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Tucked In (F/f, aunt, niece)

'Tucked In'

by JetBoy

   Here's a little erotic tidbit to tide you over until I can turn out something a bit more, um, substantial. Hope you like it.

Wearing a long, gossamer-thin pink nightdress, Helen entered her niece Julia's bedroom, turning to close the door behind her. She gazed at the young girl, seated in her bed reading a book and her pulse throbbed at the sight of her niece's innocent beauty.

Pausing to moisten her lips, Helen fought to steady her voice before she spoke to the sweet nymph, who was enthralled by her book, all but unaware of her aunt's presence. "Hello, Julia."

Slowly, Julia raised her head, giving her aunt a sweet smile.

The twelve-year-old girl was staying at Helen's house while her mother attended a sales convention. Helen was always glad to look after Julia any time she could -- especially now that the cute moppet she used to babysit had blossomed into such a luscious preteen.

Julia closed her book, marking the place with her thumb. "Hi, Aunt Helen. Bedtime already?"

Helen nodded and said, "Yes, honey. Time to put the book down and go to sleep."

"Will you kiss me goodnight first?" Julia asked shyly, and Helen felt her heart flip.

"Of course I will, sweetheart," she murmured. Gently taking the book from Julia and setting it to one side, Helen turned down the bed as Julia drew her knees up to her chin. The task accomplished, Helen patted the bed. "Come on, honey, get underneath and I'll tuck you in."

Julia stretched out her legs and wriggled her bottom down until her shoulders and head were resting up on the pillow. As she moved, Helen caught what might have been a fleeting glimpse of the girl's vulva through the gauzy pajama bottoms she wore -- pink shorts that also left most of Julia's bare legs on display. This provocative sleepwear had been Helen's present to Julia, though she got even more pleasure from them than her niece did.

Could Julia be wearing those without panties? Helen wondered.

Heart racing, she lifted the sheet and placed it over Julia's legs, about halfway up her thighs, then sat on the edge of the bed.

"Do you like the new pajamas?" Helen asked.

"They're very nice, thank you, Aunt Helen," Julia replied. "I don't think Mommy would like them, though. Can I leave my jammies here? I could wear them just for you."

It took everything Helen had to stop herself from wrapping her arms around the young girl and kissing her full on the mouth. But she managed somehow to control herself, murmuring as she brushed a loose lock of hair from Julia's face, "Why don't you think your mommy would like your pajamas, sweetheart?"

Julia, looked embarrassed, and her long eyelashes batted demurely as she said, "Because they are, well, they're sort of... sexy."

"And your mommy doesn't want you to look sexy?" Helen asked, carefully placing her hand on the bed next to Julia's thigh.

"No," Julia said softly, a hint of sadness in her voice. "She says that girls that dress sexy are j-just sluts... the sort of girls, she says, who -- who touch themselves."

"Touch themselves?" Helen queried with a raised brow.

Again Julia couldn't look Helen in the eye as she whispered, "You know, touch themselves... down there."

"Oh," said Helen. "Don't you ever touch yourself that way, sweetheart?"

"No." replied the young girl biting her bottom lip before continuing. "Well... I did once, when I was in the shower." She looked up at Helen through her long lashes, the perfect picture of innocence as she continued. "I didn't mean to, Aunt Helen! I was just washing myself and it felt really good there, and, um..."

"And what, sweetheart?" Helen encouraged the young girl, her hand lightly resting on Julia's silk-covered hip.

"It felt funny and... kinda nice, really. I wanted to keep doing it, but I thought about what Mommy said and I stopped," Julia all but whispered, and then a look of fear stole across her sweet features. "You won't tell her, will you, Aunt Helen?" she pleaded. "I didn't mean to, but Mommy would be angry anyhow." The girl seemed on the verge of tears.

Helen smiled reassuringly, her hand gliding gently up Julia's hip as she said, "No, honey, I won't tell your mommy. It'll be our special secret."

Once more the lashes batted as Julia said. "I do love you, Aunt Helen. Thank you for being so nice to me."

"And I love you, honey," Helen replied gently. "That's why I bought you the pajamas, you know. You're such a pretty little girl... but you're also growing up, so you ought to know what it's like to feel sexy, to feel loved." She leaned closer. "And it's not wrong to touch yourself, sweetheart, no matter what my sister tells you. I do it all the time."

Julia looked shocked and stammered. "You... you do?"

"Whenever I can," Helen said with a conspiratorial wink. "I love making myself feel good, honey -- and so should you."

Julia giggled, a sound like water flowing over stones in a brook. But the laughter stopped, her eyes growing wide as the tips of Helen's fingers lightly traced a path up her bare thigh and onto the front of her pajama bottoms, brushing along the top of her mound. "Aunt Helen...?" she breathed.

"What, sweetheart?" Helen asked as her hand slipped beneath the waistband of the young girl's pajamas. To her delight, Julia had chosen to wear them without panties. Her fingers traced small circles in the soft down that adorned her niece's vulva, drawing a gasp from Julia. "Does this feel good, honey?"

Julia said nothing, just nibbled her lower lip as she gazed wide-eyed at her aunt.

"It's all right, sweetheart," Helen assured her. "I won't tell your mommy. Doesn't it feel nice... being touched like this?"

Barely above a whisper, Julia replied, "Yes..."

Helen smiled, "Is it making you feel funny, sweetheart? Kind of like when you get butterflies in your tummy -- only lower down?"

A small, almost imperceptible nod of Julia's head confirmed this. Helen couldn't help but notice Julia's nipples, now clearly outlined through the thin fabric of her top. Her lips barely touching the girl's ear, she whispered. "Do you feel funny anywhere else, honey?"

With a look of embarrassment Julia confessed, "My... my b-boobies." She gave her aunt a nervous glance, uncertain about using such a grownup word.

But Aunt Helen only smiled warmly. "How do they feel, sweetheart?"

Julia swallowed and bit her bottom lip before mumbling, "They feel all warm... and tingly."

"Let me take a look, honey," Helen purred, slowly pulling on the bow that held the silken top closed with her free hand, watching with rising excitement as the loop shrank and vanished. Without the restraining knot the top slipped open, revealing the supple treasures within.

Helen spread her niece's top the rest of the way open, exposing a budding breast. "You are so beautiful, my angel," she breathed as her hand slid further down inside Julia's pajamas to caress her sex, her exploring fingers drawing a tiny gasp from the young girl.

Helen watched the rise and fall of the girl's bare breast, eyes alight in awe as Julia's nipple began to stiffen, crying out to be touched, kissed, suckled. But the lust-drunk woman knew she had all the time in the world -- and as her fingertips gently teased her niece's now moist labia, she unveiled Julia's other breast.

"May I show you how to kiss, sweetheart?" Helen asked -- and without waiting for an answer she bent forward, lips brushing against Julia's softly, the tip of her tongue detecting a hint of cherry lip balm.

Julia was frozen in shock. She didn't try to stop her aunt, but neither did she respond as Helen slipped her tongue between the young girl's parted lips, penetrating the warmth of her mouth.

At that moment, she wriggled the tip of her index finger into her niece's vagina.

A moan sounded deep in Julia's throat, and she began to tentatively respond to Helen's searching tongue, shyly allowing hers to drift into her aunt's welcoming mouth.

Surprising herself, the young teen hesitantly returned Helen's kiss, then gasped in astonished wonder as that probing finger began to work its way in and out of her virginal slit, drawing forth more of the girl's honey with each stroke.

Helen felt Julia quiver as the first tiny shocks of pleasure rippled through her, and she broke the kiss to look at her niece's face, the girl's eyes still wide with surprise.

"Nice?" Helen asked with a smile.

Julia closed her big eyes, hesitantly nodded.

Emboldened, Helen lightly touched the side of the girl's breast, the backs of her long turquoise nails sliding along the milky smooth skin, circling round and up towards the puckered tip. As she teased a taut nipple with her thumb, Helen allowed her finger to slip even deeper into Julia's opening.

The young girl's vagina clenched around the invading digit, Julia's eyes widening further than ever as a pleasurable shudder overcame her nubile body.

"Do you want me to stop, sweetheart?" Helen asked, a knowing smile on her lips.

Through shallow gasps Julia moaned, "Please don't, please... Oh, this feels so nice, Aunt Helen."

Helen licked her lips and, with deliberate slowness, dipped her head to envelop the young girl's nipple as her finger slipped in and out of Julia's slit. Teasing the pink bud with her tongue, Helen rolled the other between thumb and index finger, switching from one breast to the other then back again, leaving hints of red lipstick on the young girl's nipples.

By now Julia was moaning out loud, clutching her aunt's head to her chest, rocking from side to side as new sensations flooded her body, threatening to overpower her with their intensity. Helen felt the soft body of her niece stiffen, the girl's vagina gripping her finger as her orgasm found its release. Julia let out a shriek as her whole world changed, made new in that one explosive moment.

Helen continued to kiss and suckle at her niece's breasts until she felt the girl's spasms fade to mere tremors.

Lifting her head, she studied Julia's perfect face, flushed now and damp with sweat. The young girl's smile said everything.

"Was that nice, angel?" Helen asked gently as she let her finger slip out of Julia's quivering pussy.

"Oh, Aunt Helen!" Julia all but sobbed with happiness. "That was wonderful. You're so sweet, so good to me. W-why would Mommy not want me to feel like that?"

"I don't know sweetheart, but I think it would be better if we didn't tell her... don't you?" Helen said as she idly traced circles on the young girl's stomach.

"I won't tell," Julia said solemnly. "Cross my heart."

Helen smiled. "How does it feel down there now?"

"It's a little sore," Julia said, blushing a bit.

Untying the belt of her dressing gown as she stood, then letting her robe fall to the floor, Helen revealed her naked body. With a smile she said. "I can make it feel all better, sweetheart."

Turning back the sheet, Helen took hold of the waistband of Julia's pajamas, pulling them down. Julia helped by lifting her bottom clear of the bed, sending a hint of pleasure through her still tingling sex.

Placing both hands on Julia's knees, Helen gently parted her niece's legs, exposing the source of the intoxicating scent that was now making itself felt. Drawn to it like a bee to a flower, Helen knelt between Julia's legs and began to kiss the insides of the girl's soft thighs.

Her kisses were delicate, like the touch of butterfly wings -- moving gradually, steadily towards the sweet pink prize that awaited her between the young girl's legs. With the tip of her tongue Helen sampled Julia's honey, savoring the heady aroma of arousal and drawing a soft whimper from her niece.

Helen licked at Julia's slit, seeking out more of the young girl's essence. She reached up, took hold of Julia's right hand and guided it to the young girl's breast, showing her how to fondle herself while Helen concentrated on her pussy.

Moaning with pleasure and bucking her hips, forcing her pussy against her aunt's face, Julia thought she was in heaven... only to find she hadn't quite reached the ultimate heights when Helen finally allowed her tongue to brush the young girl's clitoris.

The shock of pleasure almost made Julia scream -- but having felt it once, the young girl knew she wanted to experience it again and again, and Helen was only too happy to oblige as her niece began to grope her own breasts, pausing to pluck at the swollen nipples with fingers made clumsy in her innocent excitement..

Faster and faster, Helen's tongue flicked her niece's engorged pleasure button until the preteen girl did scream, shuddering helplessly as a climax tore through her like lightning.

Once Helen had brought Julia down from her orgasm, she lay down beside the panting little girl. Wrapping an arm around her now flushed niece, she drew Julia in until her head rested on Helen's breast.

"Mmmmm... thank you, Aunt Helen," Julia breathed, unaware of the happy tear forming in her aunt's eye.

For a while they lay quietly in each other's arms, Julia still drifting in a post-orgasmic haze. Suddenly Helen felt a finger stroking the top of her thigh and heard Julia shyly ask, "Uh... would you like for me to make you feel good, Aunt Helen?"

"You don't have to, my angel," Helen said, not wanting to take advantage of her sweet niece.

But Julia planted a soft kiss on the outside of Helen's breast, then whispered, "But I'd like to..."

Without further words, the nude preteen began kissing her way down Helen's body, her lips whisper-soft against her aunt's tummy.

When Julia lay between Helen's thighs, she gazed, utterly enthralled, at the first pussy she had ever seen up close. Slowly she reached out to brush the sticky labia with curious fingers, then cooed excitedly when her beautiful aunt moaned in response, parting her legs even further.

Julia dipped her head to press a loving kiss into the wet folds of Aunt Helen's vagina, pausing to lick her lips -- savoring the taste, finding it delicious. Eagerly the young girl burrowed her face between her aunt's thighs, her tongue emerging to explore.

Helen fondled her breast with one hand while the other rested on Julia's head, her fingers entwining in the young girl's golden tresses. "Oh yes. Oh," she whimpered. "Oh, my sweet niece... that feels so -- OH! -- so good."

As Julia pleasured her aunt she looked up over Helen's mound, transfixing the older woman with her loving gaze, shaded by long, dark lashes. She was the very picture of the innocent slut -- and a whimpering Helen couldn't look away.

Julia licked and sucked at her aunt's juicy cunt with abandon, happily making love to another female for the first time. It felt so good, so right -- better than any of the foolish fumblings she'd experienced with boys.

Hands shaking, Helen indicated the throbbing nubbin of her clitoris. "Julia, my love... oh God, p-please lick me here. Oh. Oh yes."

The young girl obliged, raising her face slightly to tease her aunt's clit with the tip of her tongue... and the response was volcanic.

A shudder rocked Helen's body, then a wild, keening cry broke from her lips as a shock of pure pleasure smashed through her, then another, then another. Her niece held on tightly, clutching Helen's thighs, still pleasuring her aunt as best she could.

Finally the older woman stopped Julia with a hand on the girl's head. "Oh, honey," Helen gasped, "No -- no more."

Julia placed one last kiss upon her aunt's vulva before crawling up the bed, flopping next to Helen in the place she had occupied earlier. Both women were flushed and breathing heavily.

"You look very sleepy, my angel," Helen said at last, and immediately Julia stifled a yawn.

"I do feel a little tired, Aunt Helen," Julia said dreamily. "Will you kiss me again before I fall asleep?" She tilted her head to peer up at her aunt, her hair in disarray, the pretty blue ribbon long since dislodged. The girl wore an expression of adoration on her face.

Helen smiled lovingly at her niece, then she let her lips find those of the sleepy girl in her arms. The kiss was warm and passionate.

"I love you, Aunt Helen," Julia sighed happily as their lips parted. "Can we do this again? It was nice..." She yawned once more.

Helen sprinkled a few soft kisses on her niece's face and neck. "Oh, honey," she whispered, "I'll make love to you whenever you like." She sat up in the bed, swinging her legs to the floor. "Goodnight, sweetheart."

Suddenly Julia's eyes were open, and she seized her aunt's hand. "No, Aunt Helen," she pleaded, "don't go. Please... stay with me."

Helen's heart fluttered as her adorable niece brought her hand to her lips, kissing the palm. "Okay, honey," she smiled, again hugging the young girl to her. They settled down together, snuggling close.

Soon Julia was fast asleep, her breathing regular and deep. Helen lay quietly, radiant with happiness, the object of her deepest desires naked and in her arms at long last.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Bad Mommy


29 y/o.
Mousey hair.
Grey-blue eyes.
'B' cup.

My daughter Daisy has just turned twelve and is showing all the signs of a young woman about to burst out from within. She has just started to develop and just a week ago, I bought her first training bra. It was quite amusing, actually, because, by chance, we bumped into Daisy's best friend Katherine and her mother Heather. They were there in BHS doing exactly the same thing. I said to Heather, whilst the kids chatted, how you don't think about other parents having to do the same things with their daughters? Heather laughed, agreed and noted that other than your own, you don't see other children beginning the change.

After what seemed like an eternity both girls decided upon the same style bra. 'Off you go,' Heather said, 'we'll be in in a mo.'

I realized Heather intended for the two of us to go into the cubicle the girls were in to check on the fitting. For some odd reason I felt a lump in my throat. Was I embarrassed to see my own daughter half naked? Possibly, she hides herself from me so much now.

After a few minutes listening to them giggling, Heather ushered me towards the cubicle. I turned the door knob and entered. I stopped dead in my tracks as the sight of both girls standing there with their new bras in their hands and their budding chests on show caught me on the hop. My jaw dropped, I gulped and starred from one set of immature breasts to the other. The girls quickly covered themselves up. Heather and I scolded them for taking so long and left them to it.

Outside, again, we waited. 'They are adorable at that age, aren't they?' Heather said matter of factly, 'I see your Daisy's little titties are slightly bigger than Kats.'

I nodded as I pictured their ripening assets in my mind. I could feel myself blushing and knew my old lesbian kink, I once had, was rearing it's ugly head once more. But these were twelve year olds and one was my own. I shook myself and cleared my head, those kind of thoughts were for pedophiles, not for a good woman like myself.

The girls called us back in and we entered the tight cubicle. My eyes scanned both girls bras. The slight bumps making my pulse race. Heather adjusted Kat, Katherine's bra and then Daisy's. Two things I noticed, one, how long she spent on Daisy's and two, as she adjusted the bra, I swear she cupped the tiny orb and gave it a gentle squeeze. Even Daisy gasped in that split second.

On the way home, in the car, Daisy turned to me. 'Mom,' she said, 'I think Kats mom touched my boob.'

I laughed, 'don't be silly,' I replied, 'she was only trying to help.'

That night I tossed and turned in bed. I could see the two girls standing there with their bare breasts exposed. Both of them at the age where they are extremely pretty. Daisy with her shoulder length mousey hair, like mine and Kat with her long, flowing blonde hair. Probably the one thing that stops you thinking they are twins. Both identical, in build, bar Daisy's slightly puffier chest. Both less than five feet tall and slender with a certain swagger that is quite suggestive. I rolled onto my back picturing Heather's hand, not just lightly cupping my daughters boobs but now openly fondling them and squeezing her nipples until they were fully erect. It was no good, I couldn't sleep with these things on my mind. I slipped my hand inside my panties to find myself soaked. I gasped and jolted as I found my sensitive clit and began to lightly circle it with my fingers.

This was Heathers fault and I knew it. I wished I'd been as bold, though, maybe I could have done the same thing with Katherine. I could see her standing in front of me facing away. I had my hands under her arm-pits feeling her soft, pliant little mounds and running my fingers across her rapidly stiffening nipples. I was nearing my peak as I unclasped her bra and turned her around. I fell to my knees and took her tiny teat between my lips and began to suckle. My hips rose and I was ready for my climax. Two of my fingers were now jabbing in and out of my sopping hole whilst my fingers on my other hand strummed my clit harder and faster.

I then heard Daisy, but in Kat's voice, 'mommy,' she said, 'Daisy's mom just sucked my boobs.'

The thought, the idea... Oh God it was too much.

I pictured her mum smiling and telling her not to worry.

I could see Kat in her little blue dress, her skinny legs and flat tummy. I raised her dress and buried my face into her little girls knickers.

'Mommy, she's licking my coochy now.'

And she was right. My hand had her knickers tugged one way and I drove my tongue into her hairless slit.

'She's only trying to help dear,' I heard Heather reply.

'Yes mommy, but I'm about to cum in her mouth.'

That did it. My body went stiff and my back arched. I felt a bead of sweat run down my forehead and my knee's began to shake. This was going to be a big wet orgasm and I knew it. Ordinarilly, I would prepare myself. Take my panties off and use a towel. But I wasn't in control here, Kat and her mother were. Kat then begins to cum and fills my mouth with her delicious nectar. The thought sends me into orbit and I finally orgasm in spurts. My knees clamp together as my cum saturates the gusset of my poor panties like a hose until I collapse in a heap. I quickly shed my undies, saving a wet bed and close my eyes.

I don't know what time it was but I awoke with Daisy climbing into my bed. 'Mommy, I'm cold.'

I pull her to me and hug her. She lies facing away from me and I can feel her bottom against my crotch, through our nighties. My heart rate increases as I remember my masturbation session involving her. She takes my hand and slips it around her and hugs it tight to her chest. I can feel her boob against the back of my hand and it makes me nervous. I lay there in fear and after quite a while I sense she is asleep.

'Daisy,' I call in a hushed whisper.

There is no reply, just the sound of her soft breathing. I try to stop myself but lust takes ovet and I slowly turn my hand until I am cupping her tiny bud. Ever so gently I circle her nipple with my finger through the thin nylon. I hear her mummble in her sleep and turn slightly onto her bsck. I raise up slightly and look through the gloom at my darling twelve year old daughter. My fingers unbutton her nighty down the front until het boobs are exposed. I don't want to go down this road but feel drawn to her erect nipples. Before I consider my actions properly I am suckling like a baby, from one teat to the other and back again.

Suddenly I feel her hand raise. I stop momentarily, wondering what her reaction was going to be, catching her mum with her lips around her nipples. I am delighted to feel her hand on the back of my head stroking my hair.

'That's nice mommy,' she says and it's all the encouragement I require.

I scoot over her and lay between her legs, still sucking her tender teats. She coos as I kiss below her breasts and the her tummy. I'm a bad mother, I know but my daughters hands lightly push down on my shoulders giving me the OK.

'Mmmh! Mommy, that's feels really good,' she assures me as my mouth closes in on her knickers.

Heather has done this to me.

Bad mommy - bad Heather...

The end.

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Mindy and Her Mom Go To the OBGYN (FFf)

   What better way to introduce a daughter to the pleasure that
only cums from being loved bi a mother than with the help of
your friendly female OBGYN.
Happy Mother's Day everyone....
*:-* kiss
Mindy and Her Mom Go To the OBGYN
by Mindy987
Is it going to hurt?" Mindy asked.

She was sitting on bed in the OBGYN office, with the white crinkly paper, wearing a sheer halter top where you could fully see the outline of the white bra beneath. She used to wear the top with no bra, but I broke down and bought the tiny thing about 3 months ago. Mindy liked to play like a tomboy and didn't want anything girly, like a bra. And, in fact, becoming a woman scared her. Seeing the gynecologist for the first time was part of getting older.

"No, I promise it won't hurt. I just might feel a little new. Okay sweety. This doctor is the best around, and your mom is here to comfort you." The nurse was trying to help, but I could tell my daughter was still scared. The nurse was very cute, about 20 years old, skinny as a rail. I could see the lines of thongs in her probably too tight smocks.

"Okay Mindy, you have to dress down completely. And I'm sorry but that means no underwear. The doctor will be in shortly."
The nurse left us in the room, and my daughter looked at me wondering what she was supposed to do next.
"What happens now Mom?"
"Well, you have to put on this silly little blue gown." I held it up in the air. Come on, let's hurry."
I got down on my knees and went to unbuckle her paints. The jeans were old and hugged her slender legs. The buckle went undone with a snap, and she had to wiggle her butt to pull the pants down to her ankles. I slipped a finger under her cottoned striped underwear, and her panties came down fast. In front of me was her hairless slit, as innocent as the day she was born. Well, mostly innocent. I had seen her in bed with her naked legs wrapped around a large body pillow, grinding and humping.
"Cold. You are going to get cold," I said, and did a quick rub up and down her thighs. They were strong and slender. Her skin was silky. I ran a hand down her backside over her butt cheeks.
"Quick, now the top so I can get you into the gown."
She pulled the top off herself in one motion, and stood there in just her bra. I was going to unfasten it, but figured I'd let her try. We bought it just a few months ago. There were so many days she went out with her budding breasts pressing against her shirt, just barely growing into the tiniest mound. But it always seemed she had two points on her shirts, the outline of her breasts could be seen every day at school.
She finally undid the strap, dragged it along her arm, and laid it on her pile of clothes on the ground.
The coldness of the room made her nipples point hard right away. I went quick to cover her up with the hospital gown, but it seemed a shame. The nipples were dark, darker than the rest of her fair skin, with very tiny areolas, and only the slight trace of a growing mound of breast that promised so much more. She said she didn't' want breasts as big as mine, but I knew that may change once she realized their power. Not that mine were especially large at 34c, but they were pretty enough and hadn't slipped one bit. Well, maybe just a tiny bit.
I wrapped the blue hospital gown around her, and tied it at the back. It was flimsy like all of them are, but she seemed to like it.
"This is the best dress I would ever wear," she said, and started spinning around in circles.
She was gorgeous in whatever she wore. A small little pug nose, happy eyes, short sandy brown hair that was swaying a circle as she moved. She kept spinning faster so that her little ass was sticking out the back, and with each spin I could see the smooth, powerful curves of her cheeks. How I wish my ass had stayed like that. Such sweetness.
"Stop it dear..." I laughed. "Pick up your clothes and put them on the counter."
She bent way down trying to gather them, and I could see her little slit between her ass cheeks, and thought how funny yet hot this would be for so many, and just then the doctor walked in.
"Hello, knock, knock," the doctor said.
Mindy got scared and dropped her clothes and still kept trying to pick them up, but they kept dropping out of her hands and she couldn't hold them all. Each time they fell she had to bend down farther, and her ass and little pussy were in full view.
We waited, and I looked up at the doctor, who was also staring at little Mindy, and I saw her smirk. The doctor had dark black hair, pitch black and straight, with white skin. She was tall, huge, powerful, like a wizard. I saw the traces of tattoo on the faint trace of cleavage on her chest and another on her arm. I stood at attention like she was a drill sergeant.
"Mindy, no worries. Take your time. And this must be your mom. Glad to meet you."
I smiled and put out a hand to shake but instead she gave me a hug. I felt her breasts press against mine.
Mindy had finally gathered herself and stood there quiet and a little scared. The doctor got down on her knees, and also embraced Mindy. "You are precious," the doctor said, and actually kissed Mindy on the cheek. "Let me see you." She caressed Mindy's face, spun her around in the air, picked her up in a hug, and then held her in her powerful arms.
"So, you are nervous I hear."
"I don't want to do this," she said, "I don't like talking my clothes off in front of strange people."
"Honey she's not strange. She's a doctor. She sees naked bodies all the time," I said. Mindy was naked once with a neighborhood teenage boy, and has been scared ever since.
"I understand Mindy. And you should feel maybe a little weird. But I have an idea."
She turned to me, "Your mommy maybe can help. We don't want to make our children do anything we aren't willing to do. How about if your mommy puts one of these on too."
The doctor was handing me a blue hospital gown.
"Yeah Mommy, you put one on," Mindy said excitedly.
What was I going to say?
"Well sure, honey." I looked at the doctor confused, and her dark eyes and smile hypnotized me. She was old, but with wisdom, not with wrinkles. I could tell she was smart yet savage.
I pulled off my t-shirt and felt all their eyes on me. This was ludicrous, but if it helped my daughter, I would do it. I started pulling the gown on.
"I'm sorry but that means no underwear," said Mindy. She was laughing hysterically, and then so was the doctor, and then so was I. I nearly blushed. I undid my bra straps. This was just woman here, right? But they immediately looked right at my breasts. Even Mindy. When I pulled off my thong underwear, I was a bit embarrassed that they all knew I was as bald as Mindy was.
But I was done, and the doctor began. She started with her stethoscope on Mindy's back, looked in her ears, down her throat, asked about Mindy's diet and said she was beautiful but small for her age and could gain a little weight. The doctor's hands were all over Mindy, and Mindy sometimes wanted to laugh from being tickled, I could tell.
"I need to undo your robe now, Mindy, are you okay with that?"
"I guess."
The doctor reached around her neck, untied her strings, and the blue gown dropped. Her tiny dark nipples were still erect, and the doctor I am sure noticed them.
The doctor had Mindy lay down, and I watched as her fingers explored Mindy's body. First, she put few fingers on her tight, tiny belly and smacking it, feeling the insides. Then her fingers traveled up to her breast. It was hard to tell if what she was doing was scientific. Her fingers were moving over the little mounds, and her face looked studious and thoughtful like most doctors do, but her hands seemed to me more massaging. At one point, she put her fingers under Mindy's armpits and reached with both thumbs to rub the nipples in circles.
"I know that feels different Mindy, but you are doing so good. You are doing great," the doctor assured her.
I felt I should look away but I didn't. I remember days when I would massage Mindy's body, or I would watch her get dressed from afar. How perfect she was. I loved to snuggle with her and wrap myself around her. Some days, I still do.
"Mommy, come here for a moment. I do have a concern," the doctor said.
"What is it?" I got up.
"Right here, can you feel that?"
She took my hand and had me cup Mindy's breast with my palm. My heart melted. Her flesh felt so young, so nice, and everything felt just perfect.
"Rub right there. See, that's probably just a lymph node, maybe a little swollen."
"Now that you're getting breasts, you are going to have to check for lumps," the doctor warned her.
"That's gross" she said.
"No it's not gross Mindy, I have to do it all the time," I said.
"You do"
"Mom, best you show her," the doctor said.
"I will when she gets bigger."
"No, I mean right now, I think that would work perfect, I hope you are okay with that. It's not always easy to be a mom."
What the hell was this? I undid my own gown and exposed my breast. They were round on the bottom, full but not floppy, but certainly not with the perfect nipples of my daughter.
"Let me show you," the doctor said, and her hands were on my breast and I almost jumped, but then I melted. I arched my back, and the nipples lifted up to meet her hands. "Like this, she said" and touched the side, and it was clear she wasn't checking for lumps anymore, I knew that, this is not how it is done. It was not how I was taught, and I wanted my daughter to leave the room and lean back and let this doctor savage my body.
Then the doctor took my daughters little hand and put them on my other breast. I jumped again.
What was this? I looked at Mindy's face, who was just as shocked but was smiling huge. The doctor took Mindy's finger, and started exploring my breast. She put her fingers on the underside of them and jiggled up a bit, which made Mindy crack up. She moved them from one breast to the other, and then she used Mindy's thumb to lightly rub my nipples. They've never felt anything so sweet.
Mindy's tiny fingers on my nipples were so silky. I closed my eyes and imagined her touching me some other places, and wanted to put my own fingers in my slit. There is no flesh like that of a 11 year old girls I thought. My nipples were hard in her hand.
"Those lumps are okay, Mindy. Those are fine," the doctor explained to her.
Mindy's smile was from ear to ear, and she seemed to enjoy this. She glanced back and forth at me and then the doctor.
It all stopped too soon, and Mindy was back on the doctor's bed and had her legs put up in the stirrups. The doctor put on some white gloves, and I positioned my chair to see.
"You are going to feel a small sensation, Mindy, let me know if it hurts. You are doing so good." The doctor looked at me and grinned, and then moved aside so I could watch. I saw her spread Mindy's little lips open lightly and gently. Mindy's bald pussy was so perfectly shaped, so full of life ahead of it, and I watched as the doctor inserted a finger, gently and slowly, in and out. I gulped for air.
"How is that Mindy?"
"It's okay I guess
"Good. Good. You are doing great. Now just a teeny bit faster."
The doctor moved her finger quicker, in and out, and the feint sound of wet noises started to make me crazy. She started to use her thumb to rub Mindy's clit in little circles.
"Does this hurt, or is it okay?" the doctor asked.
Mindy couldn't answer. She was panting. She was breathing so hard she couldn't say a word. She was gulping for air, in some sort of ecstasy and she grinded her hips.
"No, I like it, I like it," she finally said.
The doctor pulled her finger out
"Is it over already?" Mindy asked, trying to see what we were doing, but simply couldn't since her gown was blocking her view.
"Not yet Mindy. Okay, Mom. I want you to see how healthy she is."
The doctor pulled me over and in one motion had my finger and put it towards my daughters slit. Oh god it was wet and so was I. So warm, so fresh. I wish I was video taping this. That was my daughter but I wanted to feel all up in her. I wanted to pleasure the flesh that hadn't felt this, so I lightly played with her clit, felt her engorge a bit, and she had no idea what lay ahead.
"Okay Mindy. We are almost done. Just one more position."
The doctor went down and kissed Mindy on the cheek, lifted her up, and next thing I knew, my daughter was on the table, her gown all the way off now, and she was on all fours, her hands and knees, sitting in front of us doggy style.
What was wrong with me? I wanted to slurp her little slit and feel her tiny little asshole. How perfect those round cheeks were, sitting there right in front of us.
"Okay, Mindy. Last time. Let us know if anything hurts, okay. But if it feels good, we want a number. Say ten for what feels best. But you have to close your eyes for this Mindy. Okay. This is important."
Mindy's body was spread as if she was excited to receive us, and we started fucking her with small objects as she softly pushed back into us. I couldn't' believe it. I would have jumped up and stopped it if anything hurt her, but she said they were all "8's or 9s." The sharpie was a 9. I watched as each piece glistened with her wetness. I looked at the expression on Mindy's face, her mouth crinkled and her eyes were shut tight. Tiny nipples protruded downward. She would rub them in the future during times like these.
"Okay, last one, this one is going to be different," the doctor said, and she leaned forward and started licking. Eagerly, like a dog on peanut butter she licked and flicked her tongue from top to bottom of slit, and I felt myself soaking and wished I had panties on to stop myself from dripping. Because when the doctor moved aside so I could lick to, it was one of the most amazing things I have ever done. I cupped my hands on each of her ass cheeks and flicked my tongue on that sweetest of flesh, licking her from behind. Finally, I heard my daughter cry, "Ten, Ten, Ten," again and again.

When it was over, I was terrified but my nerves were on fire. It was time to get out of there. I was so ashamed but also so excited and I needed badly to climax. The doctor and I both dressed Mindy, slowly, rubbing her body as she laughed, telling her what a good girls she was. I rubbed her all over her strong legs, up and down her back, lightly down her ass cheeks, and the doctor did the same.

Soon she was dressed, but I had placed her bra in my purse. She left the office wearing just her sheer white top that clearly revealed the dark nipples pressing the shirt underneath. I know she will be humping the pillow much more after this visit, and after what I had been through today, I needed to go home and fuck somebody.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Mother's Desire, Pt2 (Ff, Ff, incest, femdom, ws, voy)

A Mother's Desire, Pt2 (Ff, Ff, incest, femdom, ws, voy)


Standard Disclaimer: This story contains sexually graphic and explicit material and
as such it is not suitable for minors. If you are a minor, please leave now as it is illegal
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are purely fictional and any resemblance to events or persons (living or dead) is purely
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If you are offended by stories featuring group sex, bisexual situations, incest, sex
between minors and adults, or any other situation, please check the story code before
reading the text. These stories are just that, stories, and do not promote or condone
the activities described herein, especially when it comes to unsafe sexual practices
or sex between adults and minors.


Morning After

The feeling of being touched on the shoulder, touched by a small hand, brought Julie out of a deep, deep sleep but only slowly. Where was she? Whose hand was touching her…why? Then she knew and smiled broadly.

She deliberately kept her eyes closed but said…”Whose hand is touching me? It feels like the hand of a princess. Is it a princess?” Then Julie opened her eyes and inches away she saw her new friend. “Yes, it is a princess, Princess Kerry.” Reaching out she wrapped her arm around Kerry and easily pulled her onto the bed sitting Kerry astride her stomach. “Good morning…You are up early, Princess, are you hungry? I can make you some pancakes if you like or we have cereal in the cupboard.”

Ummm,” the pretty blonde five year old thought about it a moment. “I think pancakes… and some juice.” She twisted her shoulders one way then the other slowly with her hands behind her back… she seemed to have become just a bit coy. “My mom always makes me drink juice in the morning.”

“Then pancakes it is and juice. But give me a kiss first so I know you still like me.” That brought an immediate response from Kerry who grinned and bent down to give her first grade teacher a kiss on the lips. Kerry looked down at Julie’s exposed tits, the tits she had sucked for so long the night before, but didn’t say anything. For some reason she really enjoyed sucking Julie’s tits even looking at them gave her that funny feeling in her tummy.  Kerry thought about her Mom;  would she let Kerry suck her nipples? She wondered if it had really happened or if she had been dreaming.

Kerry had found her panties and that was all she had on while Julie was nude. Kerry stared at Julie’s boobs again, her cheeks flushed a bit as she remembered and thought what she would like to do. Julie wiggled down Kerry’s panties and tossed them aside. “Remember what I told you, Sweetie?  In the cottage… no clothes.”  Julie pushed aside the mint colored, silk sheet and standing her little nude lover on the floor swung out of the bed and hand in hand they moved to the kitchenette.

Julie, while not a cook, had no trouble with the pancakes and Kerry certainly had no problem eating them. Julie sat nude across from the naked five year old while she finished off the third one. Julie sipped coffee and started the important conversation. “Did you have fun last night Kerry?”

“Umm hum…” Kerry said but didn’t look up as she chased a bit of syrup around her plate with her last bite of pancake. ‘I guess it really did happen,’ Kerry thought.  That thought made her smile, then she said aloud, “It was fun. You’re really petty you know, Julie. I bet lots of kids would like to touch you like I did.”

“I’m glad you liked it, Kerry, because I really liked it a lot. Would you like to do it again this morning after we take a swim? I know you want to go swimming don’t you?”

Kerry swallowed the last bite and looked up. “Ya, I would like to do it again, Julie… after we swim.  Are you going to do it to me too when we get back? I really liked that ya know, I liked kissing your pee hole best of all.  Well, you know.” She blushed again.

Praise the lord she had liked it Julie realized!  How wonderful for her mother who made it clear that she wanted Kerry to suck her cunt. “Sure we can do the same things we did last night and I have some new things to show you,” the teacher said with a smile.  

Julie couldn’t help but look; stare really, at Kerry’s lips. Those tender young lips that Julie had kissed so passionately and had sucked so lovingly on her nipples. Kerry’s wet young lips. The moist tissue at the corners, the healthy inviting pink-ness, the perfect shape, and the history of what she knew the lips had done, the lips that had pleasured her clit the evening before and would again. She felt her pussy moisten and crossed her legs. It felt delicious. That was the one big difference between Julie and Vicky. Julie mostly enjoyed sucking on Kerry’s pussy but Vicky wanted Kerry to suck her tits and clit.

“Goody… I want to do all the things that feel good!” Expectantly Kerry looked at Julie and asked,  Does Mommy know all the stuff we did?”

“Of course she does, Honey. She can’t wait until the two of you can play the same grown up games. Before we go out to the beach we can call her on my cell phone, but she can’t see us on her computer, not until later. We can send her an E-mail with some pictures from last night. Would you like to send her a couple of pictures?” Julie knew that Vicky would want to see what kind of a slut Julie had turned her daughter into; in particular was the fact that Kerry a good cunt sucker.

Julie refilled her coffee cup and lit her first cigarette of the day.  Turning her head, she blew the smoke away from the table.

Kerry continued, “Ya, that would be fun, can I talk to her?” Kerry looked a bit serious and tilted her head a little focusing her pale blue eyes on Julie. “Do I have to put some clothes on first?”

“No, Baby .  She will want to talk to us the way we are… bare naked. Maybe she will be naked too. Or we can make her take off her clothes. You want to do that?”

“Wow…can we, Julie?” That brought a new, bright smile to Kerry’s sensual mouth. “I want her undressed if we are….butt naked! Hee, hee, hee.”

Julie took the next half hour brushing her own hair and then Kerry’s. She put Kerry’s hair in a French braid down her back. “I guess you will have to put a bathing suit on, Kerry, there may be other people on the beach. But we’ll call your mom first.” She took a bathing suit out of her suite case and laid it on the bed beside Kerry’s.

“O.K. Kerry let’s call the boss and make sure she knows your alright.” Julie found her cell phone, got comfortable on the edge of the bed then picked up Kerry and sat her on her lap. She found the number in the index and pressed send. Julie gave Kerry a squeeze and then gave the five year old a kiss on her rosy cheek while she waited for a connection. Vicky answered on the first ring.

“Hello,” Vicky spoke quickly into her cell, “is this you, Julie?”

“Yes, it certainly is.” She smiled at the tension in her friend’s voice, “My, you answered the phone quickly, dear. Was mommy getting a little nervous about her baby? Was she getting a little hungry for Kerry’s mouth between your legs? Well your little nipple sucker is fine and happy as a baby girl can be.”

“Oh, God thank you, Julie.  I’ve been so worried I couldn’t sleep all night.” She had slept a little and dreamed about Kerry’s face pleasing Julie’s cunt and rubbed off two times.

“Did you do anything together? Was she scared? How did she take it? How is everything going?”

“We did lots, Vicky…I mean we did lots and lots and we both had a wonderful time. She was never scared at all.” Julie used the arm she had around Kerry to open her legs a little and run a finger up and down the five year olds moist slit. “Can you picture this? I’m nude and so is your five year old daughter. She is sitting on my lap with her legs spread open and I’m feeling her pussy, she is wet already. Does that tell you how we are doing?” What Vicky really wanted to imagine was Kerry’s ass with a dildo pushed up it and playing with her own pussy tender young cunt, but she didn’t say that.

“Oh, Julie that is so fantastic!  What a great picture I have in my mind.  How can I ever thank you?” The tension had drained from Vicky’s voice and she was clearly pleased. “Can I talk to her? Is she embarrassed to talk to me?”

“No, she is not embarrassed. I told her you knew everything we were doing. But we do have one problem. What do you have on?” Julie smiled at Kerry on her lap and made a ‘keep quiet’ sign with her finger across her lips. Kerry stifled a giggle enjoying the game. Julie let Kerry share the phone so that she could hear her mother’s answer.

“What do you mean? Regular day-off clothes like always,” she added puzzled at the question. “Nothing special.”

“Well, that won’t be good enough I’m afraid. It seems that a certain young nipple sucker would like you to be naked also.”

Vicky didn’t like the idea of Kerry making rules, that was her job, but this one time she wouldn’t make a fuss.

Then Vicky understood and even caught a bit of Kerry’s snicker when she said she would strip. A minute later she was nude and picked up the phone again. “O.K. I’m nude now.  Will she talk to me?”

“Sure she will.  Here she is Vicky.” Julie started to pass the cell to Kerry when Vicky added a last thought, “Julie, can you have her rub your pussy while I talk to her?”

“Good idea ….sure I will.” Turning to Kerry she said as she handed her the cell,  Your mom wants to talk to you, Sweetie. Play with my pussy, honey, while you talk to her.”

Taking the phone the five year old reached down and began to finger Julie’s wet cunt while she talked to her mother, “Hi, Mommy!  Are you bare naked too?”

“Hi, Honey.  Yes, I sure am baby. Are you and Julie having fun? Do you want to come home early?” Vicky was sopping wet and started to push her fingers into herself as they talked. The picture in her mind of her daughter sucking and fucking her first grade teacher had set her on fire. Soon Kerry could do it for her mother.

“No, Mommy we are having fun and Julie is showing me lots of grown up stuff. It’s fun, bunches of fun. Please, Mommy, when I get home can we do some of these things? And we took some pictures.  Julie said she would send you some.”

“Oh, I would love to see them, Honey. Are they pictures of you naked doing stuff?  I hope so. What are you doing to Julie right now, honey?” Vicky was on the verge of a climax.

Ya the pictures are of us doing stuff.  Julie has a special camera. What am I doing to her now? Well, I’m playing with her secret peanut and it feels really good. Her special place is so wet, Mommy. Last night I played with her secret peanut …it’s a lot bigger than mine and I kissed it to.” Vicky felt faint…Kerry was so special…so perfect. “It was a fun game and we had a good time, a good, good long time.  Hee, hee, hee.” Then Kerry made a soft whisper voice as if to tell a secret, “And you know what Mommy? Julie did pee pee in my mouth and it didn’t taste bad…it tasted good and it was fun too.”

Vicky was furiously rubbing off so the pee stuff pushed her over the edge of her climax. Pee was just what she wanted from her little whore.

That took Vicky back a bit, it was too perfect, until she remembered Julie had mentioned talking about ‘pee play’. It seemed as though Kerry had taken it in stride and decided that she liked it just fine. She would have to try it when her daughter was back home. She had thought about pissing in her daughter’s mouth, but had never really thought it possible.

“I’m so happy your having a good time, Honey. I can’t wait until you come home and tell me all about it… and we can try lots of new stuff ourselves. Bye for now lover be a good girl and let me talk to Julie again.” She had climaxed once talking to her daughter and would cum more times thinking about the conversation.

“Hi, Vicky.  Tell me.  What do you think of our little sex pot now? Isn’t she something? Bet you never guessed it would be this easy.”

“Oh, my, Julie no, I never would have guessed in a million years that she would take to it so quickly… if at all.”

“It is pretty amazing and I’m pleasantly surprised.” Julie had lit a cigarette and stopped to exhale toward the ceiling. “She is such a horny little thing Vicky.   She drove me nuts sucking me off.” Vicky thought she would lose it when she heard that. He little sucking mouth is exactly what she wanted, indeed planned to have. “But now we are going to the beach. I promised her we could swim a bit before her next, ‘lesson’.”

“Do you have some pictures? I would love to see them.”

“Oh, I almost forgot. Yes, we took a bunch last night and I already have put them in an e-mail I’ll send it now before we go out.”

“Thanks again, Julie. Have fun. I can’t wait to get her alone… just her and me. (And maybe Aunty May, Vicky’s neighbor and friend who also liked little girls who liked to satisfy adult women) “I am a little nervous about our first time.  That has to be just the two of us, very special.”

“The two of you will work out fine, Vicky. I can use my PC cam to let you watch us tonight if you like. For now enjoy the pictures; there are a lot of them. Bye for now and stop worrying so much… everything is cool here. I’m the one with the problem.  I just can’t keep my hands off her.”

Photo Review

Vicky’s hands were sweating and shaking slightly as she clicked the prompt and downloaded, then printed the pictures of Julie and her daughter Kerry. ‘God’ she thought as she watched the first two prints fall into the tray, ‘is this real or am I frigging dreaming?’ She moistened her suddenly dry lips, swallowed and watched the slow pornographic pictures drift down like autumn leaves. “If I’m dreaming please don’t wake me,” she said aloud. Every four seconds or so she watched as another one dropped into the basket as if it were a gift from heaven. They seemed to go on forever and she wished they would stop so she could examine them… then again she wanted as many as she could get. Her hands were still shaking slightly, and her pussy was very, very wet. This was so stressful, for an already worried mom… (Particularly for a horny frustrated mom.) She was still not absolutely certain that she was doing the right thing, the right thing for both of them. She hoped she was because she had been planning this for a very long time.

Vicky resisted the temptation to ‘peek’ and downloaded all the pictures Julie had sent into a neat stack of thirty little girl porn pictures. The machine hummed to a stop and the printing light went black, time to look. She hesitated a moment then said, half hopefully, half a prayer, “Oh, Lord, please let this work.” Her eyes sparkled as she added, “Julie said she was a slut, if she isn’t I’ll make her into one!”

Vicky took the pile of pictures to her bed and laid her nude body down on the fresh tangerine colored sheets. Her favorite vibrator was waiting beside a new smaller silent one she had purchased just that afternoon. “Oh, my, my, my,  she said looking at the first picture. “That is my little girl for sure.” It was a picture of Kerry completely nude (as she was in all the pictures), but you couldn’t see her face. Kerry was kneeling, her face on a pillow and her butt in the air. The picture showed just a shadow between her legs where her pussy was hidden, her butt hole however was clearly visible between her firm round perfect ass cheeks. Vicky made a mental note to have Kerry take a picture of her just like that. It would be a position Kerry would have to get used to. The fascinating part to Vicky was that she seemed so relaxed and natural while Julie obviously posed her for the picture. She wondered if Julie had enjoyed the look. Vicky noticed that the pictures were numbered and she had started with number 10. She slowly sorted through the pictures numbers 1 through 9. These were the strip pictures.

“Oh, dear God! Look at what my little whore daughter is doing. I can’t believe it. I love and need that girl so much.” Vicky suddenly realized her mouth and lips were very dry. Her hand still trembled a little but the wine she was sipping seemed to have helped to control that.

She had all the pictures in order now so she laid back the pictures being picked up and then dropped by her right hand while her left hand slowly vibrated and teased her clit with the pink vibrator.

She looked for any sign of Kerry being scared or unhappy but never found even a hint of resistance. What she did see in the first few pictures was a bit of hesitancy, but a willing girl doing things Vicky had dreamed she might do together. Things they would do together…but so much more. It was clear to her that her selection of Julie as ‘female to female’ sex teacher had been right on. Julie was of course Kerry’s first grade teacher and so they started of knowing and liking each other.

Now she looked at the ‘strip’ pictures. First Kerry had stripped Julie and then Julie had returned the favor. Rather than being shy, Kerry just appeared to be a very willing, curious student.

Vicky studied the pictures of Kerry stripping Julie, she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter, the vibrator moved into her without effort and with exquisite results. She pictured herself being stripped by Kerry. It was all so exciting for her that she couldn’t believe it had actually happened. She was in heaven certainly, but the worrisome questions still persisted. Was she an awful mother to use her daughter to satisfy her own needs? Was she or would she be hurting her daughter? Had she hurt their relationship? Vicky’s answer was simply, ‘no, not if Kerry enjoyed it. Or at least most of it, and she would have to put up with the rest.’ She pushed the misgivings aside for the first time, behind the certain of all her doubts and uncertainties. This was working, she told herself, she could see it in her daughter’s eyes, in her daughter’s body language.

Vicky had decided long ago that she would make it work, even if it took a little motherly enforcement. She lifted another picture. “Oh, God, yes,” she moaned as she raised her pelvis to grasp more of the vibrator. Vicky knew Kerry was just fine, she was sure of it now. So setting all her doubts aside for the time being, (for the first time successfully), she began to enjoy the pictures without guilt. She looked at the picture of Kerry sucking on Julie’s nipple just after taking off her bra, it was more than just precious, the little shit was really erotic. Vicky pinched her own nipple.

The next picture was of Kerry standing on the floor and edging Julie’s panties down. Julie must have been turning around to show off her body to Kerry, a sight Vicky enjoyed very much and looked forward to seeing first hand herself.  Kerry stared unashamed at Julie and ran her hands over Julie’s ass, then kissed one cheek to the thrill of Vicky. ‘Yes, baby,’ she said to herself, ‘now suck the nice lady’s asshole.’ But now Vicky thought she could see more than just naiveté in Kerry’s eyes but also some level of lust. It was certainly not innocence as she would have guessed, but a sneaking carnal interest. Kerry’s wet lips and sparkling eyes gave thought of a much older female. She imagined (correctly) her daughter’s body was becoming warm to the touch.

Then the pictures changed to show Julie, again with Kerry standing on the bed, stripping the five year old little first grader. The picture was of Julie lifting Kerry’s undershirt off. Kerry’s skirt was lying at her feet on the bed and Vicky could see that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Next she looked at Julie bending and kissing Kerry’s pussy lips. Kerry used her fingers to spread open her ‘pee hole’, and expose her little clit… something Julie must have taught her. Kerry was intensely watching Julie’s actions, gently biting her lower lip, with a mixture of wonder, curiosity and what Vicky sensed was pleasure.

The next picture was of Julie deep mouth kissing Vicky’s daughter. Vicky climaxed for the second or third time looking at her daughter being loved by Julie. Julie’s finger deep between the little girl’s pussy lips. Then Julie had lifted the small girl off the bed a few inches and was holding her by her butt cheeks while Kerry had her arms wrapped tightly around Julie’s neck. Once again Vicky closed her eyes and let a small scream escape her dry lips, then she peaked in another climax. Vicky just remained quiet for some minutes getting back her breath she hadn’t noticed she had lost. Little by little she revived. She remained unmoving, almost rag limp, her mind a whirl of erotica. But she still had an irresistible itch between her thighs she hadn’t seem able to satisfy. Her hand started to slowly move the vibrator in and out again. Her mind cleared and she lifted still another picture and smiled.  Julie had laid Kerry down in the center of the bed with her head on a fluffy tangerine pillow. She seemed very small in the big bed, but in a big girl way. Smiling, Kerry looked right into the camera with her legs spread open.

A low moan, except for the quiet sucking-humming sound of the vibrator, was the only sound in Vicky’s bed room. She looked forward to doing her daughter, but the main thing was what the little vixen could do for her mother, not the other way around. She still couldn’t believe she was looking at pictures of her daughter’s first adult sex encounter.

Another picture and Julie had lifted Kerry’s legs and appeared to be lapping/teasing her butt hole then another with her clearly lapping Kerry’s clit while she pinched and pulled Kerry’s small nipples. The look of ecstasy and bliss on Kerry face was incredibly erotic and picture perfect for a first climax. Vicky knew how much Kerry was enjoying Julie’s tongue and wished it had been her tongue; then she hoped it would be Kerry’s tongue in her mother’s ass. Gone for now were any doubts.

She should have known what was next, but hadn’t allowed herself to think about it. Julie was kneeling over Kerry, Kerry’s body trapped under the adult woman. Julie’s knees were firmly on Kerry’s shoulders although Kerry didn’t seem to mind or be in any discomfort. Kerry was looking up at Julie or up at her cunt; Vicky couldn’t be sure from the angel. The next picture Vicky saw was Julie in the same position except she was leaning against the headboard of the bed and her pussy was pushed into Kerry’s mouth. Kerry appeared to be sucking. Julie was looking at the ceiling with her eyes closed.

Vicky, correctly reasoned,  that Julie must have climaxed because the last picture was Kerry with a tired smile… a thick looking whitish liquid running slowly from the corners of her mouth, the five-year-old’s tongue protruding slightly. Julie watching Kerry now had lifted herself off the first graders face a few inches and was directing a flow of almost clear urine into Kerry’s mouth.

“Oh, yes!  Yes, yes, yes!” Vicky cried out as she pushed the vibrators deep into herself. “Fill the little cunt’s mouth with piss… make her swallow it… then piss in her mouth again.” Vicky was thrilled and not just to see Julie piss in her daughter’s mouth but also because Kerry didn’t seem to mind at all.

Whether or not Vicky fainted with the surge of her final climax or not she went limp immediately after viewing the picture and the final explosion in her mind. The last picture drifted to the floor as she slipped into a deep satisfied sleep. The pee play was something she secretly thought about and yearned for so that was where her dreams began.

A Show For Mommy

‘Would that ringing ever stop?’ Vicky wondered. It was interrupting a delicious dream with her and Kerry. ‘Oh, please stop,’ she thought a moment later when it began ringing again. ‘Stop, stop, stop. I’m busy… very busy.’ Then the warm silver fog began to lift.  ‘No, please no! I want my baby to suck me. Please, please...’ It rang again and the fog was gone. She rolled over slowly, it was dark now. Through half open eyes she could see the flashing light on her cell phone. “Oh, fuck,” she moaned suddenly conscious. “Kerry”, she thought to herself, “it must be Kerry.”

“Hello. Kerry is it you?”

“No, it’s me Julie.  were you sleeping? The cell has been ringing forever. I’ve called back three times.”

“Yes, I fell asleep after I saw the pictures. God Julie, they were just dynamic weren’t they. I loved every one.” Now her mind was clearing. “Did she really drink the pee?”

“Yes,” Julie replied. “Not at first. She said it was too salty. But I made her keep trying and she gradually began to accept it, then she began liking it. Now she would rather have me piss in her mouth than go to the bathroom. What an amazing girl. I told her you would like that too.”

Vicky was laughing, “Yes!  She really liked it?  Not just putting up with it, but liked it? Go figure. I was eighteen before I decided drinking pee was fun and tasted good. Oh, my… I know I never would have thought of that, but I am now and I can’t wait to try it with her.”

“Go for it, lady. She is yours, your very own little lesbian slut. She loves the whole lesbian thing, never fear.”

“Now I’m scared of our first time,” Vicky said half kidding.

“Just relax. Are you ready for the show? That is why I’ve been calling, it’s after nine.”

“Really? I must have slept for hours.” Vicky switched on the bed side lamp, “But I’m ready, if the two of you are. My only problem is that my pussy is sore from the vibrator this afternoon, but I’ll live.”

“Cool, just turn your PC on and IM me we can open a video chat. But we won’t be talking to you.  We’ll be too busy for that, just the video. And we are doing this show by candle light. Kerry loved the idea of the candles.”

“That’s fine, Julie, as long as there is enough light for me to see. I‘ll get you on IM video right now; the PC is already on.”

“I’ll adjust the camera,” Julie said on the phone. “Let me know when you can see Kerry.”

Vicky was surprised as the video blossomed and appeared; it was so clear. Even in candle light she could see everything and there were all kinds of interesting shadows. She could hardly believe that she was looking at her own daughter, but of course she was. Kerry was nude as the day she was born, sitting in the middle of the bed leaning back on her elbows, her knees pulled up, legs wantonly open. ‘Oh, dear,’ Vicky thought to herself, ‘I hope this is good for everyone because it is certainly good for me so far.’

They spent a few minutes getting the picture centered. She could see the whole bed and if they stayed on the bed Vicky knew she could see the entire show, display, game, exhibition, getting laid skit or whatever one might call it.

“Great.” It was Julie. “Now you can hear us if we talk and we can hear you, but I won’t be carrying on any conversation, Vicky. In fact I don’t think either of us will talk to you again until we arrive back at your apartment tomorrow afternoon. Is that alright bad girl?”

“Yes, I guess so. I’m so excited now, Julie, and I want to talk to you, but I can wait… I think.”

Julie laughed, “No ‘I think’ about it big girl. Ask all the questions you like. Neither of us will answer. Isn’t that mean? But I love it and later you will too. Say bye to your Mommy, Kerry.”

Kerry broke into a big grin and waved to her mother. “Bye, Mommy!  See you tomorrow.”

Vicky held her breath at the thought of watching her five year old daughter being fondled and worst and not being able to interject. This was so much more than the pictures. “Bye, Honey.  Have a good time and be a good girl for Julie. And drink her pee.”

Kerry nodded and spread her legs a bit further apart so her mom could better see her little pussy and her pink slit. Julie had told her to do that, and that her mother would like it; her Mom certainly did.

“Enjoy the show, Vicky. See you tomorrow.” The smile in Julie’s voice divulged her own excitement. “Bye for now.”

“Bye, Julie and thanks a million again.” Then she watched Julie slide into the bed next to her young daughter. Vicky rolled the PC away from her desk and put it next to her bed where she could watch the continuing deflowering of her daughter and do herself at the same time. Her new toys were already laid out in order like military weapons waiting to be used as necessary.

Vicky moaned as Julie slid her tongue into Kerry open mouth. Obviously not a new experience for Kerry as she with closed eyes, place her small hand on Julie’s cheek and sucked ravenously on her teachers tongue.

Vicky’s hand slid between her thighs easily in the wetness at the very moment Julie’s slid between Kerry’s. Kerry responded by opening her legs even more. Julie pushed two long fingers deep into Kerry’s wet cunt hole and started a finger fucking motion. Kerry’s hand pulled at Julie’s nipple and twisted it with newly experienced fingers. Vicky watched amazed as Kerry kept up a perfect rhythm with her hips and ass moving back and forth while Julie’s fingers mined her tiny cunt. Vicky’s head began to swim. She pushed one of the bigger vibrators into herself and let it buzz away. She knew she was building to an early climax.

Julie abandoned Kerry’s mouth as if in search of richer treasure. She gently bit and pulled at Kerry’s shapeless little nipples, then went on to attack her belly button with the expected rolls of laughter from Kerry. Then she was between Kerry’s legs on her belly loving Kerry’s sweet little pussy with her eyes in the candles shadow dance, drinking in the girl’s pussy, its vision, aroma, heat, and promise. Her mouth watered and she closed her eyes, then moving forward with an open mouth attached her lips to the precious canal.

Vicky let out a very sudden un-lady like scream as she smashed into her first climax watching her baby daughter having her cunt sucked.

She enjoyed seeing her daughter being raped by her first grade teacher, but she would have very much preferred watching Kerry sucking on Julie’s nipples or at her cunt. She would have loved t have seen Kerry sucking Julie’s asshole.

As she regained control of herself she continued to use the vibrator albeit more delicately. She used a tissue to dry sweat forming on her forehead and upper lip then continued to drink in the live video. God, her daughter was really into it she thought. Kerry had learned so fast and obviously was enjoying the sex game. As Vicky watched Kerry who had been holding her legs back and apart to give Julie complete freedom to suck her pussy, now released her hold slowly placing her legs over Julie’s shoulder then locking them in place behind Julie’s neck. Vicky could see the change in Kerry’s concentration as Kerry grasped handfuls of Julie’s hair and pressed her little pussy into Julie’s mouth. In only seconds more Kerry was wild in tension and trembling in the throes of a huge climax. Her leg hold relaxed within a minute and Julie moved up to kiss her still trembling little five year old student.

It didn’t take Kerry long to recover. She fondled Julie’s nipple while Julie did the same to her, slowly Kerry began to kiss Julie’s body, slowly she moved down the beautiful body of her teacher concentrating, lapping, and kissing. Now Vicky became more interested in detail. Automatically Kerry slid between her teachers spread legs and kissed the sopping wet pussy waiting for her. Then she did something that Vicky at first didn’t understand because of the camera angle. She kissed Julie’s cunt with little kisses and then lifting her head smiled at Julie for a moment for no apparent reason. Vicky could clearly see Julie’s cunt and expected Kerry to start lapping it, but she didn’t, not right away. Vicky didn’t have long to wait for an explanation, the pleased smiled on Julie’s face and then the slow movement of Kerry’s elbow could mean only one thing, Kerry was fingering Julie’s asshole. “Oh, dear God, yes,” the child’s mother hissed through her teeth.  Using pussy juice, Kerry might have easily pushed two or three fingers into her teacher’s ass, possibly her whole small hand. Vicky understood that it was evidently not the first time Kerry had done it. Both student and teacher were loving what they were doing and mother only wished she were there with them. But very soon Kerry’s hand would be up her mother’s ass.

The coupling lasted more than an hour with student and teacher constantly changing positions and roles. Kerry seemed to really, really enjoy sitting on her teacher’s face, while Julie tongued and sucked her. She clearly came off a few times.

Julie seemed to enjoy it most when kneeling on the bed with her butt held high, Kerry sucked lapped and tongued her dark hole and fist fucked her new friend’s cunt. It was all sweet torture to Vicky who wished it was she and not her longtime friend a lover that her daughter was ministering to.

Julie, sweating and clearly super excited about sex with her first grade student, took her turn squatting over Kerry’s little face. She pushed and wiggled her pussy until she had an outrageousness climax squirting her silver juices into Kerry’s mouth and deep into her throat. Face tilted back she seemed to be trying to catch her breath. Her body glistened with sweat beads forming on her neck and shoulders, coalescing into bigger drops until they ran in crooked paths to drip from her ass cheeks and pubic mound. She slowly rotated her hips still coming down. Finally she looked back down at her little student.

“Open wide now, you little sex slave… Open wide.” As she said that she spread open her own outer lips apart and aimed at Kerry’s mouth only an inch below. She smiled with pleasure as she began to urinate into Kerry’s willing mouth. Unfortunately this time Kerry refused to open up for her, saying she was too tired to drink Julie’s piss.

With great effort, Julie cut off the flow from her bladder.  “I’m sorry, Kerry, but your mother wants you to do as you’re told or be paddled really severely. Now open your fucking mouth you little bitch.”

“No,” Kerry had time to say before Julie slapped her face, leaving a clear hand print on Kerry’s cheek.

Kerry seemed more startled than hurt when Julie squeezed her nostrils together forcing her to open her mouth to breath. That is when Julie pissed and Kerry stopped struggling being too busy swallowing.

Vicky loved the conflict and the way it had ended, though she wished Julie had slapped her more. When the little whore got home, she thought there would be lots of slaps, nipple clamps, asshole plugs and spankings, to show Kerry who was in charge.

Julie watched every drop of pee as she let her pee run slowly so she wouldn’t choke the five year old. Julie kept up a stream for over a minute… pissing, pissing, pissing. Oh how she loved her little student. This was the end of the second day and Kerry seemed to have not only grown used to the pee but looked to be enjoying it. Finished Julie kept her pussy lips apart as Kerry, good study that she was lapped away the few drops of urine and cunt juice clinging to the inner lips.

Vicky couldn’t believe that she was watching her own little girl with her first grade teacher.

Return to Mommy

This was the big day. Vicky hadn’t slept well after watching the intense sex games between her friend Julie and Kerry, her very own five year old. Julie would be bringing Vicky’s daughter, Kerry, home to start a new relationship with her mother. A new life of serving her mother sexually awaited Kerry. The new relationship Vicky had in mind centered completely on her own satisfaction. Vicky was extremely nervous and checked the time every few minutes. Julie had told her, she thought they should be home around ten or perhaps ten thirty in the morning, but it was almost eleven and not a word from Julie or her daughter.

Vicky had thought a lot about Kerry’s return to the apartment. She very much wanted her daughter to want her; to be turned on by Vicky, and to want to touch and please her.

The day before, Vicky had decided to spend some time at the mall, see if she could find some new “fuck me”, clothes instead of just waiting for the hours to pass.

Once she began, the sexy-clothes fever took over and she became dedicated in the pursuit of the most erotic undergarments she could find, and that of course meant ‘Fredrick’s of Hollywood’. Vicky, who was no prude, was set back a bit by the overwhelming array of pretty and horny apparel. She actually felt a tingle in her fingertips after she had touched several of the erotic items. She finally did pick out several things that she felt would send all the right messages to Kerry when she got home. She bought three new bras, one red with black lace, one white with white lace and a third red with red lace and cut out for the nipples so that stiff nipples would be obvious through any thin blouse. She also bought two uplift bras that only held the tits up from beneath but didn’t cover the nipples and she bought panties to go with each and red pair that had an open crotch. Then she saw the dildo and vibrator display and bought a new pink one for Kerry and a small size vibrator to help break in Kerry’s youthful ass. Vicky had plenty of nylons, but bought a new garter belt.

She stopped for lunch admiring all the young girls and their mothers. Sipping on her coffee latte she guessed, ‘How many of those little dears, suck their Mommy’s pussy?’ She un-crossed her legs so an eight year old across the aisle could see her panties. The girl noticed and just smiled at Vicky, turned and whispered to her mother. The woman casually turned, looked up Vicky’s skirt then smiled a knowing smile.

Another stop at an upscale shop meant a purchase of a new satin robe which Vicky bought along with new satin high heel slippers. She was having a wonderful time; it was so sexy knowing that Kerry and she would be playing games with the new clothes. Vicky hoped Kerry would agree with her that she was a very sexy mother.  Time to go home and organize… and wait. 

At eleven sharp Sunday morning, there was a buzz from the lobby of the condo. Kerry hadn’t taken her keys and when Vicky answered she smiled at the tiny voice that chirped, “Hi, Mom.  Buzz me up.”

“Oh, baby I’m so glad you’re here! I was getting worried. I’ll buzz you both up right now.” She buzzed the button that would open the main door. Vicky opened the condo door and waited for her daughter and Julie to arrive. A moment later the elevators’ door opened and out popped Kerry all alone, with her small wheeled suitcase. Vicky couldn’t remember a time when her daughter seemed so small or vulnerable; she was the perfect little person. Kerry skipped down the hall until she was almost at her mother then dropped the suitcase handle and ran,  throwing herself in her mother’s arms. They kissed and squeezed each other as if it had been months since they were together and not just a few days.

“Oh, Honey I’m so glad your home.” Then realizing someone was missing asked her daughter.  “Where is Julie, Kerry?  Why didn’t she come up with you?”

“I don’t know Mom. She said to tell you she would call you tonight.”

But Vicky knew why she wasn’t there, she should have thought of that. This would be a delicate time for mother and daughter and Julie of course new that. She had decided to not interrupt or interfere with the possibly complicated mother-daughter dynamic.

Wel,l we can catch up with her later sweetheart. Now come on in, put your bag in your room and tell me about the beach.  Did you swim much?” Vicky had no idea how she would bring up the sexual adventure her daughter had been on. She didn’t want to talk about it.  No, that wasn’t right, she was dying to talk about it; she was afraid to talk about it. ‘Oh, dear,’ she thought, ‘why hadn’t Julie come up with Kerry? It would be so much easier with her here’. Then Kerry came popping out of her room and took her mother’s hand as she sat next to her on the T.V. room couch. They faced each other, Kerry beaming and Vicky at a loss for intelligent words.

“Mommy, it was so much fun! Julie is really nice… I mean really nice. She taught me lots of grown up stuff.  She said it was all O.K. with you.” She paused giving her mom time to interject then just went on. “She had some funny rules, like I couldn’t wear panties at all… ever. Then in the cottage we both were bare naked all the time. It was fun really, at least it was at the beach.”  She was beginning to think something was wrong with her mother because Vicky hadn’t responded.

Then Vicky forced herself to say, “Good rule.”  She paused to let that sink in and then added, “Oh, darling, I’m so pleased.  It seems like you did have a wonderful time. I thought you would like being with Julie.” Becoming more animated, the mother smiled and took her daughter hand in both of hers. “I knew Julie wouldn’t frighten or hurt you or I wouldn’t have let you out of my sight. You are so special to me, Kerry. I just can’t begin to tell you how much I love you.” She pulled Kerry close to her and gave her a tender hug.

“Well,” continued the mother, “I think those are good rules, Kerry; a very sensible rules… the no panties rule, and the naked in the house rule. Do you like those rules, Honey?” Vicky patted her daughter’s thigh and smoothed her dress who kept squirming and wiggling.

“Yes, Mom.  I liked looking at Julie a lot.   She has pretty boobs.” She smiled up innocently into her mother’s eyes.

“Well, why we don’t do that here. There is no one but us and it will be fun. I would love to see you nude all the time. Would you like to see me nude?” That was the hard question Vicky had been afraid to ask. Now that she knew that Kerry was a cunt lapper she meant to have Kerry between her thighs, But if she wasn’t that interested in her mom… unfortunately that wouldn’t make a bit of difference. Vicky had decided no matter how much Kerry resisted, she was going to be made to satisfy her mother.

“I want to see you naked a whole bunch, Mom. I know you have big boobs and I like boobs.”

“Oh, Kerry I’m so glad to hear that. Do you have panties on now?”

“Nope! Julie said I couldn’t while I was with her.”

“I think that is a lovely rule, Honey. Let me see your little pussy.”

Kerry never hesitated a moment but pulled up her skirt to her waist.  Spreading her legs open, she and gave her mother a big smile. “See, Mom,” she said proudly.

Vicky was thrilled at the sight of her baby’s cunt. She had seen it for years of course, but now she saw it with new eyes. Now it was available to her for sex. Raising her eyes she looked at her daughter’s mouth, mother’s new toy, mother’s new toilet.

Neither mother nor daughter had mentioned the elephant in the room, sex, because Kerry wanted her mom to mention it first, and Vicky because she didn’t know how to start. Both of them knew that Vicky had seen all the pictures and had watched the video love dance the night before, so it wasn’t a secret, but it was uncomfortable.

Vicky felt and understood the uneasiness first and knew they had to go out for awhile to talk.

Vicky’s desire for her daughter had reached a peek the night before and she wanted the girl sexually more than ever, but how to explain that? She wasn’t Julie, she was Kerry’s mother. She prayed for help as she looked into her daughter’s eyes and saw the smiling, patiently waiting girl there. Then with relief she had a thought… “I know Kerry, why don’t we go to the fancy new hotel over on Essex Ave. and have a nice brunch. We can sit by the pool and you can tell me all about your weekend with Julie. How would you like that? And we can talk about what we are going to do.”

“Goodie!  That ‘s cool. Do I have to put on panties?”

Fighting against the embarrassment of the question, Vicky answered. “No, Dear.  If you’re comfortable without them stay that way. In fact I would like you to never wear panties.”

Vicky just didn’t know how to start the conversation with Kerry about sex between herself and her daughter. But that had to be dealt with immediately. She didn’t know why she felt that she would be less intimidated in public than in private. But she knew she was right.

A half hour later they were led to a poolside table with a gay red, orange yellow table cloth. The cane and wicker table and chairs looked authentic Mexican while the overhead umbrella matched the festive table cloth.

“Isn’t this nice, Kerry?” Vicky said as she looked around at the new casual dining room.

Yes,Mom.  I think I’ll have pancakes. Julie made pancakes with lots of syrup and some whipped cream. It was…” She didn’t finish the sentence.

Vicky raised her eye brows in a question then asked. “Why did you stop, Kerry? It was what?” Vicky lit a cigarette and blew the smoke away from the table. “You look embarrassed.  Don’t be sweetheart, you can tell me anything now. Remember I saw the pictures of you and Julie.” There, it was out!  Vicky felt as though a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

Kerry rolled her eyes, “Right, Mom. I forgot for a second. Dummy me.” She turned her head a bit to one side and whispered to her mother, “Well, when we had breakfast the second day, Julie made pancakes again. The rule was no clothes, so of course we were bare naked and she put syrup on my pancakes first then some magic-whip-cream on top of them and then guess what she did?...  She put cream on my lips and on my two buttons.” Kerry looked around then pointed toward her own nipples.  “You know what I mean? Then she kissed and lapped it all off me. It felt so funny, Mom.  So strange and funny, Mommy.  But strange good, almost too good. I loved it a lot.”

Vicky stifled a moan, “Well, good for both of you. Can we do that someday, baby? You can do that to me later if you want to.” ‘Or even if you don’t want to,’ Vicky added mentally.  For the first time, but not the last on this special afternoon, she felt her pussy getting wet.

Kerry smiled at her mother, “Sure if you want to, Mom and you don’t have to always have to have pancakes. Julie did it to me in bed with chocolate, and I…” Again Kerry hesitated while her eyes left her mother and looked into the pool suddenly interested in watching ripples from the filter pump.

“And then you did what Kerry? Don’t be embarrassed we are all big girls. What happened with the chocolate? Go ahead finish it… Tell me.”

“Well,” Kerry’s eyes slowly returned to her mom, “I did the same thing to her.” She watched her mom carefully fearful of a negative response.

“Oh, Sweetie, that sounds delightful.  Now I know we can do that to me too?”

“Sure, if you want me to.  It’s fun Mom. Do you have big buttons? I bet you do.” She had seen her mom’s nipples through her clothes but wanted to see them nude.

Now Vicky relaxed to a great degree, cooling wet panties notwithstanding. The sex thing was on the table and would be easy to talk about it later. She wanted to fuck her daughter’s face, fuck her little cunt with her tongue, fuck her ass with a strap-on. Then Vicky saw something she would have said was impossible a day before. Kerry was staring at her designer shirt covered tits and the ample exposed cleavage, just staring.

“You have nice boobs, Mom… Bigger than Julie’s. Putting chocolate on your buttons will be fun.” Kerry smiled at her mother. Vicky could feel her panties becoming sopping wet by the second. She was saved by the waitress. Of course, both of them giggling ordered pancakes with extra whipped cream just for the fun of it.

They ate slowly and talked about everything except sex. Vicky knew that if they continued to talk about what Kerry and Julie had done or what mother and daughter might do that she would positively end up grabbing her daughter by her little hand and dragging her into the ladies’ room where Vicky would rape the five year olds mouth.

The restaurant had only a handful of customers so Vicky was surprised when Kerry seemed to be interested in someone behind Vicky. “What is it, Honey?  Did you see someone you know?” Vicky looked behind herself and saw only a couple of older men talking with serious expressions on their faces and one thirtyish female sitting over one row of tables and one row behind Vicky and Kerry, who seemed to be reading a book. “I don’t see anyone special.

Kerry looked back at her plate and concentrated on eating. She said in a secretive tone, “It’s that lady, Mom. I think she likes me. She keeps looking at me… or rather at my legs, I guess.”

Vicky didn’t turn around again but thought about the woman a moment. Then it dawned on her. “You don’t have any panties on, do you, baby? I think she is just enjoying the view… looking up your dress.”

Kerry didn’t seem upset, “Wow!  Maybe she wants some whipped cream too!” Kerry giggled. “The same thing happened when Julie and I went to McDonalds… another lady. Julie just laughed.”

“I know, Kerry Honey.  Why don’t you do her a favor.  Kind of slowly pull up your skirt a little and spread your legs open more so she can really see your pretty little pussy.”

Kerry didn’t take any coaching. “O.K. that will be fun… And I’ll smile at her too”. Kerry liked the idea of tempting an adult female, a reaction she would develop into an ongoing game. “This is fun, Mommy.”

The stranger just stared at Kerry, for a minute or more, dispensing with making believe that she was reading. Evidently finished with her meal, the woman got up and smiling, stopped at Vicky and Kerry’s table.

“Hello.  Sorry to interrupt a mother-daughter lunch, but I was wondering if your girl might be interested in modeling? My name is Margaret Fitts. My husband and I have a photo studio here in the city.” She handed a business card to Vicky with an address and phone number, ‘Private Poses Art Photography’, they shook hands. “I think your little girl is just the kind of little person we are always looking for. She would have to pose nude, but the money is really good.”

“Oh, my!  Thank you, Margaret, I had never thought of that… posing her I mean. Let me give it some thought.”

“That’s fine, call anytime. And you little girl, you can pull your skirt back down. You can take it off for me some other time.” Margaret smiled, bent and kissed Kerry on the cheek. “Bye for now girls.”

“Bye, Margaret…You’ll be hearing from us.”

“Then you’ll do it?  Excellent.”  Margaret ran her hand gently over Kerry cheek  and then walked away.

After she had left, Kerry turned to her mother, “Is she going to take my picture, Mom?  That would be fun”.

“I think she wants more than just your picture, Honey. But let’s see what happens. Right now you and I have some catching up to do and we can’t do it here. Let’s go home.”

Mommy's Little Cunt Slut

She still had butterflies in her tummy, but it was controllable. She knew that a lot of words were not going to be necessary; the time for conversation had passed for this day at least.

They hadn’t said much in the fifteen minutes it had taken to get back to their apartment. In the elevator going up in their condo they held hands, but didn’t speak. They both watched the indicator as they slowly passed the floors, each one bring them closer to the moment both knew was waiting for them.

Vicky later would not remember unlocking the apartment door, entering or closing the door behind them. What happened next she would never forget.

Standing in the small entrance way inside the apartment’s only door, her jacket still on, Vicky bent down and held out her arms for her daughter. Kerry responded immediately throwing herself into Vicky’s arms.

They kissed passionately, fervently as lovers would. Kerry’s recent experience with Julie gave her the skills needed to express herself. Her small tongue didn’t hesitate an instant and found her mother waiting tongue.

As Vicky pulled Kerry close to herself she wrapped her arms tightly around her precious daughter and stood up holding Kerry close. Kerry pulled her legs up and wrapped them around Vicky’s waist locking her ankles together at her mother’s back.

Vicky was thrilled by her daughter’s tender sweet mouth. She would never have believed a sexual kiss could be so special, she had dared to hope, and here it was. ‘God,’ she thought, ‘it just couldn’t get any better… and then it did.’

To balance Kerry in her arms, Vicky slid one hand down to her daughter’s bottom and remembered. Her daughter wasn’t wearing panties. Vicky’s hand squeezed Kerry’s soft tender bare ass cheek. That was the first time, except for the kiss that was still ongoing, that she ever touched her daughter in a clearly sexual way. Oh, it felt so good!  Her fingers touching Kerry were tingling, Vicky could feel herself getting warmer. She walked down the hall to her bed room with Kerry in her arms.

Vicky gently laid her daughter in the middle of the bed and whispered to her. “Let’s get undressed, Sweetie and you can show me what Julie taught you.  Is that O.K.?”

Kerry thrilled with her mother’s long sexy kiss her eyes held a dreamy element in there blue pools. “U-mmm, H-ummm, let’s get bare naked, Mom. I liked your kiss a lot, Mommy.  Even better than Julie’s.” She hesitated then added, “But her kisses were good too.”

“Let me help with your dress, Honey,” Vicky said and realized her throat and mouth were dry. Her voice was raspy, the words broken. She was certainly used to seeing her daughter nude, but this time it was different, this time she was looking at her as a lover and what she saw was the perfect sex partner. Kerry had kicked off her sandals, so now she was nude and seemingly unembarrassed.

“O.K. Mom,  your turn.  Do you want me to undress you like I did Julie?” She gave her Mom a big smile and hearing no objection, just a surprised smile, she bounced off the bed. She unbuttoned the front of Vicky’s blouse, unbuttoned the tightly fitting cuffs at her wrist, then took Vicky’s blouse off dropping it on the floor. She took a moment to look at her Mom’s bra covered tits it.  It was the new white and lace bra. Then she un-clasped the front closing bra, pulled the fabric off her mother’s tits, the straps sliding down Vicky’s arms, the white satin bra also slipping silently to the floor.

Kerry stared hungrily at her mother’s big tits.  Her tiny tongue moistened her lips. Vicky had a huge sudden exhilaration knowing her daughter was looking at her tits in a new way for the first time, a special way. She felt her knees weaken, but she stood still and watched Kerry stare at her large tits and distinct erect nipples. Vicky put her hands under her tits and lifted them a trifle and bent forward to let Kerry get a better look at the rich brown nipples with the tan areola. She squeezed them slightly to make the nipples swell a bit, all the time watching Kerry’s reaction. “Do you like Mommy’s tits, Baby?” She couldn’t get over the wonderful tingling feeling in her own stomach.

“Gosh, Mom, they are beautiful.” Kerry continued to stare at her mom’s big tits, then looked up at her Mom with a serious look then back at her mother’s tits. “Oh, yes, Mommy they are really big and nice.  Can I kiss one now?”

“Of course, Honey, you can do anything you want to with Mommy’s tits and nipples.” Vicky again bent forward slightly and fed one of her nipples into her daughter’s mouth. ‘Oh, dear god above,’ she thought as Kerry’s lips surrounded the fat nipple.  ‘If this isn’t heaven, I can’t imagine what could be.’ Her eyes closed as Kerry continued to suck and play with the rubbery nipple with her tongue pulling it slightly as Julie had taught her. Vicky could feel the first climax coming and moaned with pleasure. “Oh baby girl that feels so special… especially from my special girl.” The whole day had been one sexual tension after another and it didn’t take much to set off her sex. “Pull real hard on my other nipple, Baby.  Don’t worry about hurting, Mommy. I want it to hurt…. Twist and pull… Twist and pull. Oh, you little bitch!  That’s wonderful… pull, pull, pull. Oh, God… oh, God… You perfect little whore… AWWWwwww!!!!!”

Too weak to stand as the climax flushed through her body,  Vicky dropped to her knees and hugged, then kissed her daughter in a very un-motherly way. She slowly ran a finger between Kerry’s thighs and over her clit. Vicky was very pleased and surprised to find that her daughter was very wet. She had enjoyed her mother sexually as much as Vicky had enjoyed her.

“Oh, my baby girl’s pee hole is all wet isn’t it? I think you do like your Mommy’s big tits.”

“Umm Hmm, I do Mommy.  They’re really cool.”

“Wonderful, Kerry.  Now let’s see if you can finish undressing me.” Vicky stood back up and waited for her daughter to start. Vicky was holding back the feelings of urgent need, of dominating her daughter as she had dreamed of. Now in the privacy of her own bed room she was able to accept what she had been hesitant to admit, her long time hidden desire to use her daughter sexually, to totally dominate her. She would never be able to beat or abuse Kerry, she loved her much too much for that, but she could dominate her psychologically surely. She would train her using strict discipline techniques, if she could find the patience.

Kerry, her eyes gleaming with excitement didn’t waste any time. “I love your new dress, Mommy, it’s really pretty.” She said as she unbuckled her mother’s belt, and un- zipped her skirt zipper. The fabric seemed to disappear while Kerry stared at her now mostly nude mother. “Oh, Mommy, you are really sexy looking.” Vicky had never heard her daughter say, ‘sexy’ before, something else Julie must have taught her…’sexy’, one of several new words. Kerry walked slowly around her mother drinking in the full view of her perfect body, her ass, her soft female curves, the lovely full tits and picture perfect nipples, her newly shaved pubic area, her beautiful sensually erotic face.

“Your legs are so pretty with those stocking on, Mommy. Julie had stocking like those too; they feel so soft and silky.” Kerry circled her mother a second time, her fingers grazing her mother’s legs as she walked, slowed a moment as she ran her small hand over her mother’s ass then smiling came to the front again.

The touch of Kerry’s fingertips set Vicky on fire. There was no way now that she could hold back or be patient. She felt possessed by thoughts she had suppressed and kept hidden for so long; her blood sizzled and crackled. “Here, Kerry, show your mother how much you love her pussy.  Kiss it darling.” Vicky used one hand to spread her cunt open with her fingers exposing her erect clit while she tilted her pelvis slightly to make her female part more prominent. Her other hand was on the back of Kerry’s head to guide to her special spot. Vicky felt herself losing control as Kerry hesitated or just didn’t understand what it was her mother wanted. “Do as your mother says, Kerry!  Kiss my pussy now!”

Kerry could feel her mother’s tension and wanted to please her, but it was a little bit scary too. This was way different from with Julie, not better or worse but just different, like it was more important, more serious… she would try really hard. Vicky spoke now in much less of a conversational tone and more of a demanding voice. “Do it now Kerry.” Her voice was a little raspy, thinner, and sharper then Kerry remembered. A voice that sounded like a paper cut felt, not a loving voice (although Kerry never doubted her mother’s love), a needy demanding voice that Kerry strangely found was its own kind of comfort and reward.

Kerry somehow seemed shy all of a sudden. The fact that it was her mother made her hesitate where she had not with Julie. Still she needed to respond to her mother’s sterner tone and she kissed her mother’s clit, but only gently.

“You can do better than that, Kerry. I know you can.  I saw you doing Julie, remember… Use your tongue for heaven’s sake, Kerry!” Then Vicky did something she had never done before,  more than a little frustrated and very horny, Vicky slapped the side of Kerry’s head. The slap startled, but didn’t hurt Kerry and she immediately began sucking and tonguing her mom. Kneeling just in front of her mom she held onto Vicky’s nylon covered legs. Her mother really was very beautiful… but more scary than Julie.  Kerry was becoming a little frightened of her mother. She would try hard to be a good girl and do as she was told.

“That’s a little better,” Vicky said “But come, let’s get in bed and you can do me the right way.”

Kerry jumped onto the bed and waited for her mother. Vicky, very excited now about her daughter sucking her cunt, fluffed up two pillows and leaned back, half sitting leaning on her elbows so she could watch Kerry. Vicky spread her legs open and open her outer lips. “Now my little sex slave, suck your mommy’s cunt… Suck and lap my clit, Honey.”

The first thing that she noticed was that her mother shaved almost all her pussy hair leaving only a tall, narrow, dark strip of healthy looking black curls. She really had enjoyed sucking Julie’s little peanut and was looking forward to enjoying her mother as much. Down on her stomach she wiggled into position and began by kissing her mother’s delicate cunt. She sucked her clit into her mouth, held it there with her lips and teased it with her tongue.

“Oh, God…yes… yes, my sweet angel,” Vicky moaned her eyes closed as she sank into a fog of sexual euphoria. “I love my little girl and the way she sucks me.  Suck harder, Darling.”  Lifting her pelvis and spreading her thighs further apart she demanded, “More, girl, more!” Vicky grasped her daughters head on either side and pulled her tight against her pussy.

Finding that she couldn’t breathe, Kerry pushed away from her mother’s hold. “I can’t breathe too good Mommy.  Don’t hold me so tight.”

“Be quiet, goddamn you. Keep sucking and lapping Mommy you little slut.  I’m almost finished… suck… suck. I’m not that whore, Julie.  Things are different now, Kerry so just do as you’re told!” Vicky grabbed two fists full of Kerry’s hair and pulled the five-year-old’s face tight against her cunt again. Next as if she had pulled a trigger, Vicky almost immediately had her first daughter initiated climax. An explosion of multicolored magna flowing from a black volcano, wave after wave, huge splashes of silver and red… a white hot, turbulent river tumbling and rolling… on and on and on until it slowly cooled in a blue lagoon the texture of sweet. A minute later she relaxed, “Oh, good girl… good girl…Mommy’s very own special cunt slut… That’s Mommy’s baby… Oh, Honey… Oh you little bitch!  That was soooooo fucking good!”

Kerry moved aside taking deep breaths of air. She was crying quietly, but didn’t move away. She had been afraid, but she also liked what her mom had done to her in a strange way. She felt special, she wiped her tears, and turned to her mother, “You don’t have to hold me so tight, Mommy. Julie didn’t have to do that. I couldn’t breathe good.”

“Let me tell you something, Honey… Fuck Julie.  I’m your mother and you will do as your told or else.” Vicky looked hard at Kerry with raised eyebrows, “You do understand don’t you?” And stop your damned crying for Christ sake, Kerry; you’ll have to learn to take breaths when you can. Did you like sucking me, Honey?

“Yes, Mommy, it was fun.” Kerry smiled at her mother with eyes. “Not like Julie so much, not like that, but still I liked it. I really liked it better with you because you’re my mother. I love you. I think you’re pretty, Mommy.  Will I be pretty too someday?”

Vicky touched her daughter’s face tenderly, “No, sweetheart you won’t, because you are already adorable… you’re beautiful now. You just have to remember what I told you. In the apartment you have to be naked all the time and do just as you’re told… or be punished. You do understand that, now don’t you? You’re new job is to make Mommy happy. You did a good job drinking all my pussy juice. So stop crying and come over here and clean me up, Mommy’s a mess.”

Kerry wet a face cloth with warm water in the master bath and cleaned up all the errant female juice that had exited Vicky and coated her upper thigh.

“Now, Honey, there is one more thing you can do for me. I know you did it for Julie, so it won’t be a first. Do you know what that thing is going to be?”

Kerry smiled, she had been waiting for her mother to ask, and now she had. “Yes, I know Mom.  You want to pee in my mouth, don’t you?” She giggled a little then without being told more laid on her back in the middle of the bed.

“Well, aren’t you the real little slut, Kerry. Julie said you liked the pee game and now I see it is true.” Vicky adjusted herself kneeling over Kerry with her cunt very close to Kerry mouth. She pushed a soft pillow under Kerry’s head so that Kerry would be comfortable for the grand finale of the opening scene of their love fest.

“Now just lap my clit a little Baby until the piss starts.” Vicky tilted her head up with her eyes closed and used her fingers to open her outer lips, exposing her hard clit to Kerry’s expectant tongue.

Kerry gently teased and lapped at her mother’s cunt until a first spurt of pee sprang from her mother’s sweet wet hole. Kerry locked her lips around her mother’s cunt just a Julie had taught her. Vicky felt the relief as her bladder emptied in a long sweet evacuation, she peed slowly to give Kerry time to drink and to intensify and prolong her own pleasure. Vicky slowly moaned, “Oh, Sweetheart… you nasty little cunt… that feels so special. Keep swallowing Kerry… keep swallowing my precious little pussy slut… keep swallowing.”

Kerry was completely relaxed as her mother pissed in her mouth and continued to swallow until her mother was finished. It seemed like a very long time, but it was certainly less than a minute.

It was not until Vicky finished that she realized that she had moved her hand and had a finger in her daughter’s virgin cunt.

“That was well done, little slave,” Vicky said smiling at her daughter. Now come up her and suck my nipples while I relax.

Kerry whipped her mouth with the back of her hand and laid down on her mother’s belly taking a nipple into her mouth.

Vicky closed her eyes and began to drift off to nap. How, she wondered, had she been so lucky?” What she had always wanted was a child cunt slut and now she had one and it was her own daughter. The possibilities for adventure in their new relationship were endless. Her last conscious thought was a picture of Kerry’s sweet lips locked on her cunt.