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The Girl Who Made Women Say Yes, Pt 2

The Girl Who Made Women Say Yes, Part 2

by Eva

Fictional fantasy for adults only. You ought to read Part 1 of this story first.


I stared up at the ceiling and thought, over and over, 'my name is Lynda Ashton and I am a mother and a lesbian lover.' I repeated it so much I wondered if I would ever manage to think of anything else again. Would I go mad?

There was a small crack in the ceiling above me. 'There was a young woman from Ealing, who had a peculiar feeling, she lay on her back, and opened her crack, and pissed all over the ceiling.' I snapped out of the limerick. Back to what I had been told to think, anyway I wasn't in Ealing at all. And I didn't have instructions to piss.

But of course I wasn't mad. I could think of something else; even wondering if I would have other thoughts was enough to tell me I wasn't quite crazy. Not yet, anyway. But here I was, on my back on my bed, naked with legs wide apart, arms by my side and I admit I did wonder.

Louisa May, my ten year old daughter, had told me to come upstairs straight after lunch and wait for her. I was shivering a little; the afternoon was getting on and I had been waiting like this for a while. The warmth of the day was fading and I felt cold. How long had I been lying like this? God knows: Louisa May told me to put the bedside clock out of sight, and I had.

Hell's bells, did I have any ability to make my own mind up any more? Why on earth didn't I get up, get dressed and go and ask why was I being kept waiting?

Well of course I was waiting here on my back because that was what I had been told to do. Just as I had been told to repeat this damned mantra. My daughter had made me cum before lunch and promised me another "cummie" as she called it.

But I wasn't a lesbian, was I? I was just a woman who had found men a disappointment. Well, they all do that to you sooner or later, so what was my problem? I could guarantee that number one screen heartthrob Mr. Bigcock was right at this moment letting down number one screen glamourpuss Ms. Cleavage; you read about in the news all the time.

Not so much will they, won't they but he really will, won't he?

I shivered a little more and felt my face redden slightly. This was ridiculous: earlier my daughter had sat on my lap and kissed me while she fingered me. I know, you're thinking that's impossible; ten year olds don't so that to their mothers. Just as you would say that they couldn't have the power to make you want it.

Welcome to the world of the Ashtons: a frustrated desperate mother and a little girl who not only knew what I wanted but made me want it too. So as we cleared up lunch – and not a hint to my eldest daughter Kimmie what had happened between me and my youngest before the meal – she told me to go upstairs to wait for her. Along with my mantra, though Louisa May called it my reminder.

My name is Lynda Ashton and I am a mother and a lesbian lover. My name is Lynda Ashton and I am a mother and a lesbian lover. My name is–

The door opened and my heart almost leapt out of my chest. She was here and I felt my cunt juice up. In a moment she would be on me and make me cum. In a moment she'd–

"Mum?" It was Kimmie, my twelve year old. "What the hell are you doing like that?"

I sat upright, and immediately felt guilty I had broken an order from Louisa May, but I tried to look nonchalant. "No problem, I felt unwell and hot so I took all my clothes off and laid down and fell asleep." That was what my brain told my voice to say, but it was more like: "Lemfeltunwellhotclothesofflaydownsleep"

"What?" Kimmie looked at me as if I was mad. She also, I noticed, was looking at my crotch and the neat bush I have there, though the path through it to the moist red depths was all too obvious.

I didn't get off the bed, and kept my legs apart. "Did Lulu send you up?"

"Lulu? Oh, her, no, why?" My eldest daughter – between looking at my hard nipples and open twat – looked at me suspiciously. Nudity wasn't exactly unknown in the house but we didn't flaunt it either. Not like this.

"Uhm, so why did you come up here?"

"I came up to say I'm going out. I’m going over to see my friend Josie, back later." The pre-teen paused, regarding me again. "Can I get you anything?"

"Yes, your sister." The words rang loud and clear in my head, but didn't pass my lips, though God knows I was tempted. "No," I said in actuality. "I'm fine honey. Don't worry about me."

Kimmie didn't look as if she believed me, but she retreated. I lay back on the bed with legs still apart and closed my eyes. Fuck, I thought, that was close.

"She's gone," said my youngest from the door.

I lifted my head, almost unable to believe it really was her. "Oh, sweetheart" I began.

"Hush," said Louisa may as she crossed to the bed. "Don't say anything. I just want to look at you all looking lovely and naked." Then she frowned. "Hmmm, but I don't want you all hairy."

I blushed. "I'm sorry," I said. "I didn't know that."

''That’s okay," she smiled. "But until you get it shaved off..." She didn't need to finish. I was off the bed like a shot and into the small en-suite next to the master bedroom and rooting in the cabinet for a razor.

My name is Lynda Ashton and I am a mother and a lesbian lover who shaves her cunt. My name is–

"Hurry," said my child from the doorway as she watched me. "I wanna get you cummin' hard."

God, me too, I thought. I began scraping at my bush like it was a weed-clearing race in an over-grown garden. Hacking and chopping away and aware my own daughter was watching with a smile on her lovely, pretty lips.

"Will you..." I gulped. "Will you kiss me?"

"Maybe," said Louisa May casually. "Why?"

"Just wondered." The weeds were clearing nicely and I fought down the pang of disappointment. I loved her kisses. "I just thought maybe, you know, I should put lipstick on."

Louisa May wrinkled her nose. "No, not for me. You can wear that when you have a girlfriend. I'll tell you the shade you gotta wear."

My heart was pounding. So I hadn't misheard earlier. She really wanted me to have a lesbian lover. Question was: would this female be as good and sexy as my little girl?

Bigger question: would that mean I couldn't have my daughter make love to me any more?

I stood up straight and anxiously showed Lulu what I'd done. My mound was almost perfectly bald, but very red. I hoped it didn't put her off, but she didn't look disturbed by it. "Okie Dokie... back on the bed," she grinned. "Face down."

"Face down?" I blinked.

"Mummy, please don't question me," she said with enough weight in her tone to suggest she wouldn't tell me twice. Ever. I nodded, apologized and fled to the bed to fling myself face down on it. I stretched my legs apart and thought, actually I don't care how I am providing she gets her hand in me.

"These the panties you had on earlier?" Lulu had picked up my discarded panties from earlier, the black lace and pink pair I had worn when she made me cum before lunch. The ones I had dribbled into through the meal. She sniffed the crotch and even that simple act made me juice up again.

"Uh, yes, sweetheart, of course they are." I swallowed as she brought them over to me.

"Good," she said. "I want you to wear 'them over your head." Without pausing she knelt beside me and stretched them over my head, tugging them down so the smelly, cum stained crotch was over my nose. God, it smelt strong even now. My daughter adjusted them so they were in the right place and covered my eyes as well as my nose. There would be no way I could see what Louisa May was doing to me, but thank heavens I would get to feel it. She gave me a peck on my lips through the fabric over my lips, and I confess I moaned a little.

I lay on my face in the dark, wanting her to fist fuck me and kiss me and do whatever she wanted. Well, I suppose she was doing exactly what she wanted right now. I could hear her moving about, then her weight on the bed by my hips. I wriggled just a fraction in anticipation, wondering if my juices would seriously stain the bedspread.

But who cares about sodding bedspreads? I was lesbian slut now. I was a cum mummy.

The first unexpected slap on my upturned bum made me yelp. "Quiet," commanded Louisa May, and there was second, harder slap. I felt so helpless and so instantly aroused; I had no idea she wanted to spank me. I had never smacked her and only once or twice given Kimmie as a toddler slap on the back of her legs for some misdemeanor. Spanking wasn't ever part of the home life, yet here I was being spanked by a child. Had I been naughty? Probably, and the thought made my hot hole burn more.

There were three more smacks. Hard ones too and my backside felt as if it was on fire. I wriggled a little more, partly to try to ease the discomfort and partly to show I was ready to be fucked. God, I was like an animal in heat. That's it, smack me, have me. What did I care? I was here to be used, and so long as Lulu got her hand in me I could be beaten black and blue for all I cared. The hand that smacked my bum was now rubbing my cheeks, massaging them. To make them better or to make them hurt? I had no idea and I knew I better not ask.

I felt my daughter's fingers at my cunt lips. They were probing hesitantly, which was funny because last time she knew where to go without fail. Well, this time I was in a different position. I relaxed and hoped they would all be in me soon.

I didn't have long to wait. The probing, careful fingers took on an urgency. They were finding me, finding how wet I was. They were poking and prodding and slipping in me. Not a fist but at least two, maybe three fingers. Yes, three definitely. They were wiggling in me and my excitement was mounting.

Mounting? It was positively scampering up the sheer face of the mountain.

For God's sake my clit! I wanted to say it aloud. See to my fucking clit! But I bit the satin knickers in front of my mouth to remind me to be quiet. The fingers were working in and out of me, wriggling, not as gracefully as before but Lulu was using my hole as I wanted her to, so I didn't mind. Actually, using it as she wanted to. I didn't have a choice, and I loved it.

I clenched my fists, thumbs digging in my palms, as the three fingers in my burning wet hole became four and began sliding in and out. An urgent rhythm, slurping noisily. Lulu's thumb was on my clit briefly and occasionally. It was teasing me to perfection and I thought I would explode.

A 34 year-old woman today self-detonated with pure lust in her home on Oakfield Avenue when her daughter fisted her, the sober-faced news reporter would read out. The woman, Lynda Ashton, had to be scraped off the ceiling. Experts say it was the best fucking climax ever and she just didn't care what she did now and her pretty, sexy little daughter could do anything she wanted–

The hand, the fingers were faster. Straight to the point, as it were. I moaned desperately, squirmed as much as I dared.

Then I came. God, I came with a scream. My whole body juddered and shook and there was a fireworks display inside me. Right above the torrent of helpless pleasure that roared through me in a tidal wave of white hot pleasure.

The hand stopped and slid out noisily. One more slap on my bum, a wet sort of slap, and the weight shifted off the bed.

"There," said Lousia May as she put her head next to mine. "How was that, mummy?"

"Perfect." I managed to say. More like "Erfect" into my makeshift panty gag, but I didn't care. I was just bathing in the glow of the volcano. Nothing mattered right now. Not even being face down. Nor having my mound beginning to feel sore, nor the fact all I could smell was my stale juices (but a distinct whiff of fresh cum was filtering through) and even the fact I had waited ages for this didn't worry me now.

Well, if it was going to be as good as this who cares? I heard the door open and close and lay, wondering what was happening. But the room was silent and still. Very slowly, I lifted my head and peeled back my panties. The room was empty. Louisa May had made me cum as she promised and left me alone.

I felt a sense of disappointment as I could make myself do that all over again, but if this was what Lulu wanted, what choice did I have? With a sigh I collapsed back on the bed and drifted through the slowly calming storm in me. Even the glow from my spanked bum was sending delicious sensations through me. God, where did my child learn to be so good with women?

This power she had was a sort of magic, or a spell, or a trick. Or she was just so damn good at making women do what she wanted, and enjoy it as well. I sighed loudly, lost in delight.

I loved my youngest daughter in so many ways. But this way was the best of all. "Lulu," I whispered several times over, and fell asleep.

I swear I never noticed when Louisa May put that thing in me, but when I woke up and climbed off the bed – my whole body as if drugged from the deep sleep and my tongue thick – I felt this thing move within me. A sort of slow tremor. In shock I sat up and blinked down at my bald crotch. Except it didn't look so bald now. My whole twat – my mound, lips, slit, the whole center of my lust – was covered with a large piece of silver duct tape. Industrial width and strength.

And there was definitely something trembling in me that wasn't there before.

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The Girl Who Made Women Say Yes, Pt 1

The Girl Who Made Women Say Yes, Part 1

By: Eva

Fictional fantasy for adults only!

You don't believe in witches do you? You don't believe in all that fairy godmother stuff either do you? As for magic? Ha! That's for naïve and the impressionable, right? Smoke and mirrors, cards up the sleeve. The speed of the hand deceives the eye and so on.

Yep, that's what I think too. But then I don't have an explanation either about Louisa May, so if you really pressed me on this I'd have to say I don't know. Maybe, I'd reply, just maybe something strange happened.

Okay, I hear you say, just when did this little ten-year old meet a witch, or get zapped by some spell? How did a cute, pretty, blonde, button-nose girl with big blue eyes and freckles get what she had? Like I say, I have no idea.

Whatever Louisa May could do all of a sudden, she did it well. And whatever it was she had, she never knew how she got it either. Oh yes, she said she helped an old woman pick up her shopping once, but seriously, was that when someone with some mystical power was able to put a spell on her or grant her three wishes?

Given three wishes I would think Louisa May, being just 10 and with all sorts of interests would have chosen something other then the ability to make women do what she wanted. New phone, new games console, new wardrobe, lots of chocolate. On the other hand, I guess if you had one wish, making people do what you want would be pretty much top of the list. Pretty fair bet that even at that age you know that the chocolate would run out, that your tastes in clothes would change. So making one wish that lasts forever is pretty sensible.

But I'm just guessing. If Louisa may knows she isn't saying, and I'm just guessing how it began. But I do know how it ended up.

Let me tell you who I am. My name is Lynda Ashton. I'm 34, tall but not so I don't ever wear heels, brunette but I hope never mousey, bright without being a bore. I have two daughters from a failed marriage, and as well as Louisa May I have twelve year old Kimmie. All things considered, things could be worse; we have our own small house, I have a steady job, the girls are healthy and happy enough and hardly ever fall out. If it wasn't for the lack of sex in my life I think I'd say things are pretty perfect.

It was this lack of sex that made me start dating men, and it was the rejection by one male that finally brought all this special ability – however and whenever it was acquired or developed – in my youngest daughter to the fore.

The man's name was Todd. He was a few years older and if I was honest, not much of a catch. But finding a man who would be patient enough with a woman who had two kids was hard. I didn't particularly want to be a single parent and while I wanted some father-figure in my girls' life I also wanted to make sure he was the right one. Todd seemed kind and patient and also screwed fairly well.

I know, I know. Fairly well is hardly the glowing praise you might have expected. It wasn't the glowing thrill I expected either when we finally got into bed.

I did try to excuse his lack of skill, or passion or even technique, saying it was me. Saying I was tired and tense and worried and all the rest of it. But he didn't fuck well and I felt let down. And then, after a few months (time in which I didn't ever quite feel things were going well) he dumped me. Left me for a younger woman named Jennifer, who I did see once hanging on his arm. She was pretty enough but looked pretty vacant. Maybe she was thrilled by him and he was thrilled by her over-sized bust, but the fact he had rejected me for someone else having not satisfied me left me feeling very flat.

Worse than flat, I felt devastated. I didn't want to think I wasn't good enough, or sexy enough. I didn't want to think I might have to settle for something less than what the imperfect Todd was. God, I even stood in front of the mirror one day in my sexiest bra trying to adjust the straps to make what I had stick out more. If that was what the Todds wanted in life I had to join in before it all went south.

I was aware of Louisa May in the bedroom doorway watching me. I smiled at her and she smiled back, but and I know it's being wise after the event, but she looked different somehow. "You 'okay Mum?" She asked.

"I'm very 'okay," I lied. "Just seeing how this bra fits."

"I like it," said the girl. "An' I like your knickers too." She nodded at the matching briefs I was wearing; black lace over a pale pink satin. Sexy, for people who like black lace. I always figured the Todds of this world liked black lace.

"Panties, sweetheart," I smiled at her. "Knickers are for girls, panties are for women."

Louisa May nodded. Then she came into the bedroom and closed the door, which surprised me a little. We have a home where doors never get shut much, but she clearly had something on her mind. "It's about him, isn't it?"

"Him?" I guessed at once what she meant but I wanted to play it a little more casual. I had hardly cried that morning so my eyes weren't red, though I did give myself another glance in the mirror to make sure I looked okay.

"That Todd," said the girl, advancing into the bedroom. She jumped on the edge of the bed. "You're upset he's gone. You think that you aren't good enough."

"I'm not really upset," I said, "Just disappointed. But hey, it's just one of those things, so it was never meant to be." I was being bright and positive. I am a good actor in front of the girls. "I still have you and Kimmie, and your happiness matters far more than any man."

"I know, but you need to be happy too." For some reason Louisa May patted the bed at the side of her, inviting me to sit down. I did what she wanted and she put an arm round me. "Don't be unhappy. I've got a better idea for you."

"For me?" I laughed gently. "Poppet, the important thing isn't how I feel about a man. It's how we are as a family." At that point I might have thought things were as they usually were with my youngest. Now, looking back, it was the last time I was ever going to be able to think that.

Louisa May surprised me. She suddenly hopped off the bed and in one fell swoop bounced up onto my lap. But where I might have thought she would have sat across my lap with legs at one side, she straddled me. More like in a wrestling game than an offer of childlike affection. "Wow," I grinned, referring to her weight. "You are getting to be a big girl."

"Not," she said soberly, "as big as this." The child brought her hands up and settled them on my boobs. Just resting them there. For a split second I thought she would remove them, but she seemed to be closing her grip on them. Again, for an instant, I thought she was feeling the lace; in fact she was feeling my tits.

"Louisa!" I gasped as she tightened her grip. "That's..."

"That's okay Mummy," she said. She was looking down at my cleavage and my bust and began working her hands, rotating them. "Did he play with your boobies?" She asked casually as she squeezed.

"Louisa..." I didn't know what to say. Of course he had done that; what man didn't want to feel up a nice pair? And mine may have been heavier these days and slightly more reliant on being held up by strapping but yes, they were nice.

"'S okay Mummy," said my daughter. She looked up into my eyes without letting go. "I like them. An' I can feel your nips getting' hard."

My nips were getting hard. I gulped a little, knowing she could feel them in the palms of her small hands. I wanted to say "That's enough, let go now," but the words failed me. I felt helpless. Shit, Todd might have wanted to paw my chest but he had never done it so tenderly and pleasantly as this. If he made my nipples hard it was because I was hoping he might finally make me cum. Some hope.

"You need a lot of love," continued Louisa May. "You need someone to play with you, make you happy."

I struggled to speak. I had never felt anything so incredibly erotic as being felt by a pre-teen girl. Even when I was fourteen and my best friend Melanie had teased my nipples when we played a teenager's game of finding out what lez's do, I had never felt so swiftly aroused as this. No man, not my kids' father and certainly not any of the Todds had managed this. "Lulu, please," I whispered. Lulu was my pet name for the girl, only expressed in moments of pure happiness.

"Hush Mummy," smiled Lulu. I hushed and felt a wave of desire for sex sweep over me. Something ought to have said this was all wrong, but that stayed hushed too.

One hand let go of one of my tits and moved down between us. I wasn't, in an odd way, the slightest bit surprised for some reason. The hand groped down between my legs, and rubbed at the slightly wet crotch of my panties. I moaned as her small but strong fingers rubbed the lips of my twat through the taut, increasingly wet fabric.

"Nice 'n' wet," said Lulu, rubbing like she knew what she was doing. 'An' I can feel your clit too."

"Oh... Lulu, please," I managed to say. "You shouldn't do this."

"Sorry," grinned the child. "I ought to do it properly, shouldn't I Mummy?" Her hand was suddenly at the waistband of my panties, worming down inside. For some reason I sucked my belly in to make it easier for her to get her hand in there. But she would have been inside whatever I had done. With eyes closed I surrendered to the small hand in my pants, the small hand pushing through the low undergrowth of my bush, stroking my sopping wet slit and teasing my rock-hard clit like she was born to it.

Bless her, she even kissed me as I came, and I let her put her small pink tongue in my mouth while the hand that was still on my boob pinched my hard nipple to make sure I had the best orgasm I'd ever known. Did I say let her? I had no fucking choice.

