her fingernails before she

pressed her mouth against my cunt.  She claimed my

clit with her lips and pulled her head back stretching

my flesh to the limit before she released it, and

allowed the skin to snap back.  She sucked my pussy

until I started quivering through an orgasm.


I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and

clung to her while I calmed down.  I had a need to pull

her up so that I could kiss her mouth.  It was so

erotic to kiss her with my cum all over her face.  She

even claimed my tongue with her lips.  I could taste

my own cum.  I assumed we were going to rest after

that, but Genna wanted to do more.


She disengaged her body from mine long enough

to turn her body around, and straddled my head so

that I was looking up at her pussy and tight little

asshole.  She lowered her crotch down over my face

forcing me to eat her pussy with my nose so close to

her asshole that I could smell the musky aroma of

her ass.  She started eating my pussy again.


While she was sucking on my clit, she moved her

arms over her thighs so that she could toy with my

asshole.  When she stuck a finger up my ass I

reached around her thighs, and stick my right index

finger into her asshole, I finger fucked her ass, while

continuing to eat her pussy.  It was all very exciting

and gratifying.  We continued to eat each other until

she had an orgasm before I had another one.

Eventually we settled down to sleep with each other

on the small bed.


My butt was almost touching the cool bedroom

wall in a fetal position with Genna spooned in my lap.

I reached around her body and placed the palm of my

right hand on her pussy as we drifted off to sleep.


In the morning my bladder woke me up, with an

urgent need to relieve myself, of course trying to

crawl over Genna's body trying not to wake her up.

But she ide wake up, so we made our way to the

bathroom, and took turns peeing.  She brushed her

teeth and handed me her toothbrush, so that I could

brush my teeth too.  I made a mental note to myself,

that I better bring over a toothbrush of my own, if I

was going to continue partying with my neighbors.


When we returned to her bedroom I started to

put my dress back on, but Genna stopped me.  She

kissed me on the lips, and took me by the hand as she

led me to her mother's bedroom.  When she opened

the door we found Linda and Linnette in an embrace.

They were kissing each other very passionately.

When we approached them we kissed both of them,

and I could smell their morning breaths.  They must

have tasted the minty toothpaste, because they both

excused themselves as they rushed to the master

bathroom to relieve themselves, before brushing

their teeth.  When they returned Linnette had her

arm around Linda's body, and her hand resting on the

tight little butt.


I was sure they were as hungry as I was, but

looking at the body of Linda was enough to make my

pussy itch.  I had never seen a female with pink pubic

hair before.


Linnette said, "Why don't the three of you get

better acquainted, while I start making breakfast!"


Under any other circumstances I would have

insisted on helping her.  I even made a halfhearted

attempt, "May I help you, Linnette?"


Linnette smiled, "The kitchen is too small for

two cooks!"


She left us without bothering to put any clothes



Genna told me to make myself comfortable on

her mother's queen sized bed.  When I sat on the bed

Genna pulled Linda in front of me, while toyed with

the pink pubic hair she said, "Don't you think her

pussy is beautiful?"


In all truth I had to agree.  "I think she is one

of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen."


Linda stood there blushing.  Her cheeks were a

delightful rosy color.  Genna also used her right hand

to place it under Linda's right tit and lift it up in the

palm of her hand as she said, "Just look at the size of

the tits on her.  By the time she finishes growing I

bet they are going to be at least a G size!"


I couldn't argue with her statement.  I had

never seen a girl young enough to still have a narrow

butt like a boy's, and with tits that had to be at least

a C+ size.  I was also enamored with the delicate pink

patch of pubic hair on her vulva.  I couldn't resist

reaching out and stroking Linda's crotch.  Genna had

Linda sit on my face while she sucked my pussy.  We

had just had orgasms when the room filled with the

aroma of toast and fresh coffee.

We heard Linnette call out, "COME AND GET IT?

Genna jumped off of the bed, and pulled the

two of us out of bed.  The table was set and our

plated had omelets and toast waiting for us.  Even the

girls had coffee with us.  It was Saturday, so the

four of us were free to spend the weekend exploring

each other's bodies.  By the time we had to take

Linda home I was a confirmed Lesbian with a taste

for not only younger women.  The idea of eating the

pussies of sweet young teenagers was enough to fill

my masturbating fantasies day and night.




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