But then, looking back I think the kiss was just to stop me screaming out in pleasure and worrying Kimmie, wherever she was in the house.


We were downstairs and I was making lunch and I was dressed in my jeans and loose top and my knees had more or less stopped shaking now. "Louisa," I said to my youngest. I said it quietly, so Kimmie in the front room of the house couldn't hear me. "Earlier, upstairs. It was fun but... we can never do that again."

'"Oh, that... yes we can," said Louisa May. She was helping me by getting some things out for the meal. "We can do it lots, until I find a woman for you."

I stared at the child. Had I really heard what she had said? The way she went about putting out some cutlery I might have thought I'd imagined it all. I repeated my statement.

Louisa May looked at me with a faint expression of surprise. "You liked it. I liked it. You had a good cum." It was said as if those were the facts of the matter, and I guess they were.

I blushed. "And where did you hear about... you know." I took a deep breath. "Heard about women, um, cumming." The playground at school I imagined, and I could see Charlotte Owen being the ringleader in all this; she knew all the dirty jokes from her elder brothers. She was, apparently, the pre-teen expert on sex from what I could gather from other mums.

"Mrs Kelder," said Louisa May, putting the forks out neatly for the three of us.

"Your teacher?" I gasped. "How on earth did she come to talk about that?" I felt both anger and amazement. Had sex education got this far so soon?

"She told me," said the girl, smiling at me. "When I made her cum."

I felt faint and had to clutch the work surface. "Louisa May, how... what... I mean, when..." I wasn't being coherent, but then on top of being made to climax by my own child a short while ago I was now discovering my girl had had her hand in an older woman's pants.

"Oh, last week, after geography." Louisa May was being casual. "I took her to an empty classroom and did it to her there. She was very happy, but I didn't kiss her. So don't worry."

"What do you mean?" My voice was tight and croaky. If Kimmie could hear she would think I was being strangled. Fortunately the television was on loud.

"I put my hand over teacher's mouth so she wouldn't scream too loud, when I fingered her. There, that's the knives and forks all put out," she said. "What now, Mummy?"

What now was a pit yawning in front of me. I sat down heavily on a kitchen chair. All my power of reasoning had fled. I clawed at what I could inside to get anything back – a sense of outrage would have been good, but it was proving elusive. "You fingered Mrs. Kelder?"

"Yeah," my daughter sighed. "But that was right after Lana Sanders had tongued her. So maybe it wasn't all me who made her cum."

"Lana Sanders?" I blinked at Louisa May. "That's..." I gulped. "That's the little girl across the street."

"Yeah, I had to go and get her. Go and see her teacher and tell her to let Lana out of lesson. I don't think Miss Newham was happy about it but she agreed, and Lana didn't mind too much"

"She's eight for God's sake!" I had a vision of an irate Mr. and Mrs. Sanders, well him at least as she wasn't able to storm much these days after her operation, storming the house and demanding that my child – and me probably – should be locked up.

"I know," Louisa May sighed. "She isn't every good at licking out. I had to make my teacher squat over Lana an' then reach round and pinch old Kelder's tits to make her enjoy it." My daughter paused. "Well one hand anyways, as I wanted to practice breath control on her with my other. You know, pinching her nose closed while making' sure she didn't say anything. Just an idea I had."

"Am I dreaming all this?" I asked after a moment, but I wasn't. Louisa May came round the kitchen table and put her arm round me consolingly.

"Mummy," whispered my daughter. "It's okay. No one has said no to anything I've asked. I wouldn't make anyone do these things. Honest. If they said no I wouldn't mind if they did."

Oh good, I thought, staring into space. No problem there then. Eventually some power of reasoning came back, no doubt to see if the coast was clear. I caught it before it could flee again. "Okay, how long has all this been going on?"

Louisa May shrugged. "Don’t no. Two weeks. Three weeks at the most. Just an idea I had one day, to see if it worked. But so far it's only Kelder an' Lana and' her mom"

"What?" I stared at my child, her face a few inches from mine. "Paula Sanders? Her too?" When Louisa May nodded I pressed on. "But she's... the poor woman's in a wheelchair!"

"So? She deserves to be happy too. Just because her legs don't work properly... she can still feel a cum." My daughter smiled. "She likes it when I get Lana to lick her cunt."

I should have screamed: 'Don't use that word in my house,' but given what had happened – what was happening – it seemed the smallest sin ever. I merely nodded. I also admit the mental image of little red-headed Lana kneeling and lapping between her mother's spread legs while she sat in her wheelchair, no doubt moaning, was making me very wet.

Louisa May kissed my cheek and I turned my head so my daughter could kiss me on the lips. Tongues and all that for a full minute. I even moved a little so she could get her hand down my top to pinch my nips again. I really ought to object to being handled like this, but it seemed strangely impossible to object. "Shall I get undressed?" I asked (surprising even me as the words slipped out) as we finished kissing.

"Not here Mummy," said Louisa May. "Kimmie isn't ready for this yet."

"But she will be, won't she?"

"Don' worry. Kimmie will be perfect soon," smiled my youngest daughter. She gave me one more little kiss and extracted her hand from inside my top. I sighed: I really didn't want her to let go yet, but she was right. "Later you can go upstairs Mummy dearest and lie on the bed naked an' legs apart. I'll be up when I can to see to you," said the ten-year old. "And I promise you can cum again."

"Oh God, yes please," I sighed.

Kimmie came into the kitchen. "Time to eat yet? Uh... you two okay?" She glanced at both me and her sister in a close cuddle. At least we weren't doing anything much at that moment, though if I had my way we would.

"We're absolutely fine," I said, hoping the smell of the cooking would hide the aroma of my excitement. "But we have to eat and then... well, Mummy needs to go and have a little lie down."

Louisa May, next to me, was nodding as she gave my shoulders a special extra-tight squeeze. I took a deep, satisfying breath and wondered what her little fist in me would feel like.

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Emma - Adventures of a Teen Lesbian

Emma - Adventures of a Teen Lesbian

Fantasy, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Female exhibitionist, Female solo, Female/Female, Incest, Lesbian, Teen, Teen Female Solo, Voyeurism.

Emma - Adventures of a Teen Lesbian

Fantasy, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Female exhibitionist, Female solo, Female/Female, Incest, Lesbian, Teen, Teen Female Solo, Voyeurism.

Emma looked at her reflection of her tight ass in the full length mirror on her closet door. She could see her panty line in the mirror as she buttoned up her tight jeans. She knew that she was supposed to wear a thong with these jeans, but she detested them.  She didn't like flossing her teeth, so why should she floss her butt? Thongs didn't leave anything to the imagination - there was no anticipation with a thong – it left no package to unwrap. And so she had a thing for visible panty lines and always found herself being drawn to them when she came across them on other women.

She loved the fact that her mother wore bikini panties with her jeans. She let her fingers trace the tight round curve of her ass along her panty line and imagined how exciting it would be to touch her mother this way. She turned slightly and smiled to notice that her jeans were so tight that the thin crotch seam rode up into her young pussy lips. These jeans look so sexy every girl who comes into the store will get a very good look and my ass and pussy.

"Bye mom! I'm going to work!" Emma shouted as she ran down the stairs.

Her mother Pam called from the kitchen, “Not without a hug you aren't,” said Pam coming through the door with a waffle in one hand throwing her arms around her young daughter, and pulling her close.

Emma sighed as she felt her mother’s soft warm body press into hers as she kissed her daughter on the lips.

“Baby girl you look so hot and sexy in these jeans, you are a walking advertisement for any girl who wants to buy jeans. With her free hand Pam first stroked that slapped her daughter lightly on her firm narrow ass.

“Okay Emma, we are having a girl’s night tonight, just the two of us, right?”

Emma sighed again, it was such a turn on when her mother held her like this, and she could feel her satin panties rubbing lightly over her clit. “Right Mom, but I got to go, I don’t want to be late,” Emma said softly.

Finally Pam released her daughter, and passed her the waffle as she flew out the front door. She climbed into her hand-me-down car and drove off in the direction of the mall. Emma was 16 and had been working at a popular clothing store in the local mall. She had assigned to handle customer relations as they concerned dressing rooms. The dressing rooms were in a corner of the store away from the registers and the office, so she could work without having the store manager breathing down her neck. She could run her area how she liked, which made for a work day which was far easier to get through.

The other reason she liked working in the fitting rooms is that it gave her the opportunity to spend time with partially clothed women and girls. When Emma was twelve she became aware that she was attracted to girls and women. It all started when she was sharing a shower and her mother offered to wash her hair. As her mother Pam lathered her hair her mother’s ample breasts brushed up against her own nipples. Immediately Emma became aroused and felt her pussy flush with wetness. Emma looked down at her mother’s swaying breasts and wanted to touch them to suck on her large nipples. . As her mother stepped back Emma couldn't take her eyes off Pam’s shaved pussy lips.

Although she never let it show, Emma from that day forward began to fantasize about making love with her mother and with other women and girls. Emma had never spent time fantasizing about boys like most of her girlfriends, and she had started to wonder why she was different in this respect. She was not the most outgoing person in the world though, so not being interested in boys hadn't really had a big effect on her or her social life. She didn't have many friends, but the few she had she was close with. She had always been smart and would just as soon spend an evening reading a book or fiddling with her computer than go to a party. Most of the kids her age she couldn't stand - they all just seemed so immature.

Emma's lack of interest in boys however did not mean that boys were not interested in her. At 5'5" she was considered petite, she had a slender body with no sign of any leftover baby-fat. Her hair was shoulder length, dyed black, and cut into something that resembled a bob. Her breasts were small, but with a sufficiently padded bra she could appear as though she had a moderate amount of cleavage. She hardly ever wore much makeup, but usually had her short fingernails painted black or dark purple.

But recently she had found herself not only not attracted to boys, but increasingly more turned on in the presence of girls even her mother of course! It was almost as if she woke up one morning and found herself sexually awake. She was, for lack of a better word, horny. She found herself filled with a desire that hitherto she had never known. If she didn't masturbate at least twice a day to relieve the pressure, her panties would quickly soak through with her wetness. Like a dog drooling at the sight of a bone, her pussy drooled at the sight of form fitting jeans, low-cut blouses, and those heavenly miniskirts.

It was this new-found lust that prompted Emma to go on-line and order a spy-cam. In the dressing room area at work, the room in the far corner of the store had next to it another room (a dressing room at one time) which was used to store clothes that needed to be re-shelved. This is also where Emma could hang her coat, do any paperwork that needed to be done.

There was a shelf above the small desk where she would put her purse, and this shelf was in such a location that if one were to sit on it, one could see down, over the short walls that divided the dressing rooms, and into the next dressing room.

And so, Emma had outfitted a purse of hers with the little camera and had spent most of her last paycheck on the high capacity solid state drive to which it would record. When she got in to work that day she put her purse up on the shelf like usual, this time making sure it was positioned in just the right way so that the camera had a perfect view of the room. She flipped it on and went about her business.

Whenever a girl would come up to try something on and Emma found her attractive she would lead her back to the corner fitting room. It was a slow morning and a couple girls came back to try on blouses, but nothing, she anticipated that would produce that good of a show. She led them to the corner room nonetheless.

Things were a little slow, and she was checking prices on stock, when a soft voice asked. “Is there somewhere I could try this on?”

Emma turned to see a sweet preteen girl holding up a blue string tie bikini, and smiling in spite of the braces she wore on her teeth.
Immediately Emma noticed the girl was wearing a pink tank top that showed on her midriff, and the white short shorts so tight the girl’s young cunt mound seemed to be on open display.
Although Emma had never been attracted to a girl this young before, she immediately felt her pussy tingle as she let the girl to the corner booth.
Emma got a good look at the girl’s ass as she entered the booth and closed the door, so firm and muscular, she must have been a gymnast Emma thought.

Emma rubbed her legs together slightly and hissed air through her lips. She would stay close just in case this sexy young girl came out to the viewing area.
A few minutes later the girl appeared and smiled at Emma before looking at herself in the array of mirrors.
Emma was amazed how firm and toned this young girl’s body was. “Wow,” she said under her breath so no one else in the store would hear, “Girl, you have a killer lil ass.”
The girl looked over her shoulder and flashed a smile at Emma, “Yeah gymnastics and teem cheer, does that to you.”
The girl did a pirouette, “Well what do you think,” she as she stopped and leaned against the mirror, pushing her butt out toward Emma.
“I think I want to be your babysitter, “ said Emma, now standing beside the girl looking her up and down in the mirror. Emma noticed the girl glancing at her crotch, which excited her even more.
“I wish I had titties like yours,” the girl said, puffing her bottom lip into a pout. “I don’t even fill these cups, see…” boldly the hot girl flipped the bikini top down exposing her tiny but perky little tits.
“I like them, but you can’t do that in here,” Emma said lifting the bikini top over the tiny breasts, and giving them a little squeeze.
“Do you think the bottoms are two tight,” the girl said softly, taking one of Emma’s hands and forcefully moving it to her ass.”
Emma was in heaven as she gave the young girl’s ass a good squeeze, “No, I would say, “said Emma letting her finger trace the edge of the bikini, along her ass and then under the fabric, “This is a perfect fit,” Emma might have taken it further but the girl saw something in the mirror and stiffened.
“Fuck my mom is coming. If she asks about me tell her I will be out in a minute.” The girl said and darted into the change room.
Emma took a deep breath and steadied herself. She suddenly realized that she was fully prepared to finger the preteen girl’s hot little cunt just a second before. Was she losing her grip?
Emma turned and was startled by the beautiful blonde woman approaching her section. She was petite like her daughter and although her body was a knock out, mom was wearing the same skin-tight shorts that left nothing to the imagination.
She was obviously looking for her daughter, so Emma stepped up to her and in the best professional voice, “I believe your daughter is in the change room in the corner, she won’t be long.”
The woman looked at her watch then looked back at Emma and smiled, quickly giving the clerk the once over, “Thank you, I am going to leave her here in the mall to take in a movie while I see a friend.”
Emma stepped closer, looping her thumps through the pant loops at the front of her jeans, and slowly letting her fingers fan over V crotch.

As she had hopped the mom’s eye’s were drawn to the sweet spot of Emma’s cunt slit, “Your daughter is a beautiful girl, and she takes after her mother,” Emma said smiling.
The mom looked up briefly, “She is only twelve you know, but she doesn't act it. She is such a flirt, I hope she didn't bother you too much,” said the mom softly taking in Emma’s firm breasts and stiff nipples as her eyes moved down Emma’s body.

Emma dropped a bikini on purpose and leaned down to pick it up giving the mom a perfect view of her ass and cunt slit.
Turning so that she was now right next to the woman, “Your daughter is a sweetheart…she paused to lick her lips, with a sweet heart ass.”

The mom smiled in a wicked way, “Did she flash you hun, I love it when she does that in public,” The “ mom stepped forward so her large boobs were nearly in Emma’s face, “Please tell me what she did,” the mom whispered as she licked her lips.

“Well” said Emma, looking directly at the mom’s hard fat nipples poking through her bra and top. “She tried on a bikini and then told me her little titties were too small for them and then she did this. Emma lifted her top and released her boobs from her bra, looking around to make sure no one was near.
“Mmmm and did you do this,” said the mom clamping her mouth onto Emma’s nipple and giving it a good suck before moving to the other.
Gasping Emma said, “Ahh I didn't get a chance,” pressing her titties into the mom’s mouth.
“Too bad she loves having her nipples sucked,” the mom paused, “And did you touch her like this…” instantly the mom’s hand cupped Emma’s cunt through her jeans sliding her middle finger up and down her slit.
“Oh fuck, I wanted to, but you came in,” Emma sighted.
The mother took her mouth and hand away, and Emma quickly covered her tits, “Good, then I will have to give you another chance. Here is my card, I am a realtor and I am always available on my cell. Perhaps you would like to read Taylor a bed time story tonight and tuck her in. By the way, I am Maxine and I want to fuck your young body so bad my cunt is running with juice…see”
Maxine grabbed Emma’s hand and pressed her fingers up and down her the wide damp slit in the crotch of her shorts.
“See how wet you made me, showing off that tight cunt of yours? So I will expect you at 10 p.m.” Maxine said as she stuffed her card in the top of Emma’s tight jeans.
Suddenly Taylor appeared and Maxine turned, “Babygirl, did you find a bikini for your hot sexy body.”
“No mommy, but this clerk was most helpful,” Taylor said with a big smile.
“Yes hunny I know, she just might be your new babysitter, would you like that?” Maxine said smiling at Emma.
“I would like that very much!” said Taylor who ran on tip toes to hug Emma. She pressed her sweet face into Emma’s titties and grabbed her ass, “Please come and babysit me, it will be so much fun, I promise. Then looking up at her, I left something for you in the change room.”
As mother and daughter walked away Emma couldn't take her eyes of the hottest two asses she had ever seen.
Emma was trembling as she opened the door to the change room that Taylor had just left. At first she didn't notice anything then she notices a small pool of creamy liquid on the bench and the blue bikini bottom nearby. Emma dipped three fingers in the liquid and brought the wetness to her lips. She coated her lips with Taylor’s cum then licked them clean. Her clit tingled, as she lifted more of preteen girl’s cum on her fingers this time she slipped them into her mouth and sucked hard, moaning softly. Emma lifted the cum soaked inside crotch of the bikini to her mouth and sucked on the fabric thirsty to taste more of the sexy young girl’s creamy, sweet cum.
Emma cleaned off the rest of the bench with a tissue and when she had an opportunity returned the wet bikini to her bag. She trembled when she thought that her camera had caught the Taylor getting herself off.

Unfortunately Emma didn't get a break until later and her cunt needed to cum very badly. Just before her break the most beautiful girl Emma had ever seen walked into the store. Emma was putting some blouses back on hangers when she heard a soft voice say "excuse me". She looked up and fell instantly in love. She was sure she was blushing and her mind reeled as her mouth managed to form the word.
"Yes?" Emma asked, blushing slightly.
"I'd like to try these on." said the girl, holding up the pile of clothes she had in her hands.
"Oh, right." sputtered Emma, forcing herself to come back to earth.
"Right this way." She led the girl back to the corner room and opened the door for her. "My name is Emma - let me know if you need another size of anything." she said with a smile. " Emma inquired noticing that the beauty was checking out her ass and when she turned, Anna nipped her eyes. Emma crossed her legs slightly, giving this lovely young teen a perfect view of sweet cunt slit in the crotch of her jeans. Emma noticed the girl’s tongue dart over her full lips.
“What's your name?" asked, drawing the girl’s beautiful eyes back up to hers.
"Anna" was the response which Emma wrote on the little chalkboard on the fitting room door with a flourish.

"Okay Anna, take your time and don't be shy about asking me if you need anything!"

"Okay. Thank you Emma." the girl responded with a shy smile before the fitting room door closed between them.
Emma quickly ducked back into the little employee room to compose herself. Anna was almost the exact same size as Emma - petite, but Emma was perhaps an inch shorter.

Anna however was very pale, her skin was like cream - which went well with her long, natural red hair. Her lips were thin and rosy while her eyes were large and dark. Everything about her was perfect, from her beautiful hair to her finely shaped nose, her tiny teen breasts and tight little butt. Emma was truly awestruck. She had never felt like this before. Her heart pounded in her chest and she could feel her crotch moisten as her pussy slipped against the satin material of her panties.
Emma didn't have any experience flirting. The only things she knew were what she saw in movies, and most of those things seemed way to brazen to be plausible in real life. Anna seemed shy. She was by herself. Emma estimated that she was about 14, close enough to her own age that they must have things in common.
She racked her brain trying to think of things with which to talk about. She had been so flustered when they first met that Emma didn't see what she had taken in the room to try on. She found herself hoping it was something skimpy.
A few minutes passed and Emma had just shown another girl into a dressing room when she heard Anna's melodic voice behind her. Her words were timid but clear.
"Emma, I'm sorry to bother you, but do you think you could help me?"
Emma beamed as she turned around and say her slender face sticking out of the dressing room. "I'm not sure if this is the right size."
Emma walked over and Anna opened the door a little wider. She stayed in the dressing room but the door was open enough that Emma could see what she was wearing.
Anna looked absolutely radiant in a formal satin gown. It was burgundy and the cut suited Anna's small frame wonderfully. It had cascading layers that when down the whole length, but still hugged Anna's slim young body tightly. The back came down to the floor while the front of the dress came down to a few inches above Anna's knees, revealing her perfectly shaped, firm and creamy white thighs. It was not a low cut affair, but it was tight enough that it left the most exquisite twin humps over her chest and Emma thought she could just make out the shape of her puffy nipples through what must have been a thin bra.
Emma was also delighted that the dress was tight enough that she could see the outlines of panties going over Anna's hips and down around her tightly hugged rear. "You look absolutely amazing!" was all that Emma could manage to say at first.
Anna blushed, which Emma discovered was adorable, and spun around so that Emma could see her from all sides.
"Is it supposed to be this tight?" Anna inquired.
"Yes," replied Emma, trying to shake off the feelings of lust that were threatening to overwhelm her, "it's supposed to be form-fitting. Of course you're meant to wear it with a thong.
"Oh. I just can't stand thongs."
"Me neither," said Emma glad that they had something in common to serve as an ice breaker. The dress is long enough that you could just go without panties all together." Emma smiled as she saw that this suggestion made Anna blush again.
Emma stepped into the room and stood next to Anna, and lightly placed her hands on Anna’s hips, feeling the warmth of her skin beneath the fabric. Then she pinched the dress in between her fingers. It had been a little twisted and with a quick little pull Emma had straightened it out.
Anna started a little at Emma's touch but didn't recoil. Emma put her hand just under Anna's breasts and slid them ever so slowly down Anna’s flat tummy and over the V of her crotch to smooth the silky fabric out. Emma luxuriated to feel of Anna’s tight young body through the thin fabric of the dress.
"There," she said as she did the same smoothing technique on Anna's back, this time running her hands firmly over her delicious bubble ass (a little too slowly Emma feared), "I think it looks great on you." Emma grabbed Anna's hand and pulled her out into the main fitting room area where there were several full length mirrors arranged in such a way as to allow Anna to see herself from several angles.
There was a hesitancy on Anna's part but it soon gave way and they found themselves both standing in front of the mirror, hand in hand. Anna’s eyes were again locked onto the firm thighs and deep camel toe in the crotch of Emma’s jeans and Emma, noticed that Anna’s nipples were now stiff and poked straight out from her small breasts. Emma suddenly realized that she was still holding Anna's hand, as Emma looked at their hot young bodies the thought they made a beautiful sexy couple. She gave Anna's hand a little squeeze and let go, noting the slight delay between when she opened her fingers and when Anna actually let go of her hand
Anna modeled the dress in front of the mirrors and Emma did the best she could to convince her that she looked stunning. She could tell that Anna was still a bit shy and was nervous about how tight it was. Emma found out that she needed a nice dress for her sister's wedding. Eventually Anna gave in and agreed that that was the dress she would wear.
Then Emma helped her pick out shoes to go with it. All this while Emma was neglecting anyone else that came to the fitting rooms. She would tell people as they came to just take any open room - she didn't want to lose any time with Anna.
She found that they had a lot in common although Anna had just turned 14. They seemed to have the same temperament and the same sense of humor. Like Emma, Anna preferred reading a good book to sports or parties, all the things that girls their age were supposed to like. As Anna was putting her clothes back on, Emma stood outside her dressing room, trying to figure out a way to see her again.
"Do you need anything else while you're here?" Emma asked through the door.
"No," came the unwelcome reply, "I'm running late, I am supposed to meet my mom at the coffee shop in a few minutes." Emma's heart sank. "But I do need a bathing suit now that the weather is getting warm. Maybe I'll come back tomorrow."
"I won't be at work tomorrow," said Emma, "how about the day after?" Emma knew that there was absolutely no reason why Anna would need her specifically in order to buy a swimsuit.
"Okay, the day after tomorrow then. Same time?" Anna replied.
"I'll be here!" Emma said with a huge smile.
Another customer called Emma over, wanting to know if they had a skirt in a different size. Anna took a long time in the change room and when she came out she didn't want to interrupt Emma, so she slipped over to the register, paid for her outfit, and left without saying goodbye (much to Emma's disappointment).

A little while later it came time for Emma to take her lunch break. She walked across the mall to the restrooms she knew were out of the way and likely to have the fewest people in them.
Emma sighed as she saw a mom with her young daughter enter the washroom ahead of her.
Entering the washroom right after them Emma realized that there was only one stall. Emma’s whole body was tingling. She needed to come so badly but now had to wait until the mom and girl left. The stall door lock was broken and the mother bumped it with her ass and it opened slightly. Emma noticed that the mom was about thirty, a brunette with a lovely ass. Emma sighed as she took in the sweet ass as her mother removed the panties of her four year old daughter. Emma couldn't help but notice the mom had a visible panty line as she squatted and lifted her girl onto the toilet.

To make matters worse, Emma heard the door swing open. A young redhead burst through the door in jean shorts and a tank top.
The girl was no more than thirteen and was visibly agitated as she crossed her legs and hissed through her teeth, “Oh fuck,” she said and slipped a hand between her legs.

The mom was whipping her daughter after a tinkle and soon had her off the pot and out of the stall.

 Emma turned to the girl and smiled, “It looks like you need this more than I do, so I will make a deal. You get to pee but you must leave the door open and watch me, no matter what I do. And you can’t leave the stall until I am finished. Is it a deal.”

“Fuck, yes, anything, just let me in there,” the fair-skinned girl said, “Just let me in there.”
Emma moved aside and the girl staggered forward and in one movement had her shorts and panties to her ankles and rushed onto the toilet.

Emma pushed the stall door wide open and stood in front of the young red head. Her nipples were hard and poking out from under her thin top and bra. She lifted the shirt quickly and slipped her breasts out of her bra. She could hear the gush of piss leave the girl’s cunt. Her nipples were so sensitive and when she rolled them between the fingers of each had she closed her eyes and moaned.
When she opened her eyes the girl was looking up at her, her face flushed, “You are so hot, “ she whispered as she continued to pee.

Emma pulled on her nipples, pulled them hard and then let them slip through her fingers.
She flashed back to Anna, the way she couldn't keep her eyes off her body, particularly her ass and her cunt clearly outlined in the crotch of her jeans.

The young red head’s eyes were large now and were looking directly at Emma’s pussy.
Emma smiled at her and took two fingers and slowly moved them up and down the slit in crotch of her jeans. She let out a low moan, “You like the show babe?” Emma asked in a low voice.

The girl just nodded, as the last trickle of her piss hit the bowl.

Emma, popped the top button and immediately slid her hand down the front of her jeans. She moaned as she pinched her slick, tight cunt lips together and began to grind them back and forth over her sensitive clit.
“Oh fuck, touch yourself, show me how you rub your little cunt…do it,” Emma sighed.
The red head took a bit of toilet paper and dabbed her thin cunt lips then parted then with her fingers, and circled her tiny clit with her fingertips.

“Do you want to see my pussy babe, do you want to see how wet I am?” Emma asked in a breathy voice.

“Fuck yeah,” the girl’s said throwing her head back and moaning as she pinched her clit hard.
Emma pushed her jeans down, pulling her right foot from the leg she spread her legs. Her white silk panties were soaked. Emma stepped closer to the hot little red head and suddenly pulled the crotch of her panties to the side, flashing her cunt in the young teen’s face.

“Oh fuck you are a hot little bitch aren't you,” said Emma parting her cunt lips “Have you ever licked a girl’s cunt before?”

The girl, shook her head, “No but yours is so fucking hot I…” the girl was stopped in mid-sentence as Emma grabbed the back of her head and pushed her sweet young face into her dripping cunt.

 Emma spread her legs as far as she could and humped her ass hard and fast as she fucked the red head’s face as fast as she could.

“Suck my clit, oh fuck suck it, you hot little cunt,” Emma whined, and the red head did her level best lapping up and down Emma’s slick cunt then latching onto her clit and sucking hard.
While she lapped at Emma’s cunt the girl pushed two fingers finger as deep as she could into her tight cunt and as her right worked at her clit with her thumb.

Emma tried to remember everything she could about Anna , and pictured it was her face, her beautiful face that was buried in her dripping cunt. She saw Anna in her mind’s eye, her smile, her skin, the whiteness of her thighs . . . she thought about how she would watch the video when she got home and get to see Anna change - she tried to imagine what color bra and panties she was wearing. She imagined Anna's tongue pressed firmly to her cunt.
The hot young red head met ever one of Emma’s thrusts, her tongue diving into the older girl’s cunt then flicking over her clit, as she fucked her own cunt hard and fast.

Emma grabbed a handful or red hair and thrust her cunt as hard as she could pressing the red head’s tongue hard to her clit. She saw Anna open her beautiful mouth and latch onto her cunt lips. Emma could no longer hold back, her body was convulsing and her cunt was spewing load after load of hot creamy cum over the red head’s young face. The young girl pinched her own clit hard and came spraying her own sticky cum into the toilet bowel.

It was the most intense orgasm Emma had ever had and she sank down onto the red head’s lap and began to kiss her passionately, tasting her own cum on the sweet girl’s lips and thinking of only one thing, if only it were Anna.
The two girls cleaned up with barely a word, but the red head slipped her phone number into Emma’s back pocket as they kissed good-bye.

When Emma got home that night she ran straight to her room and copied the day's video onto her computer. The video looked pretty good, she only wished that it wasn't looking down at people. If only she could find a way to stick the camera in the wall, she though. She zipped through the beginning of the video which had some nice footage of some hot teens.

She stopped briefly to watch some of the footage of Taylor rubbing and finger fucking herself. Emma moaned, the young girl was so hot. Emma’s cunt was wet watching the twelve year old pull on her clit and shove two fingers up her tight virgin cunt.

Finally Emma forwarded the tape further. She kept fast forwarding until she saw a head of red hair enter the dressing room. She stopped it and watched with baited breath as Anna began to take off the t-shirt she had been wearing. A white lace bra covered her little breasts and Emma's hand moved to her own chest.
Emma started to massage her nipples with one hand. Anna was taking off her jeans now and Emma could make out her matching silk panties, bikini cut, hiding Anna's most delicious charms. Emma's left hand moved down to her crotch and she started rubbing her pussy through her jeans. She was about to slip her hand under her waistband when a knock at her bedroom door shocked her back into reality.

"Time for dinner baby girl" her mother's voice called out from the other side of her door.

 "Okay mommy, I'll be down in a minute," Emma tried to hide the excitement in her voice. Turning her attention back to her screen she could now see herself in the dressing room, adjusting Anna's dress. She pressed fast forward again and zoomed past the footage of the empty room as she and Anna were out by the mirror.
Finally Anna came back into the dressing room and Emma noticed something she didn't immediately pick up on. She had to rewind and play it again to make sure. Anna walked into the dressing room and turned around, saying something to the Emma who was off screen.

The dressing room door closed and Anna put her hand up to the door as if reaching after Emma. Anna's lips pursed and she kissed the air, and her shoulders rose and fell with a deep sigh. Then suddenly Anna lifted her dress over her head, and hung it on the hook on the back of the door.

Anna slid over to the bench the same one, Taylor had used to get off on. Anna’s hands went to her bra and quickly released her small perky breasts. Immediately she pulled on the nipples.
Emma was wild with desire she whipped her jeans off along with her damp panties and spread her legs on watching the screen as she plunged two fingers into her wet pussy.

Anna then reached down and pulled her panties aside. Emma moaned as she looked on the Anna’s thin cunt lips. As Anna continued to pull on her nipples with one hand she pushed a finger into her wet pussy,.
Emma moaned and filled her own cunt with three fingers.

Pam, Emma’s mother, stood in the door. Able to see the monitor from there, she looked at Emma's face and knew she was pleasuring herself.
Pam took a step back, her daughter was rubbing her pussy while watching another girl masturbate. Pam had suspected that Emma liked girls, she had often fantasized about seducing her own daughter, and being her first lover. Her pussy tingling and growing wetter by the second. She smiled to herself. Tonight would be the night she made it happen.

She moved back down the hallway as she could hear her daughter’s moans  grow louder.

"Emma!" she called out, "It's time for dinner."
"Oh, oh yeah. I'm coming mommy, oh I’m coming!" Emma said in an excited voice.
Emma thrust her cunt off the chair and sprayed her thick girl cum all over the TV screen, just as she saw Anna in the throes of her own orgasm